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Elisabeth McBride

Novel By: Angie Blake

Suspense and horror hides in every corner as a team of supernatural investigators explore an old mansion. While inside they learn of a young girl named Elisabeth McBride. She was born during the 1800's and kept captive inside the walls of her tiny room for almost eighteen years. Join us as the mystery of the McBride mansion unfolds and the lives of five investigators are put into the hands of one evil, wicked little girl.
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Submitted:Jun 17, 2013    Reads: 93    Comments: 10    Likes: 7   

When we pulled up next to the house I was sure everyone's mouth dropped. I sat in the van and stared at it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I couldn't decide what was creepier the peeling paint, cracked windows, or the woods that surrounded the back end of the property. There were two huge, wooden decks on either side of the house and a small falling down shack at the back of the property. I assumed it was the outhouse.

I saw a rat scurry across the front steps.

Lisa screamed, "I am sooooo NOT spending my spring break in that thing!" I sighed.

"Oh yes, you sooooo are," Jack said, "This is awesome! We need to unpack the equipment. I can hardly wait to get to explore this house. If it looks this scary on the outside I can only imagine what the inside looks like!" Jack opened up the back door of the van and started pulling out the equipment.

I was still staring at the house.

"Janie, you got any info on this place?" I asked turning to face Janie.

Janie was staring straight ahead. Her black curly hair and flawless dark skin looked almost creepy inside the moonlit settings. I shivered. She looked almost hypnotized.

"Janie? You okay, girl?" I asked waving my hand in front of her face.

"Huh? What?" Janie shook her head. "Man, I don't know about you but this place gives me the creeps!" She said wide eyed, still staring at the house. "It's like one of those houses you have bad dreams about when you're a little kid."

"Have you got any history for us, missy? After all you are the historian aren't you?" Lisa shot me an angry glance. She was never going to forgive me for picking Janie to be our historian and not her. If she'd of had a better attitude I'd of picked her. I agreed to have her on this crew was because my cousin John thought she was the hottest thing that ever lived. John wouldn't join the crew unless she was on it. He was lucky I needed him so bad.

"Actually, I could hardly find a single thing on this wondrous mansion," Janie said sarcastically, "can tell you that it belonged to one of the richest families in Missouri. During the late 1800's this used to be one of the richest family owned plantations ever built. It was owned by a gentleman named Mr. William McBride. It had been passed down from generation to generation and ended with William. No one's ever known exactly what shortened the McBride's stay but there were rumors that one of the slaves started a fire in the slave's quarters. It spread like wildfire destroying over half of the plantation's cotton and the east wing of the large mansion. The city tried to renovate this place but no one ever lasted long enough to finish the job. Each time someone comes in to stay in the mansion they leave just as quickly. No one knows why," Janie shrugged her shoulders.

"I know why," Lisa said.

"No one wants to hear from you," John said. Lisa shot John a dead stare, "You just sit there and do what you do best, look beautiful and let me and Jack sort out this equipment, ok?" John coached her and smiled.

"Okay," she said smacking her gum and batting her eyes. I wanted to throw up.

"I've always said where there is money….." I said.

"There is murder……." the group continued.

"Where there is murder…….." I said.

"There are ghosts!" The team replied.

"That's where we come in!" John said proudly.


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