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Demon Angelz

Novel By: BloodyBlade

Chad was a smart innocent person(a nobody). He loved school and was friendly to anyone, but he was teased. He was mocked. He was nice on the outside, but in the inside he hated. He didn't care about people. He wanted to kill. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 7, 2008    Reads: 129    Comments: 22    Likes: 4   

I screamed as black wings grew out of my back. My hair color changed from a blonde into a dark black. Blood dripped from my fingertips as claws grew from them. My skin changed to pale blue. I didn't know what I was, but I knew I must look like a freak, but everyone around yelled as I morphed. The police men drew their guns from their holsters and pointed them at me.

"No wait, I'm not going to hurt you ," I said trying to convince them.

"What if it is telling the true," one of the police men asked.

"We can't trust a freak like that just shoot it," said a tall buff man.

All the police men cocked their pistols and pulled their triggers. The pain was too excruciating too not do anything. I glided towards them and slashed at them. One of their police men thoguht they could be the hero and stood up, but ended up getting his head sliced off by me. I croaked and suddenly, everyone covered their ears. I didn't hear a thing. But of course they must did. Some of the people dropped to the floor as their heads exploded. Blood and chunks of the brain flew in every direction. I dare not look. I closed my eyes to the awfulness.

One hour later................

It felt like hours when I finally opened them. I was in another place. I was near a volcano. I tried to fly away but I couldn't.I searched around the place but there was only fire, lava, adn darkness. Then, I heard something. I turned my head instantly. I saw a person?

He was seven or maybe eight feet tall. He has eight arms that had no fingers, but had stubs. He had no legs or feet just long strips of bloody flesh underneath his waist. He can't walk instead he hovers above the ground. He has lumpy skin, a plae red shade, cracked in several of places, blood oozes from them. He's bald and has dark red eyes, no white at all. He has a small mouth with a grey tongue and teeth. No nose, just two holes set above his upper lip. A gaping hole in the left side of his chest, where his heart should be. Lots of small snakes are inside the hole wriggling around, biting and hissing. I didn't know who he was, but he was walking towards me grinning.

I yelped and tried to run away, but I can't! I can't run or fly so what the hell can I do and what the hellis forcing my to stay in one spot. Maybe it's force fields.I suddenly got a flashback to when Paula melted.... Maybe I can do something like that. The creature is almost next to me. I had another flashback of when my younger brother died when we were in the park.

"Hey Jack let's play on the swings," I asked my brother.

"But big brother they look really high up,"Jack said

"Hey don't worry about it okay? I'm right here next to you pushing you so you swing high like your flying," I said trying to emulate mom when Jack is scared.

"Well okay," he said getting on the swings.

It was only a couple minutes till gangsters came and messed up my fucking life. There was two gangster groups. The Damned and the Kill Thieves. We thought they were playing a game or something.I was only8when this happened and my brother was only 4. They took out pistols and shot guns and machine guns. Bullets spreaded around everywhere like bees when someone messes with their hive. So as they were shooting my brother and I were looking for shelter, but there was none. We were int he middle of the battlefield. "I'm dead,"I thought. I clutched Jack close to my chest. I was crying, but my brothers was gigling! I was like what the hell! Suddenly, my brother burped and it smelled like shit! I dropped him. A bullet struck my left leg and a fell down bleeding. I was struck in several other places. But my brother was in worse condition than me. He was struck in the chest. I knew he was dead, but I couldn't believe it. I held him in my arms.

Suddenly I became angry once more. My black feathery wings grew into enormous beautiful wings. I glided above the ground. The man that was walking towards me stopped and looked at me suprised, but he was still grinning vicously.

"Chad, my boy, please sit,"the man said showing me a seat made out of lava.

"Are you serious! You must be out of your mind crap hole," I yelled ferious at him.

His grin suddenly became into a grimace. He sat down onto the lava chair.

"You better calm down or else I will have no choice but to send my farmiliars onto you. You will then be dead inless than a second. Your choice," he said staring at me.

"Fine, but you have to tell me who are you and where I am," I said choosing my words carefully.

"You my new servant are in hell! Welcome,"he said greeting me.

I didn't feel to comfortable. To wonder it burned like crazy here.

" You still didn't answer my other part of my question," I said keeping my face hard.

"You my friend is Chad, and I'm Lord Loss," Lord Loss said.

"You know my name," I said gasping.

"Of course my friend, in fact everyone ine hell knows you. You are a hero to us," he said laughing.

"I don't understand," I said confused.

"You are a death angel," Lord Loss said.

Suddenly I heard a wimpering and several other noises. I turned my head to see many creatures. The pets of HELL!


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