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Essay By: sonigurl

its about a girl Amanda who gets bitten by a vampire lord and the same vampire lord kills her nanny so she prepares herself to kill the vampire lord.

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altIn a small town near Nashville, there was a 17 year old girl Amanda Gomez who lived with her mother Alice and her nanny Mrs. Perkins...her parents were divorced when she was 6 so since then she been with her mother and nanny…her father Max remarried and settled down in California…she goes back to California most of the summers. She always had this thing for vampires that she would read their stories and dreamed about becoming one. She is definitely is not the type of girl who loves to party and go out often…besides, she was the type of girl who prefers to be lonely and be on her own. The weather was gloomy and the clouds was dark, she had no idea what to do...she was home alone. She couldn't even watch TV…the satellite was not clear. The thunder was loud and scary, so she had to switch on all the lights in the house. She felt a bit better after switching on all the lights. After that she went to the study room…Amanda thought that since she don't have anything to do now, she can kill time by reading some of the story books in the study room until her mother and nanny don't come back.

While in the study room going through all the books, she heard the phone ringing. She quickly ran to the living room to answer the call, when she picked up the call there was no respond…so she hang up and went back to the study room…on the way walking to the study room suddenly she heard the phone ringing again…Amanda rushed back to the living room to answer the call but still there was no answer…so she walked back to the study room.

It was so weird and strange that there was no answer when she picked up the phone call…normally this does happened but she didn't know why but this time she felt like there is something wrong or something is going to happened, but still she told herself that there is nothing going to happened…it was just her imagination. So she just when back to the study room without any doubt about the phone call.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door…she thought It was her mother and nanny…so she opened the door without taking a peek at the window first, when Amanda opened the door…she was shocked to see that there was no one there… her hands was sweaty and she was feeling nervous and scared…on the way going back to the study room she heard a sound from the kitchen, it was a loud bang…she decided to be brave and take a peek in the kitchen. Amanda took baby steps to take a peek in the kitchen,"whos's there? Said Amanda" there when she stepped into the kitchen…she heard a weird sound coming from outside of the kitchen window. She held a baseball stick in my hands for her safety…but strangely when she reached near the window there was no one there, but she did see the bushes moving. She stopped for awhile and started thinking about it...suddenly heard a knock on the door.

She was scared and nervous to answer the door….this time I was a little more careful, she took a peek at the window first to see who is at the door…it was her mother and nanny so she quickly opened the door…and hugged them tightly…at that point she felt happy and relieved to see them and not any other visitor. Her mother suspected that something was wrong because after seeing Amanda's frightened and sweaty face…"oh mom is so good to see u and nanny! Said Amanda". Her mother and nanny then started to worry about her and then asked her"oh Amanda is u ok dear? What happen? Said her nanny". Amanda told them the whole story from the starting to the end."Ok Amanda tomorrow I'll stay with u ok?"

The next day, she woke up with a bad headache; she did her normal things and went down for breakfast. When she went down she saw that her mother was not there…only her nanny was there, when she asked her nanny that where her mother went she said that her mother had to go outstation last minute for an urgent meeting. In the evening, Amanda decided to take a walk in the jungle behind her house... while walking she heard a sound coming from the bushes…she thought it was the animals, so she ignored the sound...in fact she continued her walk Amanda ended up at the end of the woods and got lost; she tried not to panic but the sounds in the woods was making her very nervous and scared…while walking and trying to find her way out she felt like someone was following her but she kept on walking..Suddenly! Someone hit her head with a rock and she passed out. She woke up after awhile at Mr. Michael's home…Michael is the one who Amanda's nanny asked him to take care of her.

Amanda then started to suspect that something is wrong…she then asked Mr. Michael's a question" what is happening? Why I here and what are is going on? Why?" he then told her that everything is fine and she has nothing to worry about. But she did not listen to him. She went back home to her nanny, her nanny was waiting for her at the house corridor. She was happy and excited to see Amanda, she hugged Amanda tight. Amanda felt pain when her nanny hugged her...it was because she had a bite on her waist. The bite was quite deep and painful; she did not notice the bite when she woke up from a deep sleep after passing out. Mrs. Perkins already knew how Amanda got that bite on her waist. Amanda then asked her nanny about the bite but her nanny did not answer her questions in fact she asked Amanda to go to her room…Amanda didn't wanted to go to her room but her nanny forced her to, she said she need to rest.

In her room, sitting on her bed...she was thinking about her bite and the Incident that happened to her since that night. She wanted to solve this mystery as she knew that her nanny and mother will never let her solve it. She also knew that her nanny will never let her step out of the house since the incident so she decided to sneak out. She sneaks out by the window and went to see her best friend Olivia who is also Mr. Michael's daughter. She asked Olivia to meet her at the town side dinner because she didn't want anyone to know that she sneaked out without anyone knowing. Amanda told Olivia everything from the bang in the kitchen to the bite yesterday. Olivia then knew that something is wrong because her father was talking to Amanda's nanny about her. The girl then decides to find out about the strange things happening in this town.

The girls then plans to go home and try to dig stories and try to find out about this. On the way going back home, Amanda wanted to take a slow walk back home. While walking around the town...she entered a store to buy food, when she went to the cashier counter...The employee for the first saw her in a weird way…it was like she was some kind of monster or something. She went home thinking about everything…while coming down the stairs quietly, she heard her mother talking to her nanny about all this…at that point ,she was hundred percent sure that something is definitely wrong. She straight away confronted her mother and nanny about this…but they denied that something was wrong and asked her to relax. But stubborn Amanda did not feel satisfied and told to them that she doesn't care whatever they say, she will find out the truth and told them that she won't speak to them until they tell her the truth.

Later that evening, while sitting in her room feeling angry and thinking about the mystery…Amanda heard a knock on her room door, it was her mother and nanny. They thought it was time to tell her the truth about the mystery and all. Amanda got so happy that she will know the truth. "Well Mandy the bite is actually a vampire bite and that's the reason u passed out because of the bite and that night was actually a vampire! Said Mrs. Perkins. Amanda got a shock hearing whatever her nanny said. Her mother told her that "dear u is now a vampire after being bitten". Amanda was also told that she will show her true skin. But she won't need to worry because her nanny and most of the people in that town are vampires even her best friend Olivia. She was speechless for awhile because she had never imagine being a real vampire even though she used to dream about becoming one nor she imagined that vampires exists…they only exist in fantasy and books for her but she was wrong.

Her nanny and mother promised her that everything is going to be fine and she won't be in any trouble. Infact she will be under training to be a strong vampire just to defeat the king of vampire who killed her grandfather. She was taken to an underground top secret tunnel under the city mall that no human know about this place even the vampire king. But before she train, she went to see her friend Olivia and asked her that why didn't she tell Amanda about herself. Olivia then told her that her father asked her to promise him that she won't say a word to Amanda about this. Amanda forgives Olivia and Olivia agreed to help Amanda with her condition.

The next day, Amanda went for training with Mr. Roy the bread men who is also a vampire…after training she walked back home and while walking near town she bumped into a few weirdoes from the alley. She did suspect the way they behaved, they were actually vampires and also the vampire kings right men. She decided to hide behind the dumpster and listen to whatever they said. She tried hiding but got caught after she saw a cockroach. They could even smell her because of being a vampire so they tried attacking her but she was saved by her father who surprisingly came to town last minute.

Amanda was surely surprised to see her father in town. He drove him back to the house. On the way, she asked him that why he is here and all…she told her that he is here because of her. Amanda figured it out that why is he here for her. So they went back to the house and Amanda was asked to go to her room so that he can talk to her mother, her nanny was not there…she went to her husband's grave like she always do. While sitting in her room wondering, she could hear her parents fighting and suddenly…she heard a door slam. It was her nanny, she heard her mother screaming so she quickly rushed down to see and she saw her nanny on the floor full of blood. She quickly ran to her nanny and hugged her…her nanny told her to fight and always stay strong because evil is near and it is unstoppable.

Amanda promised her nanny that she will be strong and defect evil no matter what happens. If she die's she will only die after winning. Mrs. Perkins took her last breathe with full confidence and happiness that her granddaughter is now prepared and strong. Her father did not agree about this because he knows that his daughter can die in this war but her mother is proud and excited for her even though she knows that it might make Amanda loose her life. Amanda is now ready and strong to fulfill her nanny's and mother's promise and also do what her mother and nanny couldn't do especially take revenge on her grandfather's death. She started having thirst for blood and her hunger for revenge and at that point her parents were worried about her but still had to leave her on her own as it was her war with the vampire king.

A week before the war, Amanda started training by first reading books about the vampire king. Later in the night, after coming out from the library she could smell a weird smell that was quite familiar to her because it was the same smell when her nanny died it was her blood…she then relished that the same person who killed her nanny and that is the vampire king.

All she did was ignore his presence…she went back home peacefully, she went back and saw a note on the refrigerator from her parents saying that they will try to be home before the war. That made Amanda feel a little lonely but she knows that her nanny and grandfather is with her. The next day was already the day of war…in her room Amanda was thing a lot about the war. She had a sleepless night, the next day when she woke up she went down stairs to see whether her parents are back home or not. Her mother was there but her father had to go back to California for a last minute meeting.

She was glad to see her mother at home to support her in this. Amanda went to see the vampire king at the underground tunnel where he and his men's hide. Now the main thing she must first do is kill the bodyguards and that is by exposing them to sunlight because vampires like them and the vampire king are the type who can't be exposed to sunlight and silver items sometimes even garlic.

Amanda reached the tunnel and saw two bodyguards at the entrance…she took the silver chains and straggled all the people of vampire king. She went to the end of the tunnel and suddenly someone hit her head with something and she passed out. She woke up in a chair tied up all alone in a dark room…suddenly the lights switched on and she saw the vampire king. He was dirty, ugly and mouth full of blood, he was also tall and was wearing a black cape. He for sure had a scary face. After that, Amanda thought to herself that what the hell is going on. He was for sure scary and that really creped Amanda out but it did not change her mind for revenge. She challenged him for a fight, the looser dies and the winner stays alive. He agreed to the challenge and at the same time asked his men to cut her loose.

Amanda and the vampire king started fighting and there was blood everywhere when she bites his neck off. She for the first time felt so thirsty until she couldn't stop biting him sucking his blood. She definitely became a real vampire. Surprisingly when the vampire king died even his people (all the evil vampires) burned into ashes. She was proud of herself that she had fulfilled her nanny's wish and already took revenge of her grandfather's and nanny's death. At last, Amanda lived a happy life as a vampire with her mother and went back to California in the summers to live with her father and step-mother.Eventhough her life was not the same since the bite and her grandparents death but still she could live a happy and normal life


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