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Demon Angelz

Novel By: BloodyBlade

Chad was a smart innocent person(a nobody). He loved school and was friendly to anyone, but he was teased. He was mocked. He was nice on the outside, but in the inside he hated. He didn't care about people. He wanted to kill. View table of contents...


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What was happening now... Was I going to die. Did i say something wrong and Lord Loss sent his farmiliars to me. Out of all the demons I saw I knew there was more. There had to be or Hell would have been beaten by Heaven eons ago. I tried to bulk up so I didn't seem so weak and uesless.

"Now you know where you are shall we move on with controling your magic," Lord Loss said looking at one of the demons and nodding.

"Magic.. What the hel..I'm mean What the heavens.. What magic..There's no such thing right," I said confused.

"Of course there's magic! You used it when you were fighting those.. What do you call them... Boolies and.... Polite Men," he said.

"Well fine. I'll give it a try," I said feeling confident.

"GREAT! Here's Blvion. He's a statue demon, but here in Hell it doesn't matter what size you are, but how strong you are in magic and the desire to torment people," Lord said. His grin was so wide I thought it was going to fall off.

Well, Lord Loss said he was a statue. He was right about that, but he wasn't tall. He was a midget. I laughed at that. Blivion puffed out smoke. Then suddenly he grew 3 Miles bigger!!! Oh shit! How do I use my magic? He ran towards me I tried to dodge him, but the ground was shaking so hard I fell down. He trampled me. I thought my head was cracked. I didn't care as long as I was still alive. I was breathing heavily. I couldn't stand this agony. I had such a headache I wanted to pop my head open. Lord Loss said I had to control my magic... How? I thought about it for a second or two. Then, I got it. I put my hands over my face and said magic. I felt cracks stitching itself back together. I no longer had a headache. Now it's time for revenge.

I quickly pointed my hand to Blivion's head. A bright thunderbolt exploded Blivion's head. He yelled in pain. He slowly shrunk to his normal midget size. I grinned at this. I glided fast towards him and gave him a couple punches. I laughed enjoying his suffering.


I looked over to see Lord Loss impressed. Almost all the demons have their mouths open wide.(Almost because most of them don't have mouths...)

"Blivion is one of the best fighters I've known. In this case you are pretty impressive as well. You must keep fighting to get to the top ten demons. Well, actually Blivion was number 10, so I guess you are in the top ten. Shall we keep going or are you going to wimp out," he said tempting me.

I had to fight! But what would I get from this...

"What prize would I get from this violence," I asked with a serious expression.

"Violence? That fight was nothing compared to your beat ups from your school. But... Your prize will be whatever you want it to be," he said.

"I will fight if you tell me who I am! I know I'm not Chad! I'm a monster. I can't control my anger, and I have the urge for killing," I yelled back to him!

"Your name is Pain. You are alegendary monster we now call Demon Angel. You are the most dangerous one out all of the angels in the dynasty. Your father was a dark angel and your mother was a heaven angel. No one knew how you would turn out. We thought you were going to get destroyed. But you didn't. Your mother died of birth. AS for your father, he was protecting your mother as she was giving brith to you. They both loved each other, but your grandparents didn't aprove for their marriage, but they did anyways. Your grandparents put a bounty on them. Your father was fighting very courageous. That is until Cupid took out one of his death arrows. He aimed perfectly towards your fathers heart. He died silently. As for you, they left you there. For you to die. No one knew why but something happened. There was lightning and thunder. God was pissed at all of us. You were an angel and you still needed help he said. He helps most people. You were taken and nurture. When you were finally 8 years oldthey erased your memory and gave you to random parents."

"What the hell!"

"And of course you know how your parents died, but why don't you tell the demons."

"My parents... We were in the middle of no where. We were on a bridge. The car was going out of control. My dad drived it off the bridge. We were all struggling to get out of the car. We were in the car for a long time until my mom finally drowned. Her face was so pale. I was just looking at her face. She was the prettiest person in the world. She was an actor. A wonderful one in fact. She cared about the poor and sick. She didn't deserve it. I think I was crying, same with my dad. My dad and I were still trying to get out. My dad somehow cracked the window. He was about to swim out, but then he looked at me. I was about to die. I know it. I started to see a bright light. My dad came to me and carried me into his arms and swam to the top of the river, then to land. He gave me CPR. I woke up spiting out water. I was glad to be alive, but for my dad. He died saving me. He never let me down even though I wasn't his real son. My 'parents' were nice to me and risked everything they had for me. They didn't deserve to die."

I started to cry. I fell to the ground crying. All the demons around the room came next to me. They pulled me up. I looked at all of them.

"This is my new family and I know that now."

"ENOUGH with the drama! Ready for more fighting, Master Pain," Lord Loss said bowing.

As he bowed all the demons did as well. I know now that I am a king. My dad must have been a king, because I am the prince of demons. In other words, I am the Demon Angel.

"I'm ready."

A demon stepped up to me. It was a huge cockroach. It had paws from wolves. It had a giant fiery tail from a phoenix.

"This is Wocknix. Becareful, he is stronger than he looks," he said.

I started to glide as usual. Wocknix jumped up and grabbed my arm. He pulled me down to the ground and dragged me around. Then he ripped my arm off! I yelped as blood squirted all over the place! It was like a sprinkler was installed into my arm. I got angry as I saw Wocknix chewing on my right arm. I steadied myself and then launched my self towards the creature. It's tails cracked as it hit my face. Half of my face melted as the fire was burning. My flesh was dissolving. I yelled!

"Flash," I said pointing at Wocknix's eyes.

There was buzzing sound then Wocknix's eyes started to burn. Literally. His eyes were on fire. I laughed as I tormented. Then, I held my hands together. I thought of water. Instantly, there was a ball of water in my hands. I aimed carefully and threw at Wocknix's tail. It was a huge splash. To big that I could feel the force. My hair was swaying right and left as wind was coming my way. I covered my eyes with my hands and tried to see what happened to Wocknix. The wind lasted for a couple minutes. Finally, I can see again. Wocknix was on the ground. I thought he was dead at first. Then I saw his chest was moving. He was alive! I flew into the air and dropped down and landed onto Wocknix's head. It exploded. Brains scattered everywhere! Parts of his flesh flew into the air. It was like fireworks, demon versoin. Blood was dropping from above. It was raining blood! Everyone was happy! Even Lord Loss. They were sticking out their tongues tasting the blood.

After the Blood Rain stopped, Lord Loss turned to me.

"We were trying to destroy him. No one could. He was strong. A bit too strong. But you made it look easy out there!"

"But why did you want to kill him," I saked suspicously.

"He wanted to kill you."

Everyone fell silent.


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