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The Mad Man's Woods

Novel By: Ashley I Read

The first chapter going up is setting a story frame. The frame is a Man who was outcast as a youth for being overly violent and dangerous. Now he lives in the woods, like an animal, and no one knows anything about him. He stalks and prays those who do him wrong, and adds each one of them to his portfolio...of death. View table of contents...


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They were swiftly running out of time. The noise was getting louder and louder. The dragging was shifting toward them and they had nowhere to hide. Jack began to run toward the first noise in hope that he would find some crack or crevice to hide in. Mike was standing, waiting. Mike seemed to be waiting for his prey, stalking almost. In the darkness he had no sight, and he looked to be trying to maximise his hearing.

The dragging was getting closer and closer. Mike's heart was racing and his mind was boggling itself at a very quick rate. He didn't even know what he was going to do when the perpetrator reached his position; he just knew it wasn't far from happening. The man came into a few metres distance and Mike could hear his deep breathing. His gruff voice panting as he dragged whoever this person was.

Mike felt sorry for this poor guy or girl who was being dragged, but at the same time relieved that he was probably going to save their life right now. The moment was approaching; Mike and his adversary were just a few milliseconds from clashing. Although it was so prominent, it felt like an eternity in Mike's head. It was as though God was trying to give Mike some extra preparation time, and he still didn't know what to do.

Mike crouched down low, to try and gain the extra element of surprise on his opponent. The moment came and Jack could see it from where he was stood. He looked away in an attempt to avoid seeing his brother lose. Mike jumped up and swung his torch into this man's face. The man falls to the floor on top of the body he was dragging so ruthless into the tunnels. Mike checked the person's pulse to feel they were alive. It was too dark to make anything out about them, but that wasn't important at this time. He'd spent too much time checking the body and not enough thinking about his next move. He was tripped to the blood stained floor and felt his face pummel a rock on the floor.

Jack, who had found that crevice he so desperately searched for, watched as his brother was knocked unconscious by that fall, and then watched as this man grabbed one foot of each body that lay before him. He struggled, but he was managing to drag both toward his destination. Jack was aware that he had to save his brother, and that this was going to risk his own life. He readied himself to jump out and launch a defensive manoeuvre, before realising that he needed to be on the attack. He lunged from his space reaching his hand out to cause some damage and he did just that. His hand seemed to match up with the man's head perfectly as he shoved it into the wall. It hit the wall so hard that Jack heard his skull crack against it. He fell to the floor, and this time, he wasn't getting up.

Jack's main focus was checking if Mike was aliveā€¦ he was. He tried to arouse Mike's senses hoping he would wake up and be okay. At first, it wasn't working but then Mike's eyes shot open and he pulled himself back to his feet seeming quite weary of his surroundings. He then looked down and saw the man laying still. He looked toward Jack with his lips quivering, "You didn't kill him did you?" Jack looked back and gulped; he could only bring himself to shrug.

Mike's attention then turned to the other hostage. He pulled the person onto their back to shine a light in their face. It was a heavy body, so wasn't a young boy and the tone seemed as though it wouldn't be a woman. He grabbed out for a torch, snatching one from Jack's hand. He shone it in the person's face and dropped the torch in shock. Jack didn't see and was asking, "What's up?" Mike took the torch once more and shone it in the face again. This time he looked away, allowing Jack to take the image in. It was something neither man expected. Jack dropped to his knees crying, whispering "Dad! Wake up. Please." There was a moment of silence as Mike checked for a pulse once more. There wasn't one. Steve was dead, and there was no mistaking it. Mike checked again and again for a sign that he was still able to save him. It was too late.

It was a brief but silent trip back to the start of the tunnel, but Mike was determined to get his dad out of that tunnel. He reached the hatch and climbed up pulling his dad up after him. His face was now covered with light and Mike could see the damage done to him. His face had a blanket of cuts and he was black and blue. He had been beaten seriously and was a fragment of the man Mike recognised. He wept onto his father's chest while Jack couldn't bring himself to talk. He punched out at the wall putting his fist right through the wooden panel. He now had matching wounds on his knuckles to his ribs.

With hands and ribs excreting blood, Jack jumped back into the tunnel to start his journey for vengeance. Mike stared one more time at his father's face then leapt into the tunnel after his brother.

"It's just me and you now" Mike said with a tone of depression. Jack said nothing while making a bee-line for the man he had already taken out. He kicked out at the corpse as he stepped over it while Mike was watching his brother change by the second. Jack had gone from a man who was scared and worried to a man on a mission. He seemed as though he couldn't be stopped, and Mike couldn't help but let him do what he wanted at this point.

Jack looked to be unstoppable, as though something was possessing him, making him into a braver man. Mike was struggling to keep up even though Jack was only walking. They both knew what they had to do, but Mike was reluctant to do this. He had never killed a man, or even come close. This was the worst case he'd ever worked. He had done small robbery cases, a couple of accidental murders, but never anything like this. This was surreal to him; he wished he was dreaming.

They'd been walking for about ten minutes, and they hadn't seen a sign of any exit yet. Jack seemed to angrier as he became more concerned about the lack of air. Mike tried to talk,

"We need to get over Dad momentarily and do the job we came to do." He spoke hesitantly, and the reason why became clear when Jack responded, "Fuck you Mike; Fuck you!" He wasn't in any kind of mood for any good will gesture right now. He was angry, and was on a path to kill. Mike didn't like what he was seeing and he certainly wasn't sure he could just stand there and watch his brother turn into the very thing they despised; a murderer.

Mike had only just thought of it, the original screaming had stopped. It hadn't embarked on his mind after everything else that had happened since they had first heard the boy's screams. It hit him that they were probably going to find their destination and see many dead bodies. This wasn't the case that Mike had taken up. He was looking for one missing girl; Liza.

Jack looked ahead of him and could see a fragment of light bearing down on the ground; he had found another trap door. The only problem being, how do you go through a trap door without being seen by any in there? Mike could feel his heart racing, and was wondering how he had managed to escape a heart attack during this case. Mike removed his gun from the holder, wondering why he didn't just use it earlier on the man walking toward him. He aimed it toward the hatch and motioned for Jack to open it. Jack placed his hand on the hatch, seemingly losing all of the confidence he had gained. His hand went back to shaking instead of a firm hold. He pushed the hatch open and both men awaited what they will see.


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