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The girl and the flower house

Novel By: blueberrydazzle

Livalynn is a bright and happy girl who's positive outlook in life can't help but make everyone who knows her fall in love with life too. She is very naive and oblivious, but not easily scared. A curious soul you can call it. She has a big family, heritages from the middle east from her fathers side. ( But lives in America).

She has just turned nineteen and is prepared to live on her own for the first time. With her father being the owner of a OIL trade company she has never had financial problems, and decides to move into a abandoned mansion in Virginia ( as a birthday gift ) She is excited for a new independent life, but she never expects what is coming for her... Everything she thought life was about turns out to be far wrong. View table of contents...



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I can't possibly fall asleep with my nerves jittering so terribly. Why was I so excited anyway? I was just turning one year older. Nineteen years old. Earlier today my mama had cried saying she didn't want "bintee to grow old and fly away from the house protected nest like a baby bird". She almost cried but I told her to pull herself together, and to be happy.

" Celebrating another year of life is not something to cry over you know " I had told her jokingly, and then kissed her cheek with love.
I knew she did have a point. I was moving out quite soon. Sooner than most of my friends, whom where still at home enjoying their last years of a parents sheltering, but I was ready to move. I just knew that I couldn't stay her any longer.
I don't exactly know why I chose Virginia though. When I was looking at house listings I was more eager to find places in more popular cities like Hollywood or New York, but then I saw that house. Painted in a dark muddy brown and with beautiful flowers growing within the wooden structures, it almost looked like a miniature princess castle. That wasn't why it interested me however. What caught my eye in the listing wasn't the beauty of the house but the garden. Over three acres of land that was so beautifully done and maintained. I couldn't help but fall in love.
Even mama couldn't help but taking a liking to it.
"It certainly has personality now doesn't it habibati" She commented and smiled. I knew she would come down and visit me more than a couple of times, and the house had more than enough room for guests. It even had two kitchens.

This house would be mine within a couple of hours. I just need to fall asleep. I close my eyes and start counting sheep. It usually never works, but this night was different. I fell asleep before I reached a hundred.


"Liv wake up".
Something was shaking me, waking me up from my sleep. I manage to open up one of my eyes to notice my younger brother Salem sitting at the edge of my bed nudging my feet. I quickly recoil them away from his hands.
"What are you doing that for" I mutter, my voice still half asleep. I feel him jumping off the bed and hear him walking towards my study desk. Trust little brothers not to give you peace on your own birthday.
"We just wanted to wish you a happy birthday" Salem said, almost as if he had read my thoughts, and with those words my eyes sprung to life. So there was more than one person in my room. I turn my head towards Salem, and to my surpirse I see my whole family standing there surrounding a cake that papa was holding with his own two arms.


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