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1st paragraph

Miscellaneous By: Ian Dawn

first paragraph

Submitted:Oct 26, 2011    Reads: 16    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Ian Dawn

The night came in quickly as if GOD had reach over on his bedside table and switched off the sun. Cold and fog now started layering in towards the cabin as if in slow motion, and the five unsuspecting holiday makers inside had no idea what was going to happen next. Dave a car salesman sat next to the log fire stoking the dry cedar with twigs and leaves to start the solid burn and push back the seeping cold from outside. Lucy a hairdresser and Dave's girlfriend was looking reading "Who" magazine finding out if Kim K's marriage is all over or not. The other three still unpacking as the first jolt hit the timer construction. "BANG" "BANG" BANG" the whole cabin shook and Lucy screamed as she fell to the floor.

Paragraph Eight (Ian Dawn)

Lucy Stood for a moment in the hospital grounds, the sun starting to rise and take away the death and despair she was feeling.

"Max is dead" she said to herself out aloud and as she hung her head and started to cry she felt a presence close to her that made the hair at the nape of her neck rise and a chill spill down her spine like ice water poured down her back. She spun quickly and caught a glimpse of something in the shadows, but it was gonewith a blink of her eye.

"Lucy" Jenna called from the open automatic front doors ofthe hospital. "David is awake and they say we can see him" she yelled now.

Lucy turned to walk back towards the medical facility but as she turned her eyes drifted upward towards the roof to of thethree story historic building. I figure was beckoning her to turn away, she heard a voice in her head begging her to go back, to not enter the hospital. Her gaze fixed on the figure bathed in the rising sunlight of morning was David; she knew it was him although the glare from behind his silhouette obscured his form slightly.

A dark image flashed next to David and almost glided to where he was on the roof, there was no struggle no fight just the known forecast of what was to happen next. The world stopped as the figure pushed David from the edge and she could see in his face as he fell towards her he had his eyes shut and his arms crossed as if laying on a morgue slab. David hit the ground in front of her, bones and vital fluids escaped his bodies shell as he hit with such force and as she look at his face she realised his eyes were not shut they were missing as if ripped from his skull.

"LUCY! C'mon David's awake" Jenna screamed one last timeand the words spun her senses as the image of David faded with a snap of her eyelids.

Oh Shit! What's happening to us?


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