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Dark Nightmare Charecters

Book review By: NoraAbz

This is my Book Review for my book called 'Dark Nightmare'.
I will introduce the Charecters and i hope you enjoy reading the book it is coming soon... I'll try to finish it for you guys! And yh please comment about the book :)

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Some Main Charecters (Important Roles in this Story)


Delilah (the main character)- Delilah: She's 16 and the 2nd oldest out of her best friends:Haydey and Abby.

Always: Talkative, cares for others before herself, tries to beat her goals, honest, forgiving, patient and tries to avoid trouble.

Likes: Penelope Cottage, Out going, having fun, making new friends, english lessons, traveling, with her friends and likes cats.

Dislikes: Enemies, bills, taxes, being bored, arguing, low grades, doing nothing fun, dogs, saying she was wrong and bad news.


Haydey- Haydeyis best friends with Delilah and Abby, she's the oldest out of her best friends (17yrs old).

Always: Kind, Honest, Friendly, Caring, funny and always makes friends but very red headed( gets annoyed quickly).

Likes: Being with her friends, watching movies, playing truth or dare with Haydey and Delilah and shopping.

Dislikes: Going on a diet, Pe lessons, arguing, being shouted at, feeling upset and angry.


Abby-Abby is best friends with Delilah and Haydey, she's the youngest out of her best friends (16yrs old).

Always- puts maskara, shopping with her best friends and goes to lessons on time.

Likes- make-up, shopping, playing pranks and moving house.

Dislikes- Traveling, being alone, arguing, embarresed moments, cold weather and reading books.


Sammy- Delilah's friend/ best friends? funny, talkative, supportive and loyal was a loner until Delilah moved into her class.

Always- Arrives to lessons early, learns lessons

Likes-reading books, watching movies, being a bit nerdy, having friends

Dislikes-Mean girls: Stephanie and Kath, arguing


Kath- Kath is mean and is Best friends with Stephanie.

Always- Mean.

Likes- being mean to others, looking the best and using other people.

Dislikes- looking like a loner or someone looking better than her.


Stephanie- Stephanie is best friends with Kath and is mean but not as mean as Kath and is sometimes Clumbsy and a bit dumb.

Always- Mean.

Likes- Being like Kath, and wearing nice clothes.

Dislikes- Germs, Ugliness, and PE and the enviroment and camping.


Max-MaxLoves Abby, he loves engish and music hates art and french lessons.

Likes- Friends and Abby English and Music lessons, football and pe.

Dislikes- feeling embarresed, sad and upset.


Charlotte- she is the leader in her group she's very confident and is an influence.

Likes- people that look different and have coloured hair, making a mess at art.

Dislikes- bullying and people who shows off.


Nila- she's quiet she's friends with Charlotte has a twin sister called violet and very good at drama bad at science.

likes-Being the oldest out of her twin sister violet, being with Charlotte's group.

Dislikes- Kath and Stephanie.


Violet- she'sTwins with Nila loves the colour violet loves chatting to her friends only hates bigger friendship groups than Charlottes group.

Likes- Being quiet to other people but her friends.

Dislikes- Kath and Stephanie.


Carren- she hangs around with Nila, charlotte violet ect. Very nosey loves the colour black hates Kath and very good at ict and can hack into teachers computers because she's very clever.

Likes- Looking Gothic, and punk music.

Dislikes- Kath and show offs.


Grace- She is the only emo in charlottes group hates the mean girls she is shy, red headed (angry) hates art and loves pe.

Always- Quiet but talks only to her group, being bullied by Kath but ignores it.


Dislikes-Art and Kath and Stephanie.

Delilah thinks that living in 'The Penelope Cottage' is a dream come true, but it isn't. Delilah and her friends lives are in danger, can Delilah find out what's going on? Before it's too late can she change what's about to happen? This could be her worst nightmare and the bad thing is she could be trapped...

Vampires seek their Blood, Ghost seek their soul and they seek their way out.


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