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Novel By: angellynn

Submission to cuteblondeangel88's Picture Challenge. I was given horror, and the theme lust. The picture paints a thousand words. Sexual content! View table of contents...


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Seventeen year old Sonya Stevens decides to run away from her abusive dad. After the death of her mother, he began to take his frustrations out on her. Getting tired of his abuse, she hops on a bus and leaves her troubles behind her. But what lie ahead of her, in a town as far as her money would take her, trouble was waiting for her. The worst kind of trouble. Sonya is faced with staying in the mortal world, or becoming immortal. Will she return to alife that drove her away? Or will she cross over to a new world.


Sonya Stevens a seventeen year old runaway, found herself getting off the bus to who knows where. She didn't care where the bus took her, so long as it was as far away from her dad as possible.

She had fifty dollars left to her name, and now she stood lost and alone in a town she had never heard of. The sign above the bus stop read, BridgeTown 3 miles north, with an arrow pointing in the direction ahead of her.

She slowly began to walk down a dirt road that led away from the abandoned bus stop. She thought as she walk how strange it seemed, for a bus stop to be in the middle nowhere. Nothing was there. Only dirt roads and empty spaces. She passed a tree or two as she walked in the heat of the sun. She decided to rest beneath one before going any further.

The shade was scarce, but cooler than the direct sun light. She was totally exhausted, and it wasn't long before she fell asleep.

She dreamed she was back home in her dads house. Being yelled at for nothing at all. Her dad was a drunk, and over the years after her mom died, he became very abussive. He took his anger out on her. At fifteen he hit her so hard, she ended up in the hospital with a broken arm and bruises from head to toe.

Her dad just couldn't except her moms death, and blamed Sonya for it. She was a beautiful girl, and looked so much like her mom. Maybe thats why he abused her, she reminded him of his wife.

Her moms death was no accident, but proving it never happened. The man that killed her mom, did it by giving her an overdose of drugs. She was found two days later in a cheap motel. Naked, raped repeatedly and not breathing. Her dad tried to convence them she was there against her will.

But the authories thought different.They assumed she was a hooker, and a drug addict. Sonya was thirteen when it happened, and she remembers it vividly. She remembered the long nights her mom entertained her lovers. The hostility of their sex. The liquor and the drugs.

She would watch them as they drove the needles into their arms and the sex afterwards. It wasn't just one man her mom ended up sleeping with, but a gang bang. Her mom would be so high, she had no idea what she was doing.

When the drugs were gone, her mom would run them off. No more drugs. No more sex, were the words Sonya remembered the most.

She never told her dad about her mom, because she didn't want them to split up. So she kept her moms secret to herself.

Sonya finally woke from her repeatingnightmare, and rubbed her eyes. The sun had went down,and it was growing dark. She continued to walk tothe north down the dirt road. The moon was full and made it easy to see where she was going. She began to feel a chill, as she slipped on her hoodie. She crammed her hands in her pockets to keep them warm. She couldn't believe how much the temperature had dropped, and the further north she walked, the colder it became.

It wasn't long before she saw some lights shining in the distance. About three yards up the road she could hear laughing and carring on from a crowd of intoxicated people. They were standing outside a run down cafe. Sonya could smell the greasy food, and her mouth began to water. She was hungry and quite thirsty.

As she approached the crowd, they began to whistle, and make sexual jesters toward her. " Hey baby! Where did you come from?" One of them yelled.

Sonya had to squeeze past them, to get to the door. The smell of liquor began to make her sick, as the girl that was with them held out her arm to stop her. " Whats the matter honey? " She slurred. " You too good to talk to us! "

Sonya ignored the drunk womans accusations, and went inside. The woman and her companion followed behind her. They look Sonya up and down. " Damn your fine! " The man sneered, as the woman laughed and licked her lips.

" Leave me alone! " She told them, and turned toward the waitress at the counter. The waitress gave them an evil look, and ask Sonya for her order.

" Do you have a menu? She asked politely.

The two drunks laughed. " A menu?"

The waitress told her no, and began to tell her the special. " We have burgers," She added.

" Thats fine." Sonya replied. " I'll have that without tomatoes, and an order of fries."

The man and woman took a seat in the corner and watched as Sonya ate her food. Sonya would cut her eyes toward them hoping they would be gone. But they were still there.

" I get off in an hour." The waitress told her. Noticing that she was alone and scared. ' I can give you a ride some place."

" I have no place to go. " Sonya replied taking a bite of the burger.

The waitress felt sorry for her, and offered to let her stay with her, until she decided what she was going to do.

" I dont know? " Sonya sighed, not sure if it was safe.

" Its ok." The waitress smiled. " I cant leave you alone with those misfits hanging around. Thinking it couldn't be worse than staying there with those people lurking around, she agreed to go with her.

"Who are they? " Sonya asked.

The waitress told Sonya they were part of some kind of cult that sat just outside town. " Their no-one to mess with," She told her. " Whats your name? "

" Sonya. Sonya Stevens."

The waitress held out her hand, " My name is marcy." She smiled, as Sonya shook it. " How old are you? " She asked curiously.

Sonya looked at her," I'm seventeen."

The waitress decided not to ask her any more questions, for fear she may think her to betoo conspicuous. She went to the back for her purse and keys, and led Sonya to her car. It was a run down Honda. " Sorry about the ride," she laughed. " But she gets me around pretty good."

Sonya got in the car, and tried to fasten the seatbelt. When she pulled it around her waist, it broke." Its ok." Marcy laughed. "Was wondering when that would happen."

Sonya smiled at the Marcy's kindness. As they began to drive away, the drunken couple was still watching her. They gave Sonya a little wave goodbye, and blew her a kiss. She quickly turned her head away from them. " Dont worry about them, honey. Just stay away from them, and you'll be fine."

A few miles down the road, the beat up Honda pulled into a long drive-way. At the end stood a big two-story house in need of a paint job and lots of repairs.

Marcy cut off the engine, and began to tell Sonya about the house.

" It belonged to my grandfather, the late Count Ashton Whirlington. He left this house to me. I was his only grandchild."

Sonya looked at the house. It seemed quite scary to her." What do you mean, Count? Was he like, an important man or something?" She asked bewildered.

" Oh yes! " Marcy laughed. " He was very important. He was govenor here in BridgeTown for a very long time." She sighed.

" What happened to him? " Sonya asked looking up toward the attic, where she noticed a dim light flickered through the window.

" No one really knows." She cried. " After the cult members bought the old mill, he suddenly disappeared. I searched for him for years." A single tear rolled down Marcy's cheek. "Enough about grandfather. Come on! Let me show you the house."

Sonya couldn't get the word cult out of her mind. " Tell me more about this cult." She asked, as Marcy led her inside.

" Well they are satanic," she began. "You know, witches, warlocks, vampires. That sort of thing."

" Sonya cut he eyesr toward Marcy. " Those things dont exsist. Do they? " Her face began to reveal her fear.

" I believe they do. Some people will disagree, but they aren't around here anymore." Marcy added, giving Sonya a wierd look.

Sonya had a chill come across her skin, as the hairs on the nap of her neck began to rise. She looked around the big house, when she noticed a long hall that led to back. " Do you live here alone? " She asked, looking at a row of aged portraits hanging on the wall.

" Yes." She told the worried girl. " You look around, while I see whats in the fridge. Are you hungry? "

" Kind of, thank you!"

" Great! I'll be right back."

Sonya followed the trail of pictures on the wall until she reached the end. At the end was another hall that ran in two different directions. She continued to look at the pictures, when suddenly she heard a noise coming from the attic. She looked up and listened for it again.

It grew very quiet. She began to feel that eerie chill again, as she hurried back down the hall toward Marcy.

Nearly tripping on her own two feet, she made it back to the entrance room. She looked toward where Marcy had went, and back toward the front door. She was frightened, but she was even more scared of what may be lurking outside. She sat in a large chair and waited for Marcy to return.

She sat there shaking. This house was spooky, and so was Marcy in a way. She noticed a large painting of an old man hanging over the fire place. She looked at it intensely. She stared into his eyes, when suddenly she noticed the eyes began to move. " Oh my God! " She yelled, as she took off for the entrance.

She reached for the knob, and suddenly the door opened. She stepped back, as ayoung and very good looking guy stepped inside.

" Well! " He smiled. " Who are you? " He asked the frightened, but beautiful Sonya.

Sonya didn't answer. She couldn't. His looks took her breath away.Her heart was pounding so hard from being scared, and his amazing looks, left her speechless.

Just as she found the courage to speak. Marcy entered the room. " What are you doing here, Jesse?" She asked in a disappointed tone.

" Now, mother! Is that any way to greet your only son." He smiled, looking over at Sonya.

" Son? " Sonya asked. " I wasn't aware you had a son."

Marcy left Sonya there alone, while she spoke to Jesse in privacy.

Something strange was going on in this big old house, and it was scaring the hell out of her.


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