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Novel By: angellynn

This is a recreation of the original short story " SKIN "
Ten years had past since the fire that nearly took Madden Chambers life. Over those years he spent most of his time creating a companion. He was a lonely man. Not for sex, but someone who could be a friend to him. Someone who could stand his repulsiveness. Someone to share his pain and his wealth. He needed someone just like him. Will Madden be successful in creating such a person? Or will his creation be the death of him?
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Ten years had past since the fire that nearly took Madden Chambers life. Over those years he became more submissive to the skin of others. In the beginning, he was only able to walk the streets of New York for twenty four hours before he had to hide in the darkness of his apartment, or make a fresh kill.

But over the years his body had adjusted to someone elses skin, making him able to stay outside his apartment longer. He loved interacting with strangers on the street, something he had never done before the fire.

Before, Madden was a secretive man, a cruel man. No one could stand him. Not even his family associated with him. Madden was hideous, and he grew to accept he would always be that way. Except when it was time for a kill. A new coat would transform him into a normal man. A decent looking man.

When the pain was too much to bare, and pain killers didn't work, he knew it was time for another victim. Madden didn't like to take his victims life. The excruciating pain of tearing their skin from their bodies. Having to be alive and enduring such horror, such terror, seeing their life being ripped away, right before their eyes.

It was their screams that bothered Madden the most. It was their screams that haunted his dreams.

Madden had successfully developed a chemical that would bring dead cells back to life. It was his secret. If anyone ever found out about it, they would surely know what Madden had been up to all these years.

Though his secret could possibly make him the richest man in the world, Madden was satisfied with the hope it would work on what he had in mind.

Madden wanted a companion. Someone who wouldn't scream or run when he entered the room. He was very lonely. Not for a relationship, but merely someone just like him.

Madden chose his last victim, a prostitute he likes to call Clair. Madden reconstructed her over a year ago, and placed her body in a large tank, that he hid in his basement. The basement was Maddens lab.

Clair was about twenty years old when he skinned her alive, and for some strange reason, her face was well preserved. Though it had frozen in a terrorized expression. It was coming along pretty well. The chemical he had created was slowly but accurately bringing her cells to a normal stage.

Stacks of papers cluttered his desk, as he desperately tried to figure out what the missing link was to bring her out of the coma, that was keeping his creation from working.

Clair had a strong heart beat, and her vital signs were normal. But her brain wasn't quite working the way it should be.

Madden had tried for a year to figure out what he was missing. He became frustrated. Everything he tried, had failed. He had only one option left, and it was to give Clair a part of his brain.


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