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That Book with the unknown name

Miscellaneous By: EmotionKiller

This is a exerpt from my new story

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My Sword (prologue)

Some people see it as a flag wipping in the wind black with dark red speckles.
Some see it as a weapon used to kill and spill the blood of others.
Some feel it as razor blades with 10 tons of steel at the base.
I see it as a piece of cloth on clouds.

Master ( chapter 1)
I got my flag when i was 15, my master told me to weild it so i did. I waved and bashed it around like it was a ax not a flag.
"No its not about blut force and truma its about finess" he told me
I waved it around and hit my heels and head the fine steel reazors would cut my skin in half. I hit my head so hard one time that it split open the blood trickled down my face and i could only see white.
"Keep going" he demanded
He never took me to a hospital, i would hit my achilies tendon and fall to the ground in pain, he would whip me up put me on the bed and sew it up and thne i would get back up and try again.
That was before i knew how to touch it with my finger tips so soft that it wont cut. Before i learned how to hold it so lightly that it would spin to the winds song . Before i had learned to spin.
That day was the day when i sliced it in the wind down and up around my back so fast that the person acros from me could only be seen in bits the blood would fly off the silk like rain drops , i hit the gorund so lightly that it bounced ,into my hand the silk landing in my palm , but it didnt hurt it was just a piece of cloth on skin.that was when i knew how to use it. how to slice though the air into a persons flesh how to be the new master.


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