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“And they all shouted Crucify him! Crucify him! One said crucify them all.”
My name is Kendall, and the story I’m about to tell you is true,horrible, gruesome, and my first mystery. It started when we were all at school, a new student and teacher came, that’s when our world became upside down.
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"Hey did you hear we have a new Math teacher?" a girl asks. "Yeah, I saw a glance of him and he's cute! But, I'm jealous; he's got his arms around the new student! I wouldn't mind her getting expelled but getting him fired? Heck no!" the other girl said. As the principal, the new student, and new student came in everyone was already seated. "Class, this is Quinn Knight, your new teacher and that's Dakota Knight." The principal said gloomy then walks out. "Why don't you take your seat?" Quinn suggested. "Why not you?" Dakota asks. "Hey! Don't you dare use that tone with me!" Quinn said stern. "Yes, of course Mr. Quinn Knight, or is it uncle here?" She asks sarcastically. That made everyone jump. Including me! 'Uncle?! Our new teacher, Mr. Quinn Knight and our new student, Dakota Knight are uncle and niece?' I thought curiously as they took their seats. At the cafeteria, everyone was crowding around the new girl. "What are you all staring at?" She asks. "Just because your Quinn's niece it doesn't mean he'll give you special treatment." Shanna declares proudly. "You're right," Dakota said then stands up and hands her something. "Here, a gift from me." She drops a necklace on Shanna's hand then walks away. "A cross?" Valmont asks looking at it. "Stupid but pretty." Shanna says as Valmont helps her put it on. Big mistake.

After school Dakota waited for her uncle. "Who did you give the necklace to?" He asks quietly so only she could hear. "A girl named Shanna, a cheerleader apparently." Dakota explains as she gets in the car. "Kendall come on!" My sister, Riley calls out to me. I ran as fast as I could before her quick temper rises to the top. "Have a nice day?" She asks once I put on my seat belt. "Yeah, new girl and new teacher. Every boy and girl are falling for them. I don't give a crap about them." I said. It's a long drive home, it feels like three hours or so but it isn't. I open the door and turn on the TV. "And in other news there is a killer on the loose. We didn't get his face but all we know is that he is a lust murderer." The newsman explains his face worried with fear. "Sis, did you know about this killer?" I call out. "Yeah, intense huh? Lust murderer, we have serial killers, suicide murderers and lots of other killers but lust murderer? He's the first one we've ever got." Riley explains as she opens up some Bud Light.

"When shall we?" a girl asks getting excited. "Patience, we will do it." A man said in the shadows. "But when?" she asks getting a little tired. "Soon, but first we need a cross. A big one." The man said chuckling a bit. "I think I know where we can get one, I'll be back." She said running off. 'She's always full of surprises.' The man thought as he got ready. 'Man this is heavy!' she thought as she drags a giant cross back to the warehouse tired.

'It's all over the news!' I thought to myself as I read every magazine, watch every TV shows, and looked up the news online about the lust killer. Yeah I know I'm a nerd. 'Whoa someone caught a picture of him." I thought as I zoom in. All I got was a crucifix necklace nothing else. 'A crucifix? Really?' I thought turning my computer off and head off to play some video games. "Kendall! Dinner!" Mom calls as I turn off my video game and rush downstairs. "Anything new?" Father asks me. "New teacher and student." I said as we ate our dinner in silent.

"Here you go." The girl huffed as the man helps her position the cross. "Now all we need is the girl." He said admiring his torture equipment. "She'll be here tomorrow." She said. "No, no. She'll be here next week. Let's give her some time to… enjoy." He said grinning in the shadows. After taking one more look at the cross, they walk away and out of the warehouse.


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