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Dead But Alive, A House of Cathon Novel

Novel By: Anaria

Eve Porter a eighteen year old college student who happens to live in a world where vampires are known to all and where the myths are just the myths. Every one knows about the House of Cathon. No human wants to end up there because being there means you've become a vampire fledgling. Now its become one or die in the process. Eve is about to find out that becoming undead is the least of her problems... View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 19, 2008    Reads: 175    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

"Jacob I said stop it," my voice was shrill and angry. I slapped his hand away angrily my face frustrated. "I really don't want to have to go through this again. I need you to go please. I have to be alone right now," I told him firmly. I knew it wasn't really Jake's fault. It was just that lately something was different between us. The strong attraction just wasn't there any more. Okay I'll be the first to admit that I really did want it back. I was still attracted to him; a little at least.

"Whatever Eve," Jake muttered turning away from me. He was handsome in a fashion. With his dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and sun bronzed skin. I hated seeing and hearing how hurt he was, and I mentally kicked myself for being such a jerk. I flinched when the door slammed shut behind him. The air in my apartment suddenly felt suffocating hot. I didn't want to stay locked up in this tiny apartment anymore. I had the need to go out into the city and find some action. Hell, its New York City for crying out loud. There is always plenty of action in this place, I thought cynically.

I debated about giving Rae a call but decided I really did need to be alone. I rummaged through my closet and pulled out a short dark blue backless dress that was made from ultra clingy material. At eighteen I felt my world was often way too complicated. College wasn't as thrilling as I'd once thought it was. My mind whirled in many different directions as I pulled on the dress. I wasn't going to look for trouble I reasoned to myself.

Then why did my stomach feel funny? A weighed down feeling filled my gut making me think maybe it wasn't such a grand idea after all. I ignored the feelings as an over active imagination. I was restless and for some reason I'd felt tied down lately. My face was hot and burning with embarrassment. Guilt clouded my mind as Jake's image came to mind. It could be a lot worse I thought dryly. I could be branded and forced to live at the House of Cathon.

I tried unsuccessfully not to be prejudice against the vampires and their fledglings. Yes I know what I said vampires. Actually I didn't think too much of it not like most humans anyway. I mean vampires just came out into the open fifty four years ago. I was pretty cool with the whole undead creature thing but they still made me nervous.

Fledglings were humans who for some reason had an extra strand in their DNA. This strand caused a weird reaction or mutation that started the change. The entire change took four to five years for the fledglings to turn. That is if the genetic strand didn't start to unravel. If that happened it caused the fledgling to die a very painful death.

I shuddered picturing in my mind what it would look like. Jake's image kept surfacing in my thoughts as he was fore most in his mind. I coughed again, it sounded wet and totally gross. It'd been getting progressively worse since this morning and I didn't want to be sick on top of everything else.

I glided down the street searching for a place that I could get metaphorically lost in. I nearly took a nose dive as I stumbled coughing like crazy. Then I saw her, the dead girl. Well undead girl I suppose. Her brand glittered on her neck a full moon with a crescent moon facing outwards on each side. It was colored in a deep violet and stemming from it was a series of delicate swirling designs.

No I begged silently, please no. Her pale skin stood out in the night's darkness. I didn't want to start turning into a monster I thought with conviction deep in my heart. Too late, she caught sight of me and smiled flashing very white teeth. She was by me in an instant her expression grave as she touched my collarbone with a long manicured nail. "Eve Elizabeth Porter, the vampire gods have chosen thee. It is now time for thee to become what thou was destined to be," she intoned her voice cold and emotionless.

Pain exploded from my chest and neck, a burning sensation that made my eyes fill with black spots. I dropped to my knees and a low keening sound came from my lips. I was breathing heavy now and my nasty wet coughing returned. I blinked trying to clear my vision and when I did the vampire was gone. I rubbed my shoulder without thinking and swore as a bolt of pain raced through it.

Oh no, oh no! Please...dear god, I thought with panic. I fished my compact out of my purse with a mounting sense of dread. I opened it with shaky hands not wanting to see what I knew was gonna be there. I looked down finally into the depth of the mirror and shrieked, dropping my compact. It hit the asphalt and the mirror shattered into a hundred little pieces. But the image of what I had seen remain burned into my mind. My raven colored hair was wild and disheveled, my normally peachy skin was paper white, and worst of all was the tattooed outline of three moons in purple ink. They weren't filled in yet and the outer tattoos weren't there yet. But the moons were unmistakable and there.

"God no," I moaned tears leaking down my face. I may not like my life right now, but it was my life and I was alive in it. The House of Cathon was all the way in Europe for cripes sake. Jake I thought suddenly, oh the poor sweet boy. Right then I needed him more than ever before. I started to run my feet taking me where I wanted to be. I zipped up my white leather jacket so it hid my new brand. I coughed some more of those disgusting wet hacking coughs.

In no time at all I'd entered the Soho district and was on my own turf. I sprinted to his apartment building and stopped to catch my breath. Please be in I prayed silently. I coughed again and approached the doorman. It was old Henry who have me a toothless grin.

"Well howdy Miss Eve Porter. What brings you here dressed up right pretty and at such a late hour?" Henry asked politely. His Texan twang was evident in his voice as he flashed me another smile. I smiled at him painfully aware of my new brand on my collar bone. I hated taking advantage of him cause I really did like him.

"Hey to you too Mister Henry. I came to see my boyfriend Jake Hunter," I told him in a fake cheerful voice. "Could you let me in?" I asked him sweetly. He grinned his face totally trusting as he opened the door for me. "Thanks," I murmured ducking inside. Henry tipped his hat to me. I stalked through the front entrance hall my mind set on one thing, Jake. I trotted up the stairs taking two at a time. I hurried down the third floor hallway stopping at apartment 315.

I pounded on the door anxiously pausing a moment to burst into a coughing fit that left me dizzy and lightheaded. I heard Jake move around inside and the door opened. "Eve? What in the sam hell are you doing here?" he asked sharply. I coughed again leaning forward this time blood came up into my mouth. "Eve are you okay?" he asked with uncertainty this time.

"No," I choked out gasping as his arms encircled my slim frame. He lifted me up oh so carefully trying not to jar my body too much. I moaned in pain as blood trickled down my sweaty face from the corner of my mouth. "Jake," I breathed softly clinging to him with all my might. I tried to concentrate just on his smell; the fresh musky odor that seeped from his skin. He whispered words of encouragement into my ear. I held onto him even tighter.

"Its okay honey. You're gonna be okay I promise," he whispered softly. His hand caressed my cheek in a loving gesture. I wanted desperately to believe him because my life seemed to be crumbling right before my very eyes. His voice comforted me in a way no other could. I loved him I thought with shock. I really did. I closed my eyes wishing for the impossible. He layed me gently on the couch and sat on the edge. His hands went to unzip my jacket. I stopped him with fear filled eyes. He couldn't see the brand he just couldn't. I didn't want to see the revulsion in his beautiful eyes.

"Don't Jake," I whispered my voice raw. His hand stopped immediately and he looked confused. "I don't want you to hate me," I told him in a sad voice. He looked suddenly determined. I could feel his bull headedness taking over. My god he was stubborn I thought with a sigh.

"Eve I love you. What part of that don't you get? I could never ever hate you," he said vehemently. His gaze was furious and all together frustrated with me. I smiled feeling the irony of his words. He could say that now but what of later? When he saw what I was to become, what then?

"Luv you say that now but what of later? I don't think you could love a monster," I said and unzipped my coat. He gasped and his arms went around me immediately. He hugged me and held me tight. The opposite of what I had expected him to do. I melted into his embrace feeling my self revulsion fade away. Who cared what I was as long as the man I loved still loved me. I sure in the hell didn't I thought.

"Eve oh poor baby," Jake muttered stroking my hair. His touch was healing for me emotionally but physically I was getting worse. I coughed some more and my chest shook with each cough. It caused me to double over and blood dripped from my mouth. I couldn't seem to stop coughing and believe me I was trying. He cradled my form and I looked up to see his lips moving. But I couldn't hear him. I reached my hand up and touched his face. I seemed to be on mute the world around me was silent.

Was I dying? I wondered. Jake jumped up to his feet looking both angry and frightened. He seemed to be yelling but of course I couldn't hear him. I turned my head with a huge amount of effort to see what he was doing. I blinked thinking I was hallucinating. Then I realized what I was seeing was very real indeed.

Three full grown vampires stood in the doorway looking impossibly beautiful. Two men and a woman all three looked deadly as all hell. The woman had a mane of flaming red curls, flawless porceline skin, crystalline gray eyes, and aristocratic features. The two men were identical twins with short cropped blonde hair, ivory skin, piercing brown eyes, and features of a Greek warrior. I couldn't seem to move anymore it took too much effort. The two vampire men took immediate action in restraining Jake. He fought tooth and nail against them but was no match. The woman approached me with purpose. Her face was calm and full of concern. She knelt down and scooped me up like I weighed nothing. Her grip was cool but not ice cold like most people imagine it would be.

With a nod at the twins she went to leave. I saw one of the guys touch Jakes neck and he crumpled to the floor unconscious. Tears gathered in my eyes as I realized this might be the last time I'd ever see my love. I noticed at once that my body was responding to the nearness of the adult vampires. My hearing was returning to me slowly. At first every sound seemed to be muffled by cotton. Then after a few moments the cotton seemed to dissolve away and I could hear again. I ran my tongue along my lips wetting them. I was more relieved than scared because my pain had disappeared the moment the woman had touched me.

Then she spoke her voice was low and musical, almost well hypnotizing to listen to. "Eve can you hear me?" she asked with obvious concern. It took a moment for her words to process through my muddled brain. I took another moment to work at speaking my strength still very limited. I concentrated on pronouncing each syllable correctly.

"Yes madam I can hear you," I said in a weak voice. It was barely audible even to me but the vampires seemed to have no trouble hearing it. I took a breath and relaxed noticing that I'd been tensed up. My limbs felt heavy and weighted with lead. I realized though my hearing was back and my pain gone; I still felt incredibly weak.

"Good I was afraid we'd been too late," she said with obvious relief. I stared at her uncomprehending. Too late for what? I wondered. Was it possible that I could have died had they not shown up when they did? I didn't want to dwell on that fact so I put it out of my mind for the moment. I closed my eyes for a second and the next thing I knew I was out like a light. I slept a deep dreamless sleep that recharged my seriously drained battery.


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