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I'm Normal Too!

Book By: Torri

Emily was a sweet girl. She always had lots of friends and was the popular one in school. She has a great life until she turned thirteen. Emily noticed weird things that she knew didn’t exist. They happened so suddenly and fast that she didn’t understand it! Finally, her parents knew it was something serious. They took her to the hospital and Emily was diagnosed with…… She is now sixteen and everyday she gets crazier. All she wants is to be normal. Days go by and she even thinks or dying. Emily lost the feeling to care, love, or be herself! She doesn’t eat anymore and she can’t sleep. Every time she falls asleep she thinks she’ll never wake up. She has been given medicine and psychological help but that doesn’t stop those horrid paranormal stuff happening. Will Emily ever be normal again or will she continue to live in fear?

Genre:Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama

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Dreams, Friends, and a life. I have it all! I don't want it to go away but now it's drifting slowly. I'm in the hospital with my legs crossed and my hands against my ears. My mother put her hand around my shoulder but I quickly slapped it away. "Dear she looks a mess!" My mother shouted to my dad. "Don't worry she'll get help soon," my father said while reading over the papers. I looked around and it seemed like everyone was watching me. I felt scared and dizzy. I saw a hand right in my face and I screamed, "Stop! Get away, please make it go!" My mother held me tight and said, "Honey there is nothing there! Calm down, I'm right here." I cried and hugged my mom.

The nurse came out and said, "We're ready to see your daughter." My mom lead me to the room and sat me on the bed. "So what is the problem?" The nurse asked. My father looked at me and said, "My daughter is special. She has been screaming at nights and she doesn't eat or talk very much anymore! I just want to know what's wrong!" The nurse seemed confused and said, "Um maybe she needs to see a psychiatrist not a doctor." My mother shouted, "No! She isn't crazy. Something is wrong with her and I want to know!" The nurse sighed and said, "Um alright since it's dealing with something crazy it might have a connection to her brain. Let's go get a CT Scan done!" My mother nodded and thanked the nurse.

I walked into the room and my mother helped me lay down. It looked dark in there and I said, "No! I can't go in there! Mom don't let them get me!" I shouted. My mother kissed my forehead and she said, "I'm going to get you help alright? Please just do this." I closed my eyes and the machine started to move. The doctor looked at my brain scans. Finally, it was over and I ran off of that bed. My mother came and hugged me. We walked back to my room and the nurse said, "Well I guess crazy isn't the word for her but she is Schizophrenic."

My mother and father gasped and looked at me. "What is that?" I asked. The nurse read her papers and said, "Well it's when you have hallucinations and lack or communication. Also, you lose interest in daily stuff." I felt like some crazy person.
My mother started to tear up and asked, "Is there a cure?" The nurse sighed and said, "Unfortunately no there is no cure but there are ways to make her life happier. She can see counselors and I can prescribe her to the right medications." My mother nodded and thanked her again. After, we got everything and started to drive home. "How the hell did she get this? I don't have it and neither does anyone in my family!" My father shouted. My mother focused on driving and said, "Me neither maybe it started with her, which is unfortunate." I looked out the window and a girl with long hair in her face came out of nowhere and appeared on the window. I screamed and shouted, "No stop it! Get away from me!" I opened the door and rolled out.

The car pulled over and hit into a tree. My mom got out and helped my father out who got injured. She called an ambulance and they came immediately since we weren't that far from the hospital. My mom held me and said, "It's not your fault I know what you're going through." The doctor came out and said, "Surgery was successful his head and brain are fine, we will keep him overnight just to see what happens, you can go see him now." My mother helped me up and we went into the room. "Hey baby are you alright?" He smiled and said, "Emily I love you alright? It's not your fault!" I nodded and sat. "I'm taking her home and hopefully it's a safe drive so I'll see you in the morning, alright?" My mother asked. He nodded and waved goodbye to us.

Mother started to drive home again and we got there safe this time thank goodness. She helped me out the car and we went inside. "Here I made you macaroni. You have to eat something." I looked at the food and saw snakes. I wiped my tears and ran up to my room. My mother sighed and followed me. "Tomorrow I'm going to sign you up to see a counselor alright?" She asked. I didn't respond and I kept staring at the wall which seemed like it was moving. She rolled her eyes and went back downstairs. I laid down and covered up with the covers. I looked over and saw a dark presence coming from under my covers. I threw it off and fell off the bed.

I got back up and started to breath heavily. I looked around and people were crowding around me. I covered my ears and got down and said, "Go away, go away, go away!" My mother ran upstairs and helped me up. "Sweetie what happened?" I started to cry and said, "I want it to stop!" My mother cried and said, "I'm so sorry!" She wiped my tears away and said, "Come downstairs with me."

We went downstairs and she said, "There sit on the couch and wait until I finish down here." I nodded and sat down. I heard something but didn't know what it was. Finally, I heard it clearly and it said, "Kill her!" I gasped and it said, "Kill her now!" I teared up and got up. I walked over into the kitchen and picked up a knife. "Stab her!" The voices said. I walked over to her and lift my hands. I was about to stab her but she looked back and grabbed my hand. "Stop it! What are you doing!?" She asked in fear. I dropped the knife and she said, "No I can't wait until morning. Let's go now!" She helped me into the car and drove to this office place.

She got me out of the car and walked me in. "Um excuse me I need a counselor for my daughter," My mother said. "Sorry it's six and we're closing." My mother got mad and said, "I stood there cooking and to look back at my daughter about to kill me! Do you think I want that? She needs help she is schizophrenic." The lady thought and nodded. She signed my name and called for a counselor.
"Alright take her in that room." My mom nodded and held my hands. She led me into the room and sat me down.

"Alright what is the problem here?" The counselor asked.

"My daughter is schizophrenic and she see's unusual things and she tried to kill me twenty minutes ago!" My mother shouted.

"Alright well I'll have to ask you to leave the room alright?" Counselor asked.

"Uh alright fine!" My mom said while walking out.

"Listen dear what is your name?"

"Name?" I asked.

"Yes your name!"

I didn't respond and I kept twirling my hair. The counselor said, "My name is Tina and I'm here to help!" I looked at her and crossed my hands in fear. She took out a paper and pen. "Alright so tell me what do you see?" Tina asked. I looked around and the walls were closing in. I got up and said, "No I'm going to die!" I picked up the pen and before I stabbed myself Tina got up and slapped it out of my hand. She held me and said, "Please calm down your okay." I caught my breath and sat down. "So can we start with your name?" I nodded and said, "My name is Emily." Tina nodded and wrote on her paper. "So I want you to overcome your fears. Come back to reality! You need to know the stuff you see isn't there. Ignore them! They will not hurt you because they aren't real. The voice are just an illusion, learn to be the boss of them!" I thought and nodded. "Well I'll stop by your home tomorrow after school, sounds good?" I nodded and she walked me out.

"So what happened?" My mother asked. "Um she will try a method today. It's best to get rid of her hallucinations first." My mother nodded and drove me home. "Are you alright sleeping in here alone?" My mom asked. I nodded. I closed my eyes and felt something on my leg. I opened my eyes and it was a scary looking creature. I remembered what the girl said and I tried to make it go away. It came closer and scratched my face. I screamed and slapped it but if kept scratching me and my face started to bleed. "Stop it!" My mom came to me and said, "Sh hush I'm here. You're not bleeding alright? Here I'll sleep with you."

The next morning I woke up and my mom was still asleep. I finally got a little rest. I got up and awoken my mom. "Huh oh it's morning. I'll make you breakfast, go get ready for school alright?" I nodded and went to get my clothes. I got them and I went to take a shower. After, I went to the door and said, "Mom I'm leaving!" My mother ran to me and said, "No, I'll drive you to school!" I nodded and got in the car. We got there and she kissed my forehead. "Be safe alright?" I nodded and got out the car. I looked around and I felt someone touch my shoulder. I screamed and looked back. It was Susie. "Sorry did I scare you?" I caught my breath. Susie giggled and said, "Hey how come you didn't come to school for two months?" I sighed and said, "I have something, I am schizophrenic." Susie felt bad for me and said, "Oh my gosh. Don't worry I'll be with you until your helped!" I smiled and walked with her.

We entered and everyone looked at me. They started to talk and it got louder. I covered my ears and Susie said, "What's wrong?" I ignored her and kept walking. Diamond came in front of me and said, "Oh look ugly is back!" Everyone started to laugh. "Stop Diamond she has a serious problem!" Diamond rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah an ugly one!" Diamond shoved me and I got angry. I screamed in her face and pushed her into a locker. I lift my hand and was about to punch her. Drake grabbed my hand and said, "Stop!" I gasped and he said, "Susie I got it." Diamond was officially scared of me. Drake brought me to a room and said, "I thought you said you were better than that! Why did you shove her?" Drake asked. "She pushed me first and you don't know!" Drake sighed and said, "Don't sink to her low!" I got angry and saw someone behind Drake. I gasped and pushed Drake. I ran back and said, "Go away! Stop following med dammit!" Drake looked back and saw nothing.

Susie ran in the room and hugged me. "Drake enough! She isn't the same. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia." Drake gasped and walked over to me. "I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy!" Susie hugged me tighter and said, "I know you aren't alright? Don't worry you'll get better, it's only the beginning." The bell rang and we went to class. "Um Emily sit next to Susie alright?" I nodded and moved next to her. "Not fair! We have assigned seats." The teacher rolled her eyes and said, "Diamond it's personal so shut up!" Diamond stayed quite and did her work. "If you need anything tell me alright Emily?" I nodded and Susie helped me with my work.

After, school finished and Susie said, "Um come stay over my house until your mom gets off of work alright?" I got my book and said, "Sure." We started to walk to her house and we arrived. "Mom Emily is here!" Susie's mom Dion came down and said, "Oh hi sweetie, I'm going out for a run so have anything in the fridge." I nodded and she left. "So um what do you want to do?" Susie asked. I really didn't know. I just wanted to sleep forever. Everyday is a challenge for me and I hate it! Susie's phone started to ring and she said, "Um wait there I'll be right back!" She went upstairs to get her phone. I looked around and went to the upstairs bathroom.

I opened the cabinet and saw pills. I took it out and opened it. All I heard was a voice that said, "Good, eat it!" I poured out the whole bottle in my hand. I opened my mouth and ate it. I laid on the floor and I felt dizzy. Soon I closed my eyes and I blacked out. Susie started looking for me and she found me on the floor then she saw the pills by me. "Oh no! Emily wake up!" She dialed quickly and called the ambulance. Soon they came and I rushed to the hospital.


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