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The Remaining

Novel By: ana jester

After the world ends with turmoil and devastation,22 year old Laci believes she's left alone in the world,until she comes across few survivors and manmade beasts.(apocalyptic and got the idea while watching the video to the catalyst by linkin park).Dedicated to my boyfriend Larry,with love. View table of contents...



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She walked for miles, the cold barely biting her skin. Ana wore the warmest clothing she could find or at least make. Black wedge boots she wore kept her feet prints in the dark and light snow, only to be lightly covered again. Fingerless gloves shiled her hands while a warm hood hides her long dark hair. The only thing visible is her coffee dark eyes, a half torn grey scarf covers her mouth to prevent inhaling the cold that causes pneumonia and the fog that causes breathing problems.

The sky's a dark coloring, during what would be daylight, it's dark grey; and what would be night, it's coal black. There's constant cloudiness, continuous falling of ash and snow, and from what Ana's seen, no other signs of life. How did she survive? Even Ana doesn't know, she only remembered waking up with boards all over, wall chunks strewn everywhere, blocking her doorway in the apartment. At the time, she only thought there was a major earthquake like what's been going on across the world. For a week, she was stuck in her apartment, trying to contact someone. But her home phone was disconnected and her calls to people she knew on her cell were never answered. The only sounds she could hear were scrambling noises; and one night,while lying in bed, screams. The screams had pannicked her, making Ana realize that something worse happened instead of a large earthquake. Toward the end of the week, her electricity finally gave out, having flickered off and on before. She tried to ration her food and didn't drink the water due to a strange discoloration to it. Time passed and another few weeks before she began to realize the freezing coldness, enclosing her. Ana had put on whatever warm clothing she had, which wasn't much since it was a warm fall season. She had thrown on a black short sleeve tee, jeans, black wedge boots, and her Pink Floyd jacket. Not a thick coat, but a little warm for a thin jacket. Finally, around the fourth week, she had tried to find a way out, but no luck; Ana figured she'd die soon of starvation, hypothermia, or even frost bite, but luck came like a prayer in the middle of the fifth week.

In a light sleep, trying to stay warm with her only blanket, scraping sounds had awakened her. Lying there, she noticed bits of the ceiling begining to flake. Watching with wonder and curiosity, in a minute, the ceiling began to crumble, causing Ana to get up and run to the small kitchen area for cover. Before her, Ana had let out a gasp and threw the blanket over her head, the ceiling had caved, leaving a large slant but still in need of a way to climb up. While pulling the blanket off, the cold had hit her in a rush of air, instantly making her shiver.

Wanting to leave, she had realized a thicker jacket and gloves, even a scarf, were in need. With none of that on hand, she had gotten a pair of scissors from her small desk and began to cut strips from the blanket, turning a long strip into a scarf. Creating gloves, Ana had only wrapped the other strips around her hand and fingers, doing the same with the left hand. In fear of catching pneumonia, she had wrapped the made scarf around her forehead and mouth, then neck.

Ana had gone to the caved area and began to grip areas, pulling herself up onto the slope. She expected to see people crowded around, in search of survivors, or some form of an authority figure, but she wasn't set for what she seen. Standing, the bitterness of the cold surrounding her, there was no one, not one sign of life anywhere. Buildings were either damaged here and there, or were completely demolished. The sky was a very dark cloudy grey and fire color, snow fell from the sky, mixtured with what looked to be ashes, to only cover everything that was once visible. That moment, she left her home town, in search of survivors, hoping for signs of the sun and blue skies with warmness and a slight breeze. Time, days, even weeks passed with no luck nor knowledge of where she is. Life before seemed to her to only be a dream, finally waking to this very real nightmare, forever left in.


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