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The Mad Man's Woods

Novel By: Ashley I Read

The first chapter going up is setting a story frame. The frame is a Man who was outcast as a youth for being overly violent and dangerous. Now he lives in the woods, like an animal, and no one knows anything about him. He stalks and prays those who do him wrong, and adds each one of them to his portfolio...of death. View table of contents...


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Jack was extremely unsettled by what he had seen. He had witnessed his own brother have an axe thrust into his chest, and then drop to the floor. He had always been best friends with his brother since they were kids. This made him regret blaming Mike for Hayley's disappearance even more than he already did. Mike had gone looking for Hayley, but couldn't find her, despite looking for weeks. He went days without sleep whilst searching for his niece, and when the commissioner told him to stop looking, and his job was threatened, he had to do it. Jack didn't forgive Mike for this and said that Hayley was more important than his job. This is why Jack lost his job and his obsession with it eventually lost him his wife too. For two years Jack was all alone without anything or anyone, until he got that call from Mike earlier on in the night. That call lead to him losing his brother for good.

Despite all of this, Jack still wanted to crack this case, not to help Mike anymore, but in Mike's memory… and for Hayley. He was sat in a cold excluded area of the woods still wondering what his next move should be. Should he go back? Should he go get help? Maybe he should ring dad and let him know what's happened also. He searched for his phone in his pocket, but couldn't find it. He started frantically tapping his pockets, but still couldn't find it. It was then that he realised that he dropped it in that cabin, and that the killer would find it, and know exactly who he was. The killer would be able to find out anything he wanted about him, because all of Jack's details were on the phone. He was filling out a job application on his phone just before Mike had rang him. "Shit, what am I going to do?" He turned as though Mike would answer, and then turned back with a sad realisation. He decided there was nothing else to do, he needed to go back.

Pacing through the woods, tripping, falling and unable to run in a straight line, Jack was hoping he would just stumble upon that cabin once more. It started to run through his mind that he was just running relentlessly to his own death, thoughts he couldn't afford to have, so instead focused on questioning how his lungs were still allowing him to run. Adrenaline was completely taking over his body and he felt as though he could run forever, it was during this thought that he started to feel anger, pure anger; for the first time in two years, it wasn't about Hayley, but about Mike instead.

He finally reached an area that he recognised, and knew straight away that he wasn't far away from the cabin. He took a few moments to rediscover his energy and most importantly after all that running, his breath. It was then he started to walk slowly, trying to be as silent as possible. "What am I even going to do when I get there?" Jack began to question his own abilities and motives. He found the tree that he and his brother had hidden behind before.

Slipping his head around the tree, he checked for any signs of danger. When he saw nothing, he paced toward the cabin wall. It had been a while since he did this sort of thing; two years had passed since he was dismissed from the force, but he was a natural, just like his brother. He took a moment to remember his brother's bravery, gulped, and then rounded the corner of the cabin. He quickly retraced his steps back round to safety when he saw the van. "Shit, what do I do?" He was panicked enough about facing one killer, but a team of them was out of the question.

Jack took a deep breath and thought of his brother, thought of the bravery he had always displayed. For one moment a memory of them as children flashed through his mind. It was a memory of Jack falling down a small well, and Mike climbing down and pushing Jack out because he was crying. Jack had a tear of admiration crawl down his face; the bravery Mike had shown even when they were kids, just for Jack. Jack shook himself off, and his faced changed immediately. The look of determination crippled his sadness, took over his face and soul, and gave him the bravery that he needed to continue with this mission of his. He wanted to at least get Mike's body back from this cabin, and he wanted to find Hayley.

So once more he made a move to the corner of the cabin, keeping so close to the wall that he was scraping off the moss with his coat. Jack peeked round the corner again, with a shred of hope that the van was pulling away… his hope was misplaced. He cast his eyes upon the van and fixated on it, looking toward the passenger side window, hoping that he would see someone in there. He ran to the van and crouched down, his breath was deep and hard, his lungs flooding with iron… or so it seemed.

He thought his body was giving up on him, telling him that he shouldn't be doing this. Jack began to believe this and started to look back toward the wooded area behind him in thought that he needed to escape from this hell. He felt his head twinge and shake, as though his mind was trying to better his body. It wasn't enough that he had to fight a killer, but he had to fight an internal war too! It was at this point, an interval perhaps, that he heard a gun-shot. He turned toward the cabin wide eyed, to see the door swing open and fall off its hinges. No man stood there, but there was a man sitting down, to Jack's surprise. He couldn't make out who it was, but knew it wasn't the man he had seen at the coffee shop. This man was much smaller, and didn't seem as hostile. It was exactly this thought that was followed by the man suddenly standing and running toward jack. He was uncontrollable and was screaming out "YOU BASTARDS". The last thing Jack saw was a blunt object flying toward his face and then his face was level with the bottom of the tires on the van… then darkness.


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