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Rot and Flesh

By: Alyson Angel

Chapter 15,

“Alright, who’s first?” ask Airin, taking the phone off from the holder and holds it while looking at both of her friends.

“I’ll go first!” says Manda happily as Airin hands her the phone and she begins to push the buttons to dial the number.

Manda taps her feet while waiting for the answer as she looks around and then smiles to Airin. She then focuses her eyes onto the phone’s holder and breaths out gently.

“Hello? Ah hey mom, I’m sorry to inform you this late but Airin asked me to stay with her for tonight. Yes, only tonight. No…I didn’t bring my toothbrush or my extra clothes. What? You want to speak with Mrs. Angela? Um…” Manda pause for a moment and place her free hand on the speaker.

“Um…Airin can my mom talk to your mom for second?” whispers Manda quietly to Airin as she blinks a few times.

“Uh, yeah sure!” replies Airin happily and ask Manda to hand back the phone to her. Manda nod and gives the phone away as she follows Airin from behind to the kitchen once more.

“Mom, someone wants to speak to you.” says Airin while putting a smile on her face.

“Oh? Who would might that be?” ask Angela as she wipes her hand clean and takes the phone from Airin.

“Hello? Yes, I’m Mrs. Angela, Airin’s mom…Oh don’t you worry now; I’ll take care of your daughter for you. Yes, yes… No, that’s all right. Alright then, good bye.” says Angela as she ends the call by pushing the button on the phone as it goes beep.

“So, did she say something?” ask Airin, blinking a few times while standing beside Manda.

“Yes. She said that we need to take good care of Manda for her and the rest is my job.” replies Angela smiling as she hands back the phone to Airin.

“Oh, is that so? Well then aunty, thank you for letting me stay at your house for tonight. I’m sorry if I cause you a burden.” says Manda while bowing her head a little a few times.

“Oh that’s okay dear, you’re not a burden at all.” says Angela smiling to Manda, then glance at Airin.

Airin quickly walks away from her mother to Hannah as she hands the phone over to her. Hannah nods and dials her mother’s phone number and wait for a respond.

“Hello?” says the voice from the phone.

“Hello mom, it’s me. Um…I’m having a slumber party with my friends tonight. So, I’ll be staying at her place for tonight, is that okay with you?” ask Hannah while glancing the room, waiting for the ultimate answer.

“Do you have your clothes with you?” ask the voice.

“Um…No…But still, can I stay?” ask Hannah again doubly.

“…Alright honey, you can stay. I’ll talk to you father about this and remember dear, don’t cause any trouble on other people’s property understand?” replies the voice casually.

“Okay I won’t…Bye mom.”

“Bye honey and good night too…” says the voice and ends the call.

Hannah places the phone back onto the holder and nods to Airin as an approval from her mother. Airin smiles and jumps around like a child and hug them both.

“We are so going to have a lot of fun!” says Airin in excitement. Both of her friends nod and laughs as Airin starts to make jokes.

Tapping Airin shoulder from behind, Airin stops what she’s doing and turns around to face the stranger behind her.

“Food’s ready…And I can hear your stomach grumbling.” says Zurl while smirking.

Airin only rubs her belly gently and glace at her friends and shouts, “To the kitchen we go!”

Zurl only shakes his head and smiles as he follows them from behind. ‘It’s nice to see that she’s finally having some ‘real’ friends.’ nods Zurl as he stops at the kitchen’s door.

“Come on now, wash your hands and take your seats.” says Lydia as she pours some punch juice into every cup on the table.

At the table, Harry, Michael and Zack already have sat on their seats while waiting for the others to come.

Airin looks at the seats for a moment and decides to sit in between of her friends. She drags the chair away from the table and takes a seat as she waves at her friends to have a seat next to her.

They both only nod and sit next to Airin who is now smiling like an innocent child. Airin looks around at the table as she almost dribbles herself from seeing the most delicious food in the world.

Manda only shakes her head and giggles as she sees Airin’s reaction towards to the food on the table.

“Oh don’t just stare at the food, please dig in and enjoy yourself.” laughs Angela as she sits down on her seat and drinks her drink.

Hearing the ‘go’ word, Airin quickly fill her plate with the delicious food that is Butter chicken and scoop some rice form the big glass bowl on the middle on the table with a rice spoon. Sniffing the delight aroma, she could almost taste it and begins to dig in without any other word escape from her mouth.


After the big feast has end, Airin gets up from her seat and takes her empty plate to the sink.

“Oh don’t worry dear, let me do it.” says Lydia smiling as she takes the plate away from Airin’s grip.

“Oh, um…Thank you aunty.” replies Airin, smiling back to her as she walks to her seat and drinks up all of her juice.

“Ah…Refreshing…” comment Airin and fills in another round.

“Hey Rin, have you test yet the new game that you bought yesterday’s night?” ask Zurl while lighting up his cigarette.

“Yeah, and it is really good! It’s like Silent Hill only that you can access both first and third person view. You can choose any of it, but in first person view it is more…Well, best quality to real horror happening to yah~!” replies Airin laughing, then sipping on her drink once more.

“You really did make a conclusion about that game. Haha, who would ever though…” laughs Zurl as he puffs out some smoke from his mouth to the air around him.

Airin only smiles and laughs as she waves her hand to make the smoke disappear from her surrounding, that is especially her nose.

“Hey Airin, can I ask you something?” ask Manda as she makes eyes contact with her.

“Yeah, sure…Shoot.” replies Airin casually as she sips some juice away from the cup.

“Um…Where’s the restroom?” laughs Manda nervously as she looks around her for a moment.

“Haha, it’s just around the corner. The second door, the light switch is on the wall next to the sink and the mirror.” replies Airin smiling as she points out the direction.

“Oh, thanks!” says Manda, returning her smile with a sincere and friendly smile back. She gets up from her seat and straightly walks into the restroom without any further halt.

“So, what’s your name dear?” ask Angela smiling as she takes a seat from cleaning the dishes.

“Oh, it’s Hannah.” says Hannah shyly as she smiles towards Angela.

“Oh, so how’d long have you met my little Airin?” ask Angela again, still smiling and using her loving mother tone.

“Oh, um…Let see…About 4 years now, I think.” replies Hannah as she scratches her head gently not wanting to mess up her hair.

“Then you guys must have been best friends.” laughs Angela, trying to make the conversation a bit lighter.

“Haha, we certainly did.” says Airin giggling, trying to make Hannah feel comfortable.

“Oh, is that so?” laughs Angela and then smiles to Hannah.

Airin gets up from her seat and shifts her chair back into the table as she makes an excuse to go upstairs.

“Alright then, off you go. Don’t stay up to late.” says Angela as she sips some of her drink.

Nodding for an answer, Airin then gaze at Hannah and ask her to accompany her upstairs.

Hannah only nods and gets up from her seat as she copies what Airin did and follows her from behind. She halts for a moment and glance at the restroom and then glance back to Airin who is now at the second step of the stairs.

“Hey Ai, how about Manda…Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten about her already.” whispers Hannah softly to make sure that only Airin can hear it.

Airin stops at her track and turns her upper body around while her feet are still on halt from the previous steps that she made.

“…Pardon but what?” ask Airin innocently, as she blinks her eyes a few times.

“I said, how about Manda?” says Hannah again and which is now crossing her arms to her chest, waiting for an answer from Airin’s lips.

“Well...She’ll be out anytime soon…Hopefully…” says Airin doubly as she leans on the wall and cross her arms.

Hannah only nod and glance back to where Manda went and wait.

For minutes that felt like hours or even years! Manda finally comes out from the restroom as Hannah sees her cleaning her hands with running water from the sink.

‘Finally, she’s out!’ thought Airin as she sighs under her breath while staring at the sink, waiting for Manda to finish up her business by tapping her foot into a rhythm.

“Sorry to make you waiting, but here I am!” says Manda happily she quickly walks to both Airin and Hannah.

“Nah, its fine!” says Hannah giggling as she nods to Airin to let her know that she can finally move.

Airin raise her hand to Hannah’s and give her a thumbs up as she turns back around and continue to climb up the stairs without any further delays.

“Do you think she’s mad at me?” whispers Manda quietly.

“No, I don’t think so…Because you were doing some business so it’s fine.” replies Hannah, trying to comfort Manda from blaming herself about the misunderstanding.

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