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A whole short story series of horror, some you may have read already, others new. View table of contents...


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Masters of Horror

Horror Story 3: Daddy, The Devilled God

I've always been daddy's girl and that title will remain. I would kill those other women girls who dare to think they can keep my daddy. Daddy is mine! Daddy is the devil and God. He's the devilled god.

I care not about the abuse I get whenever I get a lesson wrong. Daddy knew what was best, he tells me every day and night. Daddy knows best.

Since I was but a baby, he place pictures all over my walls some crime scenes, some from horror films, other were medival people being tortured.

These were his lessons, his lessons strike cold within my heart, builds up the blood preasure, makes me want to learn more.


Clinging onto teddy in which I sewn a pocket knife on one of it's paw, I walk down the stairs. Not even half-way, I hear noises, female noises.

How dare she enter into our domain? How dare she try and seduce my daddy!

Furious, I crept behind the woman. My daddy spotted me and knew what to do, he pretended to love the woman's seduction and raised his hand up to her breast.

I saw in his eyes, it infuriated him as much as it did me. He hated large breasts, they resembled fake and he hated the way they bounce. He would tell me a woman's breast should lay still and not bounce like balls. I agree, I agree with every word he tells me for he is my God.

My daddy gave me the signal and I wailed, the woman turned and saw me crying. Her impression softed but I knew that if she pretended to care, she'll get my daddy's full affection.

Daddy is mine bitch!


I immediately stopped crying and looked straight into her eyes. I smile a devil's smile and with my teddy, I stabbed her adomend.

She fell onto her knees and looked over at my daddy who had his knife in his hand. His cold dark eyes boring on her frightened, tearful ones.

I merrily pranced to the woman's ear and whispered, "daddy's mine". She screamed out in sheer pain as my father gave the final blow. His knife piercing the back of her neck.

Blood poured out from her as she fell instantly dead onto our tile floor. We both took a look at the bitch who was now dead.

"I am glad we killed her. Women need to learn that I am only interested in one and only one," He turned to me and picked me up, the tip of my teddy's knife pierced where his breast are. "My girl, my devilled princess".


After dinner, we exposed the long dead woman in a garbage bag and threw her into our neighbor's yard. We both hated those for they are nothing but the things we hate most about men and women.

"It is such a shame, they really should be ashamed," My daddy picked me up in his strong arms and kissed my cheeks. "They should be taught a lesson but that would be greedy. Remeber what I have told you my princess, never kill more than one".

I nodded vigrously, my daddy was right, my daddy is always right one hundred percent.

Daddy tucked me into my bed and read a few twisted fairy tales until I start to drift off to sleep. Replacing my teddy wiht my tangled haired bloody dressed dolly Samara, he kissed me good-night and parted to his bedroom.


The next morning, I woke up at the smell of chocolate and blueberry pancakes. They were both my favorites. I knew what daddy's plans were.

No no holiday, well not the kind many celebrate. No, this holiday, this day, si the day I murdered my first victim. A young woman who was married to tried to cheat on her husband by getting with my daddy!

"Morning my princess, chocolate, blueberry, or both?" He asked with a smile, knowing what I wanted. I skipped over to my seat and giggled.

"Both!" I squealed, still giggling as my daddy served me with my pancakes.

He grabbed a plate of his own and poured himself coffee and me milk. He ate a few bites and I mimicked him, he chuckled and picked up his coffee cup, I picked up my own and mimicked his way of drinking.

After their breakfast,we got dressed and he took me to a store. He allow me to get whatevery my heart desires, I grabbed a barbie and a brand new knife.

I turn to daddy, "daddy, I wanna try something".


After we paid for the things and head on home. My daddy pulled me up on his lap. He remembered very well what I wanted to ask when we were at the store.

"My princess, what is it you would like to try." He asked lightly rubbing my thigh up and down in asmooth rhythm. I snuggled closer to my daddy, ripping the head off of barbie.

"I don't wanna kill the next victim who dare try and take you away from me, I wanna torture, like those in Medival times." i took into my daddy's eyes.

They sparkled with delight and a grin formed on his lips. "What an excellent idea my princess but we must wait, it wouldn't be long, you know how women are when I'm around".

I nodded and we watched TV together, "A thousand ways to die".


The next day, we ate our breakfast then went to the park. The park was filled with little boys and girls, men and women, and of course the whores.

I skipped over towards the swings and flew high up in the air, squealing. My daddy looked over and chuckled, marveling at me as my hair flew within the wind.

"Hell there sweety." A young woman greeted my father with a seductive smile.

She leaned forward exposing her breasts in front of my daddy's eyes, her hands on both his knees, caressing up and down and around his crotch.

Daddy is mine and mine alone to touch. Not you bitch!


As soon as the swing I was in slows down, I jumpped down and ran to my daddy, hugging his side. He picks me up and the young woman scowled.

"Daddy, she's pretty, can we invite her to dinner?" I asked, with puppy eyes. She will be the victim I will torture. I have everything set in my mind, the image gave me goosebumps. i can't wait.

My daddy kissed my forehead and asked the young woman to come for dinner. She nodded and hugged both me and my daddy, purposely rubbing her breast against daddy's chest.

That infuriated me, worse my daddy blushed!


As daddy prepared dinner and I prepared the table, I kicked my daddy in the shins, he winced in pain then yelpped as I kicked his balls.

"What was that for?!" He cried out, dobbling over in pain, his hands clenching protectivly over his crotch.

I began to shed a tear and hugged my daddy. "Oh daddy, you blushed! You blushed! At a whore's touch!"

Daddy wrapped his arms around me, "only pretend princess, she had her eyes opened, I saw. I pretended to blush for if I didn't, she would know what was up".

I kissed my daddy then looked down at his crotch before going down on my knees. Daddy was mine to punish and heal. Daddy is mine and mine alone.


The young woman from the park arrived wearing a tight red dress not even covering her ass! My daddy winced at the sight, he told me that women who dress like that often work at a brothel. I bet this one does.

"So, what is for dinner, I hope is sweet and salty." She said sitting down at her seat which was my spot. I gave her a secret murderous glare as I sat on the other side.

My daddy pretended to be taken by the comment as he served the meal.

After we finished, it was time. I began to smile.


Daddy took the woman to his room and took his shirt off and ripped her dress open exposing her slutty body. I was jsut outside and hating every minute as much as daddy did.

He tied her up on the bed and told her to wait.

That wasmy cue.

I walk into the room and stood next to her, good thing she was also blindfolded.I whisper into her ear.

"Daddy is mine".


I sew her eyes shut and with my sisscor, I begin to snip off her nipples, she cries out in pain, begging my daddy to help her. But he only chuckled.

I turn to my daddy who gave me his very own knife. I took it with a smile. He knelt down and whispered into my ear.

"Now, my dear, why don't you skin her alive and I'll burn her vagina." Daddy suggested as I did just that. The woman cried out in pain as my daddy started to burn her after I peeled her skin off.

I then sew her mouth shut, her bitchy mouth was like a banshee's screech.


The torture continued on. We skinned her, we sliced her, we stabbed her, pierced her, burned her, ripped her stickes out to stab her eyes sockets, and so much more.


We burned the body with broad smiles. Daddy picks me up in hisstrong armsand kisses me.

"My princess." He tells me as he carries me back to the house.

No women will dare try and take my daddy away for I am daddy's princess, little girland he is my devil, my god, devilled god.


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