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Black Blood Apocalypse (chapter 1 rough draft)

Miscellaneous By: Ikasu

A world filled with Zombies and Vampires what could be worst? add the fact your brother is the one who did it all and just ejected himself with a genetically alter combination of both the zombie and vampire viruses, Can Steven stop his brother from causing the world to be covered in darkness? read to find out. (this is a rough draft of the first chapter)

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Chapter one black dawn
The wind howl's as the sun rises over the horizon as he toss and turn while the pounding on the door get's louder. he got out of my bed and got dressed gather his few belongings and dash out the back door soon after he hears a loud scream and slowly looks back only to see a army of zombies filing threw and around the house and then another scream as something broke completly through the house, something big, huge and ugly. So grotesque that he just turn and ran. then he headr something wized by his head and from a walkie talkie in the distance "it's a hit one more" then another wisp goes by his head as he looks back and the falling giant hearing the same voice "one trant down so many more to go Sara get that guy to safety" as he sees the source of the sound it's a walkie talkie latched to the waist of one of the most beautiful women he's seen in months. She grabbed him and put him in a car as it speeded away from the Zombies to safety as they arrived at a camp full of other survivors swarming he wondered would this be safe?. As he thought back to the blood curdling scream he wonders how many more of those are there and hot it easily destroyed the house it took 2 shots to the head to take it down what has happened all of this seemed like a far off dream as if he was still sleeping in his house with the wind blowing the branches of the trees outside as the scraped against the sleet glass windows bordering each side of his room back before all of this happened. Sara looks back at him wondering what he is doing the man appeared to of fell asleep as she reaches back to shake him but he doesn't't respond only sound is his heavy steady breathing he appears to be have a light nightmare of sorts. He remembers wakening up and going down stairs to see his wife making coffee but he saw her on the ground blood everywhere the ruby red reflecting the roof as his eyes water and his wife stands up he walks towards her but she quickly gets up and attacks him before she got near him his eyes where open he saw the women shaking him "what oh sorry I dosed off I think" wiping the water from his eyes trying to pass it off for sleep. He awakens to the sound of shouting as his eyes open he sees a middle aged man shouting "son are you alright come on speak to me" as he opens his eyes he looks around "where am I?" the old man smiles as he clears his thought "you're at base 5 now son from my knowledge you don't even know what a trant is how did you survive?" The young man looks around "Well it is all the same no difference aim to the head" a fierce expression covers the old man's face as if he had just bitten a spoiled lemon as he shouts "boy that trant takes 2 .50 caliber sniper rifle shots to the head just to take it down" the younger man stands up and walks out "I'm sorry sir" on the outside of the building he meets the women named Sara who takes him to his platoon the noises of the men walking to the lunch room also known as the mess hall he thinks to himself wouldn't't the smell of the fresh juicy sausages and the smell of pork attract zombies and all of these people he finally arrived at his platoon dropped his things of and headed to the mess hall the aroma of the fresh eggs and bacon and sausages made his salivanary glands act up as saliva almost overflowed out of his mouth but the line was so long after 30 minutes he finally got to the front of the line and got his food and found a empty table on the other side of the mess hall, he finished his food savoring ever last bit of it as he left the mess hall the door screeching before it shut he went back to his platoon who were talking a bought how everything happen he heard everything from nuclear bombs to biological terrorism to rare viruses to advanced mad cow disese to voodoo. He had his own ideas as he started to speak interrupting the other men "Well actually my idea is there was this guy named john Danderson and he was a scientist for the president his job was to find a potion for immortality the results weren't't good they disposed of the potion and fired dander's who didn't't like it at all he recreated the serum and made a brother serum no one knows what it did after he created it he disappeared it happened 3 months before the outbreak". The other men stood silent in shock of these new knowledge the obviously where so oblivious to this as he took a deep breath and laid backwards and fell asleep leavening the other men in amiss of how he knew this as they soon after followed. He was dreaming again of the day it began his wife lunged at him as he saw the mug broken on the floor as tears went down his face his wife's face covered in blood as he pushes her off as his wife fly's back words her arm hitting a wall as her arm falls off and blood squirts all over the wall and on his priceless art he had spent half of his life to collect as he wanted to fall to his knees as his wife images returns to normal and he breaths heavy as she speak "why did you do this to me you told me wed be together forever and you'd always protect me". He tried to speak but nothing came out tears streaming on his face as he starts to shake a earthquake he thinks as he wakes up the other men are shaking him as his eyes open he sees them gathering around "are you okay man?" as he sighs "I smell food don't you?" as the smell of rib steaks fill the air as the men's eyes widen and they run out of the door he follows a few seconds letter wiping tears from his face as he stretches the line long as always when its finally his turn he hears a scream followed by a gunshot which rang his ears followed by metal slamming he turns to see the mess halls serving line had closed as everyone cleared out. He ran out after he saw them they where gathered around a area he pushed himself through as he saw a man bleeding on the ground blood squirting out from a arm wound near him a whole the some men came and picked him up probably amputating his arm and putting him in solitaire for a day to see if he changes as the general comes up to him "son what is your name?" the man gets his posture "my name is Steven" the general grin "Steven I want you to take a group and go down that whole and check it out". Steven grins a bit and grabs a the gun from the ground as he looks at the ground "I need a group any volunteers please come forth" after he said that four people steps forth 2 huge men 1 seems as if he is from German well built muscle 1 Swedish bit soft with a bit of a gut the women Sara, Steven holds his drooling back and one small African American Steven smiles "what are your names I know Sara but how a bought you big guy?" he says towards the German looking guy as he says with a deep thick Irish brogue "my names Arnold me lad, always a pleasure to help. A little surprised Steven stumbles back a bit and goes up to the other big guy "and your name?" as the big guy with a British accent "my name is brad pleasure to serve you sir or Steven was it?" as he goes to the smaller in comparison African man but before Steven could ask the African American spoke "my names Trayshaun how can I help just don't be to bossy might have to beat you" as he smiles a bit still slightly taller than Steven but smaller than the 2 giant men a bought as tall as Sara as Steven went to the hole and looked down running into a nearby building as he grabs some night vision goggles and flash light and light sticks as he looks into the hole as wind blows as he hears the wind echo down through the hole as he snaps one of the light sticks and drops it down the hole it wasn't't deep enough to hurt them if they jumped down so Steven to first dibs and jumped down followed by the rest.


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