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Room 13 book reveiw

By: KJHweir

Page 1, Information about my favourite book.

Auther: Robert Swindells

Genre: Horror, gothic

Publisher: Doubleplay

Publication date: 1989

Pages: 347


Fliss Morgan has a nightmare on the night before her school trip to Whitby, and upon arriving in the seaside town a series of strange events begin to occur. At midnight each night, a Room 13 appears in the Crow's Nest Hotel. And one of Fliss's classmates, Ellie-May, starts acting very strangely. Fliss, Lisa, Gary and David decide to join forces to stop a nightmare that's come true.


What did I think?

I think this page turner is the best book I have ever read! I loved the way it all seemed so real and it really felt like a real day on a real school trip, I also loved how the charicters are themselfs and you feel like you are apart of their adventure.

The thing I loved most about this story was the location. I think Whitby is the best place you can have a horror story set, Whitby is known for its dracula storys and its a beautiful place to be aswell.


Take a look at the book, I think you will really enjoy it!


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