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Novel By: brontewriter

Kristina tells Liv and her friends that they all should escape the hotel that it was trapping them in its evil self.
But none of her friends believe her and think she's losing her mind. The only person she can count on now is Joe and he isn't even human. View table of contents...



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Chapter Eight

"Kristina Green, get a hold of yourself," said Liv rationally after I told her, Dominique and Trisha what Joe and I had discussed the night before. "Ghosts? Really? No one believes in that supernatural stuff."

We were all sitting in our hotel room facing each other on the beds as we listened to the torrential rain poundng against the window glass like drums.

I looked at each of my friends in turn anc couldn't believe none of them was believing the history and the ghosts of Kinderspirit Hotel. "You guys heard the door handle rattling, the heavy breathing, there was no one there," I said.

"Kris, it's a big old hotel it's bound to have creaking noises," said Dominque. She was filing her nails with her filing stick with her long tanned legs crossed over.

"Why don't any of you guys listen to me? We have to get out of here now, today!" I cried. I jumped down from the bed and pulled out my backpack from underneath the bed.

"What are you doing?" Liv demanded.

"I'm getting out of here with Joe," I said.

Dominique, Trisha and Liv all turned to each other shockly and then turned back to me starting to put clothes in my backpack.

"Have you lost your mind?" Liv demanded. "You can't be serious about leaving with that guy you hardly know."

I turned to her my eyebrows forward "I know enough to make me decide I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

"You can't be serious. Kris, you're nuts, he could be an ex murderer or psychopath for all you know!" her blue green eyes blazing.

I packed all of my clothes into my backpack and closed it uo then headed for the door where Liv jumped in front of me to prevent me from living. "Get out of my way, LIv," I said softly. When she wouldn't budge I said it again much louder but still she wouldn't move. I shoved my twin sister to the floor not caring that she had scraped her knee on the old floorboard making it bleed.

The blood oozing out of of Liv's cut ran down the side of her knee and then dripped down slowly onto the floorboard and the blood sunk into the old, flaky wood.

Suddenly the door burst open and Joe stood there looking all breathless. Lookng all hot like that made my heart pound against my chest. "What's happened?" he asked concerned looking at me. "My love, my dear, sweet Kristina, are you alright?"

I threw myself into his arms and held me tightly.

Dominque and Trisha helped Liv back onto her feet.

"You are not going anywhere, Kristina Green!" shouted Liv, she pointed a finger at me. "Do you think it's very sensible to run off with a stranger?"

"I'm no stranger," Joe said quickly defending himself. "I'm her boyfriend."

Liv started to laugh "boyfriend? Get real you've only known each other a few days how can it be possibly love?"

It was my turn to get angry now. I turned to my identical twin with a hard look on my face "it is love, Liv, believe it or not and we plan to marry away from here. I wish for you to be there but seeing as you're behaving immaturely like this I have to decline your invitation," I said eyes flashing.

Ms Johnson hurried across the landing to see what all the commotion was about. She wore a black tunic and white trousers and as usual her black hair was scaped back in a bun. "What is going on here?" she demanded hands on her bony hips.

"Ms Johnson, Kristina is planning to run away with this man," explained Dominique quickly.

Ms Johnson looked at all of us in turn and when her eyes met Joe's her face hardened. "You are the devil himself. You stay away from Kristina," she hissed.

"How can I stay away when she can't stay away from me," Joe replied cleverly, smiling with satisifactory.

"They're planning to run away and get married, Ms Johnson," Liv cried.

"Liv!" I cried, I couldn't keep the shock out of my voice.

"NO!" Ms Johnson cried with horror her hands flew to her face. "Kristina, you mustn't marry this man. He is dangerous."

I struggled when she grabbed hold of my arms and shook me roughly "get off me, Ms Johnson."

Joe pushed the old woman off her and she fell to the floor.

I looked at Liv, Trisha, and Dominque and blew them a kiss good bye as Joe and I left. We crossed the landing to the staircase when we heard floorboards creaking in the room where we'd made love.

Someone was in that room.

I shivered recalling seeing the young, blonde woman in seventeenth century clothes with a black rope around her neck, gaunt face, and big, black empty eyes staring right at me.

Joe and I raced down the spiral staircase but halfway down we stopped suddenly and gasped in terror as smoke started rising up from the bottom of the stair case swirling around as it moved upwards towards us.

Hovering over us were ghosts floating in mid - air staring menacingly at us. They were dressed in seventeenth century clothes.

We turned and raced back up the stairs coughing and ran back into my hotel room where the others were. We put a chair against the closed door.

"What's going on?" demanded Ms Johnson, who'd ended up in our room as well.

"You didn't see them, didn't see the smoke or smelt it?" I asked incredulously.

Dominque, Liv and Trisha shook their heads. Ms Johnson shook her head as well.

Joe moved the chair from the door and opened and then stepped out with me clinging to his arm protectively.

There was nothing there. No sinister ghosts hovering in mid air, no smoke.

A chorus of wolf howls broke through the silence.

Joe ran to the window and looked out "they're calling for me wondering where I am," he said mainly to me.

"Wolves wondering where you are?" asked Liv with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Would you like me to show you what I mean?" he challenged her darkly.

"Be my guest," she replied, with every ouce of bitter in her voice as he had for her.

Joe and I looked at each other and then turned back to her smirking. Joe shapeshifted into a beautiful black wolf.

Everyone shrunk back scared to death.

I opened the door and together with Joe in his wolf form I ran down the staircase towards the front door and pulled open the front door and we went out into the dark, gloomy, rainy daylight where it was turning to dusk. I ran following the black wolf but then stopped and glanced behind me back at the hotel.

A chorus of wolf howls grabbed my attention back to the black wolf who was now joined by a pack of wolves. His family.

I knew right there and then that the only person I could count on and rely on now was myself and Joe.


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