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World of the living...or of the Living dead?

Novel By: blackheartroza

The government hiding stuff like always? Ya that sounds about right, till you look deeper into the matter and do some research. When the people who have the power to protect you hid what you should know becomes an understate meant. When attacks and homicides are sky rocketing a unknown virus is spreading slowly as a "unknown illness" takes over the towns of three teenagers...only a few realize whats happening before the illness takes over...will they survive? View table of contents...


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this story was inspired by well a movie, of course a zombie movie and well so i wanted to write one of my own i've written one before but i never got to far because i didnt like how it turned out so this is a combinded three storys i wrote in the past blended into one :) i hope you like it because i put some hard work into it. as for the details about things needed in here and what to do well i took that from the book: The zombie survival guide... yes i have that book because i'm a nerd but its all cool cuz it helped me write this hope you like this!! please comment ......... yes i know its wrong for me to brib you to get some comments but what can i say ? i have a mean streak today!! bwahaha (coughs) well up any ways so on and so forth with out further adooo my story about people. ( there is different peoples P.O.V's in here which i made known from the begining from different schools to give this story some depth and what not...

Chapter 1


It was an ordinary morning…well not really I was dealing with prescription grade depression. My heart bruised and hurt from the fact my boyfriend of six months broke up with me a three weeks ago. Pathetic right? Still mopping over someone who broke up with me like almost a month ago… I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. Apart of me wanted to die another wanted to beg him back. Being to proud full at nature I pushed that thought back as I forced myself out of bed my body protesting as it begged me to go back to bed. My toes touched the cold linoleum floor I flinched and jerked back as I pulled the covers back over me. Paula left the AC on again! Whimpering I put my toe back down testing the cold floor flinching when I jerked back.

Come on Autumn really? Get your ass up! I thought to myself as I finally slid out groaning in protest as I walked to my dresser. Sliding out of my pajamas Goosebumps rising over my skin as I grabbed a brush and ran it through my brown hair falling around my bare shoulders as I grabbed my clothes and slid into them. Walking to the bathroom the sound of my new born brothers shrieks sent me skipping to his room as I walked in my mom walking around holding him yet he hadn't stopped. 'let me see him' I whispered as she looked at me with a weary look. Having four kids would do that to any mom. Two adults and well me and Tim my little brother. Handing him to him I cooed softly as he looked up at me and whaled. 'shh little man stop your crying' I whispered sternly as he automatically stopped his eyes red and puffed his little fists rubbing the tears away. Kissing his forehead I smiled. 'there now be good for mom'

'its as if he knows-' my mom whispered.

Flinching as I handed her back my brother I nodded. 'go figure he's gonna be a smart baby. Lucas Anthony Sanderlen.' I whispered. He got the nick name Tim from well Pete my older brother when he visited in the hospital saying something about how he looked more like a Tim then a Lucas.

Walking out of the baby room I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Trailing back to my room I found my shoes and socks I slid into them and found my coat.

'well mom I'm off!' I yelled as I walked out of the house welcomed by the slight heat.

Our city was rather busy nothing to hustled and bustle but close to it. The walk to school was like usual only the fact that half the group of kids that usually walk with me weren't there I wondered what was wrong as I glanced around noticing the birds weren't singing or chattering. Sighing I chewed on my lip as I walking into school the halls empty it was 7:45 in the morning…which meant the halls would be brimming with many teenagers. Walking to my locker I opened it and grabbed my small back pack and shifted through it. Cursing when I realized I still had my knife and pack of smokes in it. Shoving the knife into my pocket hoping to god they wouldn't have a random check today as I walked to my class not bothering with breakfast.

Passing by my ex I kept my eyes on the ground as he attempted to catch my attention. Walking into class I sat down and slumped in my chair as I groaned. Seeing someone walk in he sat in front of me giving me a smile. My heart dropped a swirl of mixed emotions ran through me as I fought back the tears.

'Hey Autumn- I uh wanted to talk to you about something important' he began his voice tugging at my heart as I nodded slowly my voice hiding. 'I know its gonna sound crazy but you have to believe me' he continued as he pulled out a rolled up note book as he turned to a page. Sliding it to me he nodded to it. 'read it'

June 13: the attack in Texas. 55 ill with a unknown disease have been put under lock down to keep it contained , homicides and accident count going up by 30%

July 1: attack in Orlando Florida, 150 ill with unknown disease cases similar to those in Texas same precautions taken, homicides and accidents up by 50 %

Looking up at him I put the note book down. 'Dan-your not making any sense.' Flinching as I used his old nickname I cleared my throat.

Taking a deep breath he leaned towards me intently looking me into the eyes with a serious look. 'Zombies Autumn can you believe it? Fucking the end of the world is coming…low level military are in the areas were the disease is at. The press call it the bath salt attacks- cocaine druggies who's brains have fried so bad they are eating people. Come on haven't you noticed? Even here theres been the illness coming. The people in school who were killed shot in the head, doesn't that sound weird? Or how search teams have one or two who end up missing to.' He ranted his voice wavering when he reached into his coat and pulled it back flashing a .45 caliber pistol at me. 'its coming' he whispered as he zipped his coat up pulling something from his pocket he slid something towards me. Glancing down I gulped as I looked down at the small pistol. My hands trembled as he encouraged me. 'take it-its not to powerful has six rounds aim for the head. Doesn't have any kick to it. I know how you are with stuff' he smiled.

'Derek I don't understand' I stammered as I took it sliding it in between my pant belt and pants I pulled my shirt over it praying no one could tell. 'why are you telling me this? Are you crazy?!'

Sighing he ran a hand through his thick brown hair. 'I don't want to see you get hurt Autumn'

Flinching I bit my lip as I looked around the class was still empty…

'I know its hard for you to accept it, I haven't been the nicest person to you. But I know not a lot of people believe me. Trenton and Trevor are packing. If something happens and those things come here I want you to be prepared. Find us. Right away we'll wait at the principals room for you for 20 minutes during the attack for you if you don't show-well we'll leave' he answered softly. 'it doesn't matter who they are those things aren't humans remember that please' he begged as he leaned over the table and pressed a kiss on my forehead.

'thanks I guess' I whispered as I handed him back his note book.

Waving it off as he stood up he smiled. 'keep it with you ok? Read it the guys have want you to know what we know. I hope to God I'm wrong about this but if not I hope you can survive with me' he answered softly as he walked out of the room.

Glancing down at the note book I gulped.

Basics to know about the infected…their sight is the same as ours as well as smell, hearing though is tricky they can direct were the sound is coming. Meaning we have to be quiet and stealthy…not to mention supply will be needed taking into consideration the amount of people with us. (Trevor. Trenton, and Autumn…hopefully) so times everything by four take that as a mental note.

The way he wrote it startled me making me wonder if he always intended me to know about this. But why me the ex girlfriend who's heart he stomped out?

Gulping as some kids walked in a slouched and continued reading finding it a good pass time no matter how weird it was.

· Short hair works best…so that they cant grab it or something thrown up into a bun if needed…

· Rifle 500 rounds (times 4)

· Pistol. 5 caliber, 25o rounds (times 4)

· Silencer(rifle) [times 4]

· Silencer(pistol) [times 4]

· Heavy cross bow 150 bolts (times 4)

· Telescopic sigh and night vision scope (rifle) [times 4]

· Laser sight (rifle) [times 4]

· Laser sight (pistol) [times 4]

· Katana sword [times 4]

· Wakizashi or other short bladed sword[times 4]

· Two knives smooth six-eight inch blades [times 4]

· Hand hatchet[times for]

I wanted to know two things. One why did we need all that? And two how the hell was we gonna get all of it?! I mean not every day someone comes by all these. He had to be crazy.

And thanks to Trevors cousin we have all of which already packed up and ready to go though f Autumn will be with us as expected we arranged everyone to share part of her weight for her.

Continuing on the matter food is the mind on mater. Filling stuff would be best, rationing it to the full extent you can without stretching to far. Canned food will last five years which is to our favor. Hand pump water filter, four replacement filters needed. Hand cranked radio, ad lights needed with four battery powered flashlights. Ear plugs!! ( would sort of get obnoxious if all you heard was moaning sort of like living in a scary as porno where everyone wanted to eat you out in the wrong way!)

I chuckled softly as the bell rang I slipped the note book under my folder and sighed as I glanced around. In a class of 35 only 16 were here. The teacher walled in slowly looking pale as he sat in his chair.

'well class I just want you to read chapters 45-50 in your books' he said lamely as he rubbed his head his eyes watery and blood shot his skin turning a pale green.

Groaning I nodded slowly as I pulled the note book back out. Flipping through it I sighed. I wasn't interested in work today. For some reason this notes he scribbled down caught my attention.

On the run

One goal! Too often people are holed up in a fortified dwellings are seduced by the distractions of their initial freedom. Most of these people never make it to safety… do NOT become one of these unnecessary statistics. Your mission s to escape nothing more nothing less. Do NOT look for abandoned valuables as tempting as it sounds. Do NOT hunt the occasional zombie. Do NOT I repeat do NOT investigate any strange noises or lights in the distance. Just get out. Every side trip every pause in a journey the odds are being found and devoured. If some chance you come across humans that ARE alive that need assistance by all means stop to help. BUT KEEP GOING AFTERWARDS!!.

Establish a destination!!

Many people get out of their fort and wander around aimlessly with out any idea to were they are heading.


Avoid large groups easy to catch a infected attention but also has a disadvantage…hard to come up with enough supplies


Take stock of your teams individual skills and use them accordingly. Who can carry the most weight? Who's the fastest runner? Who's the quietest in hand to hand combat? Designate individual jobs in both combat and everyday survival. When your team hits the road every one should know what's expected of them. WORKING TOGETHER IS A MUST!!! Have drills time how long it takes to pack up in case of a sudden attack. Move as one. Should be able to move as one act as one kill as one.


Three asleep-one awake keep one. Sleep is a must have in order to be able to track over long distances moving quickly when needed so you can be able to sprint along.


Refrain from signaling anything. Never make to much noise sense of course the infected have sensitive hearing.

Looking up I bit my lip as I whimpered when I glanced around. Noticing the teacher was slumped against the desk moaning. Jerking up in a jerky movement his clear blue eyes slowly turning pitch black, his face sunken in turning grey as he stood up.

Everyone in the class laughed as he walked forward a slight limp to him his shoulders slouching.

Flinching my hand went to the gun my palm touching the cold metal. Giving a low moan as he sucked in a deep shallow breath Sandy looked up at him with wide scared eyes as she whimpered. Like something out of the movies when you feel like screaming at the stupid broad for just sitting there limp…but then again I never knew the horror of it. And hopefully would. Holding my breath I begged to him silently hoping this was all a fake play or something and he'd pull back laughing.

'Mr. Kenderal?' she stammered as he hunched over her his lips pulling back saliva running down his chin as he moaned again the sound sickening as he lashed out his teeth tearing through her neck as she gave a gurgled shriek blood running freely as he chewed. Without thinking my hand lashed out holding the gun point blank as Guss rushed towards them yelling for the teacher to get off his girlfriend as she stopped screaming as he chewed on her body twitched as blood ran down her lips. Fear running though me as I whimpered. Firing I closed my eyes as I pulled the trigger to afraid to look at what I had just did… the loud BANG rang through the air. Everything went silent.

Had I just done that? Had I just really shot a teacher? I thought suddenly becoming sick to my stomach. Guilt clenching me as I opened my eyes as anther scream filled the air I grabbed the note book and ran up to them and pushed the lifeless body of Mr. Kenderal aside. Guss pulled his lifeless girlfriend into his arms as he cried softly into her once soft blonde hair stained with her lifes blood her body stiff eyes wide face frozen in one of terror.

Gulping I could hear people in the class still screaming as the door slammed shut. Something was wrong my skin crawled. Shaking like a leaf I walked to Derek's class and knocked the teacher wasn't in there as I peeked in. Glancing up at me his face creased with worry as he got up and walked towards me.

'did you hear that bang?' he asked as he propped himself against the door. The sound of muffled screams made me go tense. What had I gotten myself into?!

Nodding slowly I gulped we didn't have much time till they got out. 'Ya uh-that was me' I stammered as his face went pale.

'what do you mean?!'

'apparently your right!" my voice hitched as he closed the door and pulled me away from it every one in his class watching as I cornered myself between the locker and a wall.

Gulping he cursed as he ran a hand through his hair. 'this is ok-ya ok' he stammered clearly not prepared just yet like he had insinuated moments ago. 'we have to get the others.'

First thought. Fuck the others. Lets get out. But they had the supplies…didn't they?

Suddenly I whimpered as tears ran down my face my hands shaking. 'O god I killed someone! I killed someone! I'M A MURDER!' I shrieked as he covered my mouth with his hand giving me a hard glare he growled.

'don't say that- you cant kill whats already dead you hear me damn it!?'


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