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Once Upon an Atrocity...Threshold Horror Challenge

Miscellaneous By: yuu shindemura

My first (and last) challenge. I just really want to see and look for writers who can really tell the tales worth for Halloween. ;)

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Once Upon an Atrocity…
Halloween's coming! This is my first challenge for everyone as horror's what I actually write, then that'll be most of the fields I'm interested and won't writhe.

PRIZES (aside from the fun of doing this challenge):
First Prize = read all your literary works and become a fan, as well as a promotion on my site, and a contract that I'll always read your new stuffs everytime you have any.
Second Prize = read 60% worth of your posted works and literary pieces, and sure, become a fan; and the promotion.
Third Prize = read three works worth of your choice, and become a fan; and the promotion.
Consolation prizes = I'll read one work from you of my choice for each and everyone who has joined.

1.The literary works to be submitted can be mainly short stories, but you can have your choice of posting a poem or a mini-novel (not exceeding 10 chapters) any other types of writings; and if you please to make a novel, that's cool but be sure to finish the work on or before the deadline.

2.Here's the main stuff,
2.1. Pick a number between01 to 25 (25 entries only, but if more people join, then I'll see what I can do, I can extend it to the max of 35 entries), each number can be picked only once.
2.2. We won't use the same old vampires and werewolves or fallen angels and those common types, we'll be using creatures that are not really been that popular, yet:
Example: in my story, "Fervent Ice in the Beauty", I used a creature called a 'manananggal', it is a creature that feeds on pregnant women using her (all manananggal are girls) elongated tongue, and her upper body can detach from her lower part.
Hence, as you pick up your chosen number, is a creature corresponding to that number will be given that scares even the vampires themselves. These creatures are existing in myths and legends (notably Asian and some European creatures)but are not really that heard of, it'll be creative on your part on how you maximize its scary features to qualify the meaning of horror on them! I'll give the description of your destined creature, of course, so it'll be less worrying.
2.3. Choose between these:
Red = you'll create your own settings or scenarios.
Black = I'll give you a setting for you to imply the beast.
The places are of the challenger's choice. (eg. I'll give an Asian myth creature, the place let's say you place it on Los Angeles, then that's okay)

3. I will only give the creatures/beasts, thus the main characters or any other human characters are for the challengers' jurisdiction.

4. Entries and works must be submitted on or before October 27, 2009; I'll start judging by then and the winners will come up around 2-3 days after; If you finished your work ahead of the deadline, just let me know. ;)

5. Have fun and do your best to horrify your story!

1.A horror's a horror, basically fright and scream, gore and bloodstream. There are no limits to how scary it is, however you think of it as scary for your story to be, then that'll be it. No limits applied except rule#2.
2.STRICTLY NO erotica. I strongly do not support this type of writing so…instant disqualification to whoever attempts placing erotic sensations on this challenge. Rape, sexual intercourse, and all the scope pertaining to lewd and erotic type of writings are covered on this rule. Minor nude stuffs may be implied if and only if it's applicable, (eg. Slasher films did have their characters in slashed, ripped or torn clothes) but when it comes to, again, rape and sexual intercourses, NO.
3.There are horror stuffs I've read with romances in them and it's becoming rampant, still I decided there can be a li'l slight romance, but stick on the scope that this is a horror challenge, thus keep the romance to a slight level.
4.Fantasy can be added since 'fantasy genre' is congruent to horror. Be as creative as you want to be, and need to be. BUT, don't bend the facts; let's say like, I gave you 'vampire' to be your creature, then please don't make it shine or sparkle on your story. That's not creativity and fantasy anymore, that's pure nonsense. Anyway, this rule isn't really pertinent for the creatures I'm having. All I'm saying is please do not make your horror writings to be cheesy.
5.Twist the tale as much as you want; the story, plot, twist it!XD i recommend strong imagination and creativity on this. Twist the story and plot, but in lieu to Rule#04, DON'T TWIST/BEND the facts of the creature i'm implying/applying you with this challenge. Twist the whole story, but not the creatures' characteristics and descriptions.^_^ Thus, 'there must be no vampires that willsparkle' per say or in a way as what i'm explaining.

OTHER NOTE: this site/account (Yuu Shindemura) has an image of firmly/strictly promoting non-erotic tales and writings, as well as not supporting erotica. But on respect of the prizes as well as respect for myself, a different account will be the one I'll use for reading and commenting in case the winner has erotic stuffs written on his account.

Thank you and have fun!;)
Questions and clarifications are very much welcomed

"From Kuppo to Mogrich:
"I'm bored… kupo. I'm so bored, kupo, I'm going to hide away!
Hint: try finding me behind a rock, kupo!
-A mognet from the moogles Mogrich and Kuppo of Final Fantasy IX"
No, am not bored, 'tis just some randomness.;)


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