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*Based on true events.

It felt like they were in hell rather than Massachusetts. Erin and her friends stay at a haunted hotel for their school field trip. They heard rumors about the hotel being haunted, but being 8th graders they never expected the rumors to be true. Soon after they check in - drama, romance, hauntings, and death ensue. View table of contents...


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They shot him - not even giving a chance to run.
I had no idea I was going to get stuck in this situation. It was difficult for me to understand why he, whoever he was, couldn't just take me - rather than my best friend. He disappeared before I could save him, and for some reason I wished I never came here. I had no clue the trip I had been looking forward to would be the worst experience of my life. I was in hell.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was Alex snapping her fingers in my face. I blinked a few times, not exactly sure what had just occurred. It seemed that I had a nightmare of some sort, but strangely I didn't remember falling asleep. Even though I was exhausted, there was no way I could sleep. Sure the seats on the bus were comfortable enough, but this was my first trip away from home and I didn't want to miss one second of it.

The screaming and swearing from the back of the bus was ringing in my ears. Looking back I could see it was mostly Chelsea Corona who was being loudly obnoxious as usual.

"Erin, you okay?" Alex asked, raising her eyebrows as she seemed slightly concerned. I nodded, letting out a yawn. I assumed I had just fallen asleep for a minute, being it was hard for me to fall asleep in moving vehicles. If I was in the car and extremely tired, I may doze off for a moment but wake up a few seconds later with a racing heart. I feared if I fell asleep in the car we would get into an accident and I wouldn't be able to get my family and myself out because I was having a dream about Johnny Depp or something.

Pulling my frizzy blonde hair into a ponytail I looked to Damien, who was almost breaking the seats as he leaned towards us. He was sitting with Steve, who contrasted with Damien was much shorter. Steve was one of my backup friends. I didn't hang out with him much because of how annoying and two-faced he was. In my opinion, I think he looks somewhat like a leprechaun.

"You guys excited?" Ms. Tadeo smiled, trying to strike a conversation from the seat across. She was a close friend to my family, and Damien's too. She was one of the only teachers on this trip that I actually liked. She was our group's chaperone, and I could tell she was rather nervous due to the fact that almost everyone in our group hated each other for various reasons.

Damien wore a devilish smile as he sipped on his Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. I suppose he obtained it before we arrived at school this morning, but who knows. Damien will always find a way to get his Starbucks.

"I can't wait to see the hotel room, I hear it's really nice. I wish we could go in the pool though. Oh, and the ice cream social should be fun later tonight after the ghost tour or whatever the hell it's called. I absolutely can't wait for the shopping though! I need a new pair of sunglasses and-" Damien went on to Ms. Tadeo who pretended to be interested, while Steve stuck his tongue out at me suggestively as I stared at him. I was simply trying to count how many freckles he had on his face.

Lowering back into the seat, I allowed myself to recline as much as possible, looking at the scenery to my right. Whenever Alex and I passed a lake, we would yell "Alligator" spontaneously. I guess it's because the both of us were afraid to go in lakes because of alligators, even though their weren't any in the New York area where we lived, especially in insignificant the town of Thornton.
I must have looked like crap, considering I could barely open my eyes this morning. Speaking of eyes, I loathed mine. Why did they have to be so huge? Most wouldn't complain about having large eyes, but at least those lucky people didn't have fly eyes like me. I've been told that because of my eyes I resemble a deer in headlights or, my favorite, a surprised meerkat.

"According to a few ninth graders the hotel is haunted or something. Apparently the governor in like the 1600's was killed in room 313," Alex whispered, tugging a strand of her jet black hair behind her ear.
I didn't necessarily believe in paranormal phenomena, but I liked the thought of it.

"So? I can take em'," I chuckled, fixing my gaze to the window to observe the rushing scenery. Little did she know I was scared shitless.

"Same," Alex nodded nonchalantly as she looked down to her feet.
I didn't care about the ghosts. I'm pretty sure my house is haunted, so it's not like I don't know how to deal with them. I wasn't afraid!
"..What room are
we in?" I asked with a gulp. Okay, so maybe I was a little bit scared.
Alex turned to me, her almond eyes squinted.

"Who cares?" she replied as she pulled out her earphones, a fixed expression on her face. She was probably angry because we were to share a room with a group we liked to call "The Plastics." Yes I know, it's from Mean Girls - that's the point.
Like the structure of most cliques (gang, clan, posse if you prefer) there is always a leader, or in this case "Queen Bee." That would be Chelsea Corona, who actually used to be a best friend to the both of us. (That is until she started to act like a whore-for-brains-bitch-slut.) She's one of the loudest, most obnoxious girls' you will ever meet. Strangely everyone wants to be her friend, I guess it's because of how intimidating she is.

Next are her two minions, Karen and Gretchen. (Pure coincidence, I swear.) Gretchen isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and loves to gossip. She clings to the most popular person in the room whom she can get her hands on for the sake of her reputation. She isn't best friends with Chelsea, but they're pretty close. Karen is intelligent, but constantly makes up lies for attention. She could be a great friend, if she didn't always go back to Chelsea to report to her everything we say. She doesn't necessarily like Chelsea, but hangs around her because she fears being shunned.
The only reason we're all stuck in a room together on this trip is because when we chose roommates, we all used to be peachy with each other. But like I said, Chelsea ruined everything.

"Is it weird I hope we get the haunted room?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Yes!" Damien squealed from behind, causing the both of us jump. I hate how he listens in on others' conversations. His hair was ash blonde and cut short, some pieces sticking out on the top. His dove eyes were a shade of baby blue, but they were barely visible around his chubby, oval face.

"I'm just glad I'm rooming with Damien.." Steve whispered seductively as he stood on his tiptoes to latch onto Damien's shoulder. Steve wasn't gay (although we're not so sure about Damien) but he liked to act like he was. I guess it was for a cheap laugh.

"What about Troy?" I scoffed, tilting my head towards Chelsea and Troy who were sitting together in the back of the bus with all the other semi-popular kids in our group. Troy made Alex's life a living hell after she broke up with him - along with mine, and Damien's too. Then all of a sudden, Chelsea decides she wants to go out with him. Some friend, huh?

"Ugh, don't remind me.." Damien spat, adjusting his leather satchel around his shoulder. Steve tilted his head towards Troy and then at us, before shrinking back down into his seat.
As Alex and Damien conversed over something, suddenly an abhorrent migraine, a jab of pain, erupted in my head. I groaned.

The room was as dark as his soul. A wave of panic was sent over every presence in the room. Blood poured from underneath the door, which my gaze was cemented on. I couldn't tilt my head, or see where to run. My pearl white flip flops were now covered with the blood, which was rushing between my toes. It was as cold as a snowflake meeting my tongue on a winter's day, and as heartless as the man who made this happen.

"Erin, are you feeling okay?" Ms. Tadeo's voice was the only thing that snapped me out of the horrible vision which for some reason engulfed my mind. That was the second time I had to be asked that question on this slow bus ride.

"Did I fall asleep?" I looked around, seeing I was still on the bus and everything was the same as it was a few seconds ago. Alex and Damien didn't even seem to notice what had just happened. It all felt so real.

"It was hard to tell," Ms. Tadeo responded, her icy blue eyes clouded with fear. She shrunk back into her seat, seeing as we were almost in Boston - finally.

"Are we almost there?" Damien asked excitedly, seeing her rummaging up all of her belongings.

"About five minutes away," she smiled, looking back to me to reassure herself that I was alright. I had no idea what just happened - again I knew I didn't fall asleep.
Something was happening, though I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that something was very wrong.

I didn't know what was happening, but I was determined to find out why.

*Based on true events. :)


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