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Novel By: angellynn

100 years after the witch trials of Salem. A merchant, Job Whithers was haunted by his beloved, The Goddess Caroline Chambers. When Job and Caroline's affair was found out. Her family, the Dianic Tradition. Forbid her to see Job. Job was of the Pictish Tradition.In 1792 Job and his followers planned to rid Salem of all Dianic witches. After finding Carolines remains in an unmarked grave, and the horror that was revealed within the coffin. Job became furious. He vowed to bring his son back from the dead, to destroy all children of Salem. Those exsisting and those yet to be born. It would be the beginning of the Pagan war. View table of contents...


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The Pictish Tradition is said to be one of the oldest practices of witchcraft.100 years after the witch trials of Salem. A merchant by the name of Job Whithers, was plagued by a curse. A curse that left him with a strong hatred for children. After the death of his beloved Caroline Chambers, a Goddess of the Dianic Tradition of witches, it left him heart broken and vengeful. When an unmarked grave revealed that it was the remains of Caroline. Job vowed to rid Salem of all Dianic witches. After the opening of Caroline's coffin, a horrible secret drove him to insanity. His magic brought his son back from the dead, to destroy all the children of the Dianic Tradition and the children of Salem. Those living and those yet to be born. Job took the remains to his home, and prepared a ritual ceremony. What his magic created became the start of a newbreed of black magic. A newgeneration of sorcery. The start of the Pagan war...



Salem thrived with oppotunity after the witch Trials of 1692. Museums and tours had brought the town millions of dollars and new jobs. But behind all the opportunity, a more censure force was building between the descendants of those killed, that carried on their families tradition.

A merchant by the name of Job Whithers, was one of the hundreds who fled Salem after the trials. Along with him, about thirty accused that escaped Gallows Hill, continued to follow Job. He taught them everything he knew about his magic. His cult grew, and with it a more powerful force of black magic.

Over the last one hundred years, Job was plagued with a curse. He believed it was placed on him before he fled Salem. He out lived ten wives in those one hundred years. None of which bare him a son. Job wanted so much to have a son to carry on his magic. To lead his cult. But it wasn't meant to be.

He was one hundred and thirty years old when he returned to Salem. The Pictish were known to live up to two hundred years old, some even older than that.

But what drove Job to return was something Job himself couldn't figure out. But the force was strong. Stronger than anything he had ever felt.

He was still a very strong man even at his age. Strong in body and mind. His carriage slowly made its way into the village of Salem. It was so much different than he remembered. Job was tired from his journey, and needed to rest for the night.

Along with him, he brought four of his cult members. They were a part of the new generation of witches. He thought it would be a good learning experience for them to see where their ancestors originated from. The newer generation of witches studied the witch trials over the years and were angered by the hostility brought upon their families. if evil exsisted in 1692, it wasn't the witches, but the township of Salem itself.

Job and his followers got a room in town, and he ordered his followers to stay put. They were ordered to not leave their room for any reason. They knew not to disobey him, or they would pay dearly. Job was no one to disobey. They agreed to to his wishes. " I'm going for a walk," he told them wearily. " I'll be back soon. Get some rest and we will tour the village tomorrow."

As tired as he was, Job felt drawn to take a walk through the village. The force drew him down Charter Street to the Charter Street Cemetery.

It was a clear night and the moon was full, making it easy for him to see clearly in the darkness. He entered the iron gates and up a trail that led to a towering headstone. The engraving revealed the plot beloned to George Burroughs. An accused witch that was hung back in 1692.

Job glanced around and found many of the people who were executed. Going back toward George's plot. Job noticed something shinning between two headstones. He walked over for a closer look. He knelt down and began to remove the grass and dirt that hid an unmarked grave.

He pried the marker up, and squinched his eyes to read the inscription that had faded over the years. It was hard to tell whom was buried here, but he managed to read the name.

Jobs heart jumped into his throat nearly causing him to lose his breath, as the marker revealed the identity of the person buried here. It was Caroline Chambers. Jobs first wife.


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