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Gains Of Cost

By: Edgar Dark Season

Page 1, Life affirmed, love loss


Timeline and life assertions, howling through the nights uncertain, waking to bouts of insomnia feeling escape from the nightmare only to realize the dream of reality be worse for wear, Love loss and lack of will, incapable and forgotten to the insistence of purpose and misleading thought

The life inescapable become subject of expectation and requirements to loss of true self, planning ahead while looking back at times of easier being in younger self of no concerns, seeking only affection in its most genuine form, yearning and desperate praying to a deaf, dumb and blind God that never responds as it supposedly did to people thousands of years ago. Such tired fallacy. Nothing answers simply because nothing is there.

Upon us now like a storm, no change in the weather removed from our hearts and empty imaginings of childhood joys extracted from memory to relive them moments of pleasure in its most genuine form, love and innocence, no questions asked. As we age, we lose so much and only gain costs.



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