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The Poltergeist Within

Novel By: arun

A family moves from Perth to London - finds the house haunted - suspects a few as playing pranks - were it the works of a prankster? or is it really ghost? - if pranks, what is the motive behind it?



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Submitted:Aug 15, 2011    Reads: 307    Comments: 68    Likes: 14   


There were indeed many reasons for everyone to revel. A communiqué mouthed by Mrs. Truman shortly then brought all to the open grass lawn of the sophisticated Truman's house. Accompanied by cheers, the 22-candle-and-name-laden cake was brought to the center.

Shaun lit them and blew off the candles, marking his entry into the 23rd year of his life. Later, he cut the pieces and was enjoying the party with others. The gathering was in a full swing of rebellious happiness, except one, who stood near the old leafless tree, found lost in thought.

Mr. Hunt, who looked both out-of-the-place and out-of-the-time with his formal zoot suit and a fedora, accosted the odd one out.

'Err... Mr. Pittsworth…!'

'Yeah!' a little bewildered, he turned and greeted Mr. Hunt with a feigning smile, 'Yes, Mr. Hunt!'

'Are you okay?' Mr. Hunt asked, 'You seemed pondering about something or worrying?'

'Huh, No. Nothing, I'm all right Mr. Hunt.', answered Mr. Pittsworth with a forged smile that clearly got reflected in the moon light and the lamps.

'Oh come on Mr. Pittsworth, tell me what it is. I can provide you a good shoulder!'

'The same problem Mr. Hunt.'

'It's already resolved my boy! It is you who made it. What's your problem?'

'That's not resolved.', said Mr. Pittsworth looking into Mr. Hunt's eyes.

'Oh come on, there's nothing at all you should be worrying. Don't cudgel your brains too much young man or you might become unscrewed!'

'Although it looks so, that I mean, some things have been proved or explained under the light of science, I fear, there are, indeed, a lot that remain, which still pose enigmatic, Mr. Hunt!', realizing the skeptical eyes that stared him down, he added with a very short pause, 'For instance, the death of my "Barky".'

'That's down to earth foolishness Mr. Pittsworth!', he countered and realizing the pejorative remarks that his words would have inflicted, he tried to make it up, 'I mean it, because things that man can't understand, those he can't come out with more rational a reason, he just puts it in the name of 'miracles', which is quite ridiculous about human nature! Why should he not strive in all the means possible to find the actual reason behind it? That's why we got Bermuda Triangle, Big Foot, Alien abductions, Elixir of Life, etc. There's no God at all nor are there ghosts or miracles! Sorry for my views son, hope you aren't incensed, are you?', and without even allowing him to answer his "virtual" question, he continued, 'It might be of any deadly virus, or sort of psychosomatic illness, that Science hasn't had yet hold of.'

'Huh, Mr. Hunt, I think I never had heard of dogs suffering from psychosomatic illness!' saying so, he laughed to put a break to the atheist's agitated words, 'Oh maybe, you have your tongue slipped!' he tried to make up in an irrational way.

Considering the interruption not, he rushed forward with his so called rational reasoning, 'Our Science, Mr. Pittsworth, is not, as you think, "superior". It has its' own flaws.'

'What in the world is absolute, Sir? Nothing. But Sir, you haven't had seen the X-Ray images of Barky's skull. It had a fissure that runs diagonally across his head, that had broke his skull into two pieces; the doctor said there's no technology in the entire universe, or how hard a blow can be, using whatever tool available, to produce such an internal split in his skull! Even if it be such a blow, at the least, any mark or a single drop of blood would have tripped off! But, there is nothing! No, nothing! Not even a microlitre of blood! It is something supernatural - I mean, paranormal!'

'It will be something like Lasers.'

'No sir. Lasers cause instantaneous destruction, ugh, death! But Barky had struggled barking for more than two minutes, struggling so much in his final seconds that his teeth chattered vigorously! Even two broke. You know how strong a Canine tooth is!'

'Bah! Oh, wait. He's a Great Dane, is he not? That, that would be the reason son. You know Great Danes are liable to numerous diseases and were known to have the shortest lifespan, if I'm right, I assume - 8 years, huh? Well does it somehow serve your worries?' he paused a while, giving the detective a chance to think and added, 'I again tell you mister - that, things we are unable to explain are blatantly branded as "miracles".'

'So, according to you, Mr. Hunt, there are no miracles at all?'

The conversationalists motioned from the lawn to the main hall, where wine and foodare kept; Mr. Pittsworth sensed some new kind of foul and vile smell, which, he can't say what. Initially he compressed himself thinking that it will be from wine, brandy or other similar beverages, but, was he, at the same time, a hundred percent sure, that this stench is not characteristic of anything worldly, or at the least, to the extent the knowledge of his nose allowed, doesn't belong to anything present, be it fresh or rotten.

'How am I to tell you? Son, listen to me - am I lesser in experiences than you may have? There are no ghosts or whatsoever. If there's one ghost in the whole universe, to me, it is that rascal Brown, my disloyal partner, who betrayed me, embezzled my property, and got me into being bankrupt. Oh, I can't even think of him. He's... he's such a foul-smelling skunk.'

'So the things that can't be explained were-'

'Stop that Mr. Pittsworth. Speak like an educated man, not like the Pope's assistant', he returned words with an upturned face, while Mr. Pittsworth handed over a glass of wine to Mr. Hunt wondering over his remarks and quite shrugged his shoulders that if the Pope's assistant is an illiterate, 'Yes, Mr. Pittsworth, everything, after all, to put it more understandably, is just a Scooby Doo thing.'

Mr. Pittsworth saw Gemma standing at the door staring at them. Motionless. Fixed. It didn't appear to him to be eavesdropping, as there is nothing this little girl can do receiving the words they're saying. He shifted his vision back to Mr. Hunt.

Pleased to see the other person's interest in conversation, Mr. Pittsworth tried to intervene, but Mr. Hunt continued, 'In one word, son, there are no poltergeists, no ghosts, no spirits, no, nothing! Nothhhii… aawww... aahhh…'

Dropping down the wine glass from his hands and letting it shatter to pieces, he cupped his hands at the back of his head, near the Medulla region, with his eyes transfixed on the empty air in between them. His eyeballs rolled to the upper left end of his retina, then, to the lower left extreme, which looked so awkward a shift -withhis mouth open widely as if drawing oxygen and he growled like a brute. Then, he knelt down, with a vigorous chatter of the teeth, which had such a tremendous reciprocating pace like the piston of an engine, and now pressing his breast harder, fell down prostrate, and his features turned pale immediately. All this sequence occurred within a very few seconds, that Mr. Pittsworth stood there shocked and even before could he comprehend the danger, and should he come to the rescue, all is over!

'Mi… Meesta Hunt!' cried Mr. Pittsworth at the top of his lungs, which was composed of enough decibels to attract the whole jollying party inwards. In an unabated fear flashing in his eyes, he scanned the back of Mr. Hunt's prostrate body, where had he cupped his hands previously, and found that a very tiny cloud of dust, of black and mysteriously clustered, slowly get away towards the fireplace, but still composed altogether, which, for certain is not the characteristic of any dust; he could not help but kneel down near the corpse and yell in panic, 'He… Heee's DEAD!'

A/N: 1. I would like to pay my sincere thanks to Sarah (iloveyou97), but sadly she's not on booksie for more than a month.. Love you Sarah.
2. I started this on October 2010... Yet unfinished. This shows how inconsistent I am. So, updates may not be proper after 11 chapters, because I've written 11.

3. All chapters are on an avg 3000 words long. how should I post them? break them into two, or just post the3000 at once?


5. I'll update this once I get 50 comments... I never had got 50 until now!!! :(


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