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Heart Summit

By: Edgar Dark Season

Page 1, Unfulfilled death love mystery unanswered




Leave now awash with the joys of the past, shared and enjoyed in various states and disrepair, Now to terminate all such beloved pleasures to the dark of history and empty spaces about which we created with hopes and dreams never attempted by us, Loss of time and essences of regard linger in this winter air as it freezes skyward from standing in circles of dizziness drowning amid wonder of what could have been in the hope and distraught that what may someday be when you open your heart in warm reminiscence and appreciation of slipping into memory lane for a while to be as we were had been such things we shared were of significance to me although to you of lack such feelings or profoundness as cursed I be with such depth of heart and romantic imaginations, requesting revival of passions so fulfilling and mutual, To end such potential and cut short what could last longer and stood tests of time and challenges overcome by occasion effort, Come to bed lover.

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