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Friends Till I Kill You

Novel By: BloodyBlade

Tags: Death, Emo, Goth, Chill, Dark

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Submitted:Sep 11, 2008    Reads: 152    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

Have you ever gotten the chills when you walked into a dark, silent room thinking that someone was waiting silently and hiding in the shadows ready to pop out all of a sudden and shank you to death with a knife? Well, many people have felt this way in many situations in there life. Many including me. This is called a chill to my spine, or in other words nervous. Like me, for example, have gotten nervous when someone was dragging me while I was blindfolded and tied up and roughly pushed me of a nearby cliff while I was snoozing because of a drug they made me take while I was under a gun. And so, many have felt the tendency to be nervous in a while or so in there game of life.

So as Kelly Brookhurst walked down a dark alley in school she felt a chill to her spine thinking that someone was stalking her. Suddenly, somebody grabbed her by the arm and pushed her into the custodian room. It was Jack Rock. He was one of the jocks that are extremely popular kids that are sometimes think they are so cool they do some stupid things and hurt themselves. Kelly fell to the ground laying on a matress.

"Take off your clothes," Jack said.

"What the f$#king pervert," Kelly said slapping him and tried to make a run for it.

"You will do it now," he said forcing her back down and taking out amagnum and aiming it right directly at her.

She got up once more quickly and kneed him right in the balls. Jack fell to the ground moaning in pain. Then, she kicked his other ball hoping that'll paralyze him for awhile. Kelly then knelt down and grabbed his gun.

"That's what you get you b!tch. Don't ever do it again," Kelly said running away.

Suddenly, two wrestlers came up to Kelly and shoved her down. She fell screaming in pain. Someone, stabbed her in the back.

"Nobody says no to me," Jack said barely standing. His legs were like two twigs about to snap.

Kelly feeling the dark around grabbed the gun, cocked it and fired directly at Jack. His head exploded likesomeone dropped a watermelon from a 50 story building. Blood splattered everywhere. The wrestlers looked down at the dead Jack then back to Kelly. Although she wasn't there anymore. They, started to run away, but later fell to the ground dead. Kelly walked pass there dead bodies taking out the darts she kept. Then, she took out her pocket knife and carved there heads. The whole thing was caught on tape.

After all of that, she was later transferred to another school. She was also sued for quite a lot of money, but luckily, Kelly's rich parents payed for the bills. Kelly changed her attitude for the bad this time.

Buckle up, this is where the story begins.


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