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Novel By: angellynn

Hope was kidnapped for her life giving deed. Faith is determined to find her. Will she escape with her sister. Or will she fall in love with the enemy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 6, 2009    Reads: 389    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   



Twin girls, born only minutes apart. Identical twins, the spawn of satan. Their mother, a prositute. Suddenly dies during child birth. Separated as infants. Faith, and Hope were fostered to two different families. Neither girl knowing the other,they had a normal childhood, unaware of their powers. Until a horrible accident puts Faith in a life or death situation. They were about to turn seventeen, the age their powers would soon be tested.

With demons lurking around Faiths death bed, awaiting to claim her soul. Hope Is lured by an uncontrolable urge, to give her life saving blood,her sister so desperately needed.

Making the demons angry, for cheating death. Hope is kidnapped by the demons, and held against her will. When Faith recovers from her ordeal. She desperately searched for the woman who gave her life. Unaware the donor was her twin sister, she began to have nightmares, and visions of someone close to her, being tortured by evil demons.

When she finds out that the donor was actually her long lost twin, and that the demons had taken her. She knew she had to do something. Faith knew it was herself that should have been taken. Not her sister.

When Faith finally meets the demon who took her sister, she was enchanted by him. A gorgeous vampire named Chance.

Chance was the most evil of evil. His good looks, and peircing eyes, captured her heart. Can she escape his charm, and save her sister? Or will she fall in love with the enemy?


It was almost midnight, the emergency room had been quiet for hours, when suddenly a man burst through the doors. " Somebody help her! " The nurse on duty sees a woman outside the doors. She had collasped, and was lying on the ground. " Shes pregnant! " the orderly yelled to the nurse. " Get the doctor! STAT! " She screamed to the other nurse.

They took the woman to an examination room, the doctor announced. " Shes having twins, get her to delivery, now! "

The staff nurse goes to inform the man of the womans condition, but he was nowhere to be found. The papers he was to fill out, lay on the waiting room chair. When the nurse checks them, the information was incomplete. Where the womans name was suppose to be, the man had written, unknown prostitute.

That was the only information they had.

When the nurse returns to the delivery room, the doctor was administering CPR. He tried desperately to save the womans life, but It was no use, she had lost too much blood.

The room was filled with infant cries, the doctor glances at the clock. " Time of death, 12:05 AM. " The woman had delivered the twins In less than thirty minutes. The nurse stood there, looking at the twin girls. She looked at the other nurse, " Their identical, every inch of them, thats so strange."

The other nurse turns one of the infants over, " check this out! " A puzzled look came on her face.

" What Is It? " The nurse asked, as she examined a strawberry red mark on her left shoulder.

" I dont know, " she told her, as she turned the other infant over. " See! " The nurse exclaimed. " Identical mark, only on the right shoulder. How do you explain that? "

" This Is remarkable! Take them to the nursery, I'll inform the doctor. "

The twin girls were In perfect health, and eating very well. The staff nurses named the girls Faith, and Hope. The girls were beautiful. The nurse on duty that night, had to inform social services. The call she always dreaded making. But they had to be placed In homes as soon as possible.

Since no-one came forward to claim the twins, they had to be placed In foster homes, until they could be adopted. Before releasing the girls, they had to have a full examination. The doctors scratched their heads, at the marks on their shoulders. The birth marks had changed, since the doctor last examined the girls.

Social services placed the girls In a foster home, and went to work trying to find the girls a permanent home.They spent weeks trying desperately to find a couple who would be interested In adopting twin girls, but It seemed no-one wanted them. There was two prospects, But they were only interested In boys, and the other a boy and girl. Nobody came through for the twin girls.

Social services finally had to give the girls to adoptive families, which mean't they would have to be seperated.

Faith and Hope were taken back to the doctor, before their adoptions could be finalized. After examining them, the doctor was curious about the twins birth marks. Pictures were taken, and blood work was done. After hours of tests, the girls were ready for adoption.


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