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The Vacation That Went Wrong

Novel By: Apache4

A family's life changes in the year 1996, when they go to their family cabin in Massachusetts during the summer.
The Johnson's never believed in anything supernatural. . . . So what do they do when a creature from supernatural origin targets them as prey?
A family who sticks together, survives together. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 28, 2010    Reads: 94    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Legend says in the fifteenth century, France was a creature so horrible many people feared.

At first it was the farm animals who were the first to mysteriously disappear, then the creature started going after women and children- as soon as the sun was gone and the moon was up . . . they were gone.

Enough was enough. Terror ran through this small french town like wild fire, men couldn't take it any more; armed with their riffles they hid outside, somewhere they least expect to be found and waited.

Nightfall soon came, the towns men didn't have to wait long, after midnight they finally saw who was killing all the animals, women, and children.

It resembled a wolf- a really, really large wolf; the fur was as black as midnight; the eyes glowed like any other wolf but not the same color many wolves shared. It was winter blue. It's hieght was well over seven to eight feet tall- but despite all that, it looked lean; the arms and legs were longer than a wolf . . . almost human-like.The towns men watched silently as the sheep ran in the opposite direction, and the horses panick in fear, they watched as the wolf strolled out of the forest, with it's head held high, there was something almost human about it.

Then in a blink of an eye it tackles a beautiful brown stallion tearing it away from the post where it was standing at and back into the forest.

The men as horiffied as they were followed the trail of blood into the dense forest . . . but they weren't aware of the two nine-year-olds following closly behind, unaware of what the thing was but eager to find out when they arrived they watched in horror as the wolf tore the horse from limb to limb, the youngest kid Charleena out of fear screamed as the wolf's head snapped up in their direction, slowly and caustiously walked towards the kids just as the wolf was about to attack the young boy jumps out of the way grabbing his sister's hand but the creature had already jumped on her within seconds the oldest brother jumps out of the small mob with such rage he tried saving his young sister by the time he freed her it was to late.

Meanwhile during the struggle the brother had suffered some severe bite and scratch marks. Before dawn they ended up severely wounding the mutant wolf, it ran off deeper into the woods later on dying.

It wasn't no time to celebrate though a family had to bury their only daughter and worry about their eldest son who had fallen ill after the attack. People belived that he wasn't going to make it, but after several days he was better along with that his senses; vision, smell, and hearing had became stronger.

And then one day, he vanishes . . .


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