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Just Two Steps from Hell

Novel By: BabyAmy

When a highly mutative Zombie outbreak occurs at Elmwood High, Mari, a young freshman girl, is saved by Lucas, a boy whom she has liked since the beginning of the year. After barley escaping the swarm of Zombies at the school Mari, Lucas and some friends that also made it out alive, all attempt to continue their existence, and also try to find the cause of the attack and a way to stop it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 19, 2010    Reads: 121    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Chapter Twelve

a few weeks before the attack, the teachers at Elmwood had made the entire freshman class take a Career test. It was called Identifying strengths and compatibilities : determining Career opportunities. It was fifty questions long and I remember being dreadfully bored while taking this assessment, and checking random answers throughout the majority of the test.

But as I sat with little Danny asleep in my arms, and allowed my mind to wander, I remembered a particular question on this test:

Question 13: Is your interpretation of life:

a. Simple

b. Complex

I had circled "a." thinking how simplistic life was, with out acknowledging hardships in my own life ad other's. and certainly not thinking any would come. But sitting in the quiet of the rumbling van, I remembered that question. and I knew-even though they said there were no right or wrong answers, that the only right answer to that question was B. because it is impossible to have an easy life. simplicity is an empty promise and is more so-a lie. Because life is unpredictable.

I thought of this simplicity I so dearly wanted, as I drifted off into yet another uneasy sleep.

When I awoke, I felt a strange sense of safety and security that would inevitably leave me soon. The breathing of this child on my shoulder was calming, and despite an uneasy sleep I felt more awake and alert.

Mr. Parrish was still driving, despite the bags under his eyes. Lucas, Mark and Ryan were all awake, and I saw Mark and Lucas talking about something.

"Do you know how to shoot an AK?" I heard Mark ask.

"I've shot a 22 but nothing this big." He answered.

I was very smart weapon wise-but I was sure that these were guns they were talking about. and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the glint of the barrel when Mark messed with the weapon in Lucas' bag.

"What the hell is that?" I asked in a whisper-I didn't want to wake up sweet little Danny.

Mark just looked at me. Lucas looked down.

I covered little Danny's ears in case he woke up, "is that a gun?" I whispered a little louder.

"Two actually." Mark said.

"Three." Ryan said holding up another in the front.

"Where did you get those guns?" I asked.

"It was a hick gas station," Ryan said, "Red necks always have guns on hand."

"We'll need them," Lucas said looking at me, "If we are going to have a chance of survival." He sensed the uneasiness in my voice.

"and we will need a good stock of food," Ryan said, showing us his empty pack. and I realized my food would only last me until breakfast the next morning.

"We can stop at the nearest Walmart tomorrow afternoon." Mr. Parrish suggested.

"We can keep a stock pile in the truck and some in the van." Ryan said.

"Now get some sleep." Mr. Parrish told us, "While you still can."



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