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What Natalie Wants

Book By: thecliquegirl

Ella is a senior loner who drifts around Fitzgerald Academy and a witch who doesn't know that she one. She has always looked up to Natalie and when she's finally gets noticed by her pretty girlfriends who are all witches Ellie starts to enjoy the perks of performing and making students at the academy fall in love with her. But their's something wrong with Natalie that Natalie forgot to mention. she's not what she seems as she starts changing in evil and demented ways. Will Ellie and her new friends be able to help or will everyone in the school suffer?

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Chapter one

Dear Natalie,

I've admired you for such a long time. Almost four years at Fitzgerald Academy! I know you've never noticed me as I watch you put on your makeup in the bathrooms as I hide in one of the stalls. Or when you smile to one of your girlfriends and I think it's me your smiling too and you give me a weird look when I smile at you but I think we could be great friends Natalie at our last year at Fitz A...

I stop writing to look out my window and spot a squirrel running through the autumn leaves spread across my front lawn. I'd been working the nerves to send this message to Natalie Fitzgerald. Yup the one and only. The girl who stood out for everything besides her daddy owning Fitzgerald Academy. Natalie had her posse of girls as beautiful as her. They were all pretty, popular, different and smart.

I looked down at my letter and crumpled it up. Who was I kidding? Natalie was out of my lead, we were from different dimensions and we would never cross paths in a million years. I'd just the many students who admired her from afar, not that I was a stalker or anything. I just wished we were friends.



There was Natalie in front of the bathroom mirror, applying some liquid eyeliner to her hazel eyes while listening to Ashley Green, one of her posse friends, talk about the upcoming Halloween dance. My heart couldn't stop beating as I listened in.

"I can't decide on what to wear," Ashley said, smacking on a piece of gum, putting blush to her cheek bones. "I'm either going as Lady Gaga or as a dead bridesmaid. Whichever one if fun and scary."

"We also have to do a our ritual before the day of the dance because of the full moon." Natalie sighed, adding dark black eye shadow which emphasized her hazel eyes dramatically. ""We need to find someone to replace Reyna."

"We totally do." Ashley said as she fluffed up her blond curls while spraying some hairspray. "But where can we find one in such a short time! I mean the dance is like a week away."

I wanted to pop out of the bathroom stall where I was hiding and yell out that I could do it but knowing them they'd just look at me and laugh before I could even say a word much less come out so I sat there and listened before Ashley left saying she needed to meet up with her boyfriend.

My eyed wandered to Natalie who was finishing up on her dark red waves with a crimper when she suddenly frantically searched through her bag. Probably D&G by looking at the design of the bag. I lifted myself off the toilet seat from my crisscross position and flushed the toilet. It was now or never!

I got out of the stall and Natalie looked over at me with frantic eyes as I washed my hands.

"Do you have any sort of lip gloss or lip wear by any chance?" Natalie asked still looking frantic but managing to look glamorous.

"Me?" I said, dumfounded, still in shock that she had just talked to me.

It felt like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. Refreshing as she nodded at my frozen state. I took out my latest lip balm by Covergirl which by the way cost eight bucks not that I was counting. As she reached for it our hands touched accidentally and I felt a surge of electricity zap my fingers and I gasped. If Natalie felt it she didn't let on but put the lip gloss to her lips and smiled.

"Thanks Ella." Natalie said handing it back and leaving before I could say anything back. I stood there alone in the bathroom and laughed. Natalie knew my name I thought excitedly

"Natalie knows my name!" I screamed joy filling my heart as another girl entered the bathroom.

I blushed and quickly walked out.


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