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The Mad Man's Woods

Novel By: Ashley I Read

The first chapter going up is setting a story frame. The frame is a Man who was outcast as a youth for being overly violent and dangerous. Now he lives in the woods, like an animal, and no one knows anything about him. He stalks and prays those who do him wrong, and adds each one of them to his portfolio...of death. View table of contents...


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Mike was struggling to keep up with Jack, which he found unbelievable since he was the one who was always in the gym keeping fit. Jack was running off a mixture of adrenaline and love. There was nothing more he wanted than to have his daughter back. Every man they passed was given the once over for the signs of the man they'd just spotted at the coffee shop. Mike stopped suddenly. He saw something move in the trees along the road they were searching. "Jack!" he shouted after his brother, but his brother was too affixed on the task in his mind. "Jack, I think he's this way." Just as this was said, the movement from the trees was much larger and a lot more notable.

It was definitely a man, a man who was clearly hiding from them. "JACK! THIS WAY, IT'S THIS WAY" The deafening screaming was enough to grab his brother's attention, and Jack quickly bolted toward Mike. There was a pause while both men caught their breath. "Where, I don't see him?" "Right there Jack, he was right there and then he ran further in. I know I saw him" Jack looked perplexed, and started to question his brother's judgement in his mind; however, didn't question him out loud. "Okay, then I guess we go into the woods after the bastard!" There was conviction in his voice, and Mike could tell Jack meant business here.

After the two men entered the woods, Jack got his phone out using it as their only source of light. "This is the way I came!" Mike sounded horrified. "What are you talking about?" Jack seemed slightly worried for his brother. "When I was looking for Hayley, I came this way." Mike seemed to drop to a lower level of sadness before carrying on. "I gave up when I couldn't find a clue. If only I…" he was interrupted by Jack, "Don't do this to yourself Mike. I know I blamed you, but I was wrong". For the first time in two years, there was a connection between two brothers who were once so close. There was a resolution to the problem, and it was forgiven. Mike looked at his brother with respect, and then carried on with his search.

"Do you ever think God does certain things just to get his own way?" Mike looked at Jack and responded "Yeah, and I reckon he tries to piss me off too but, we've just got to ignore it." Just as this sentence finished there was a gun shot in close proximity. "Get down!" Mike grunted this to Jack before withdrawing his gun from the holster. He started to creep toward a tree and hid behind it. Peeking round to see if anyone was there, he noticed something. Something he had hoped would go away if he rubbed his eyes. It didn't, and just a few more meters in front of where he was standing was a cabin. This cabin was bigger than the last one he had found, and also seemed to have different rooms. This one of like the house and the other seemed as though it was a work office. Muttering under his breath he said, "Surely not, this cannot be another one," he was unsure of how to tackle this cabin. The last time he found a strange out of place cabin in the woods, he found a lot more than he bargained for.

Jack came running over, wondering what mike was doing. He could see the look on his face, and it was as though he had seen a ghost. Jack turned toward where Mike was staring and that look smacked him in the face too. "This is the cabin where you found the pictures?" he questioned his brother. Mike could barely speak but managed to mutter out, "no, this one's bigger." Jack looked slightly shocked for a few seconds then exclaimed, "THIS is where all the girls are being kept." Mike turned toward Jack and looked at his hopeful expression, knowing that it was unlikely that any one of those girls was still alive in there. Mike couldn't bring himself to say anything.

Mike started to creep toward the cabin wall. From what he could tell he was at the left hand side of the cabin, and it was just one corner away from the dreaded door. He walked slowly toward that corner, making sure he wasn't making too much noise as he went. Jack started to do the same trying to keep as close as possible to Mike. Mike kept thinking he might as well be giving Jack a piggy back. Mike peaked around the corner hoping to not see anything untoward, he didn't get his wish.

There was a car, well a van. It was covered in what looked like a batter consisting of mud, rain and blood. Mike plucked up the courage to pace round the corner, but just as he did this, the van's engine switched on, and the headlights blinded him. He tried to look past them at the person controlling the van, but couldn't see anything past the headlights. The van's wheels screeched away from the cabin and disappeared into the night. Jack and Mike assumed that this was the coast cleared, so presumed with their task of going inside.

Cautiously, Mike pushed open the door. Jack was surprised that it wasn't locked. It was dark inside the cabin, and they couldn't really see anything. Mike kept tripping over things and Jack was struggling to walk in a straight line. There was one door that under the crack at the bottom, a little bit of light was escaping. This drew Mike's attention straight away. He went toward the door, with Jack still right behind him, and placed his trembling hand on the handle. Slowly pulling the handle down, he hoped that there was no nasty surprises for him.

The door was opening further and further, and the light was exposing the state of the rest of the cabin. It looked just as disgusting as it smelt, and matched up with the van nicely. By the time this observation was taken the door was fully open, and all that could be seen was space, a big empty room that lead to another room. Mike looked into the room and proceeded. He paused and made Jack pause to listen to a noise, "what was that? I heard something." Jack looked a bit confused. Mike could hear what sounded like someone trying to shout, but someone who was gagged. His eyes widened in horror as he looked toward the next door. His heart raced as though it was going to pop right then. He strutted toward the door and opened it, it was at this point that an axe swung from inside the room and straight into Mike's chest. Jack watched in horror as he saw this happen. The axe was then moving out of the doorway, as was the man wielding it. Jack ran out of the cabin and through the woods, with tears streaming down his face. He just watched his brother die, and was now sure that the killer wasn't alone as someone drove that van away.


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