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Novel By: brontewriter

the two wolf packs fight and Lucy turns into a white wolf and fights a black wolf, winning. Paulo tells the black wolf pack that Andre will never have Lucy.

Lucy tells Paulo she never wants to see him again and gets a cab to the police station where she vows to tell them everything. She meets the young and cute Deputy Baker who takes her for coffee and to tell him all about what's troubling her.

At the diner,all hell breaks loose as Andre and his pack arrive and decide to make trouble thats when Deputy Baker calls for backup. Paulo and his grey wolf pack arrive in human form with two police cars. Andre and his pack get arrested and taken away. View table of contents...



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Paulo and the mean looking men as wolves stared back at each other getting ready to kill each other as their ears were right back, hackles were up in a threatening stance, and they were snarling ferociously back at each other. While I was standing right back against the brick wall, terrified.

What was I going to do? My mind was working madly in my head trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I meet a gorgeous guy, then being chased by mean looking men and then was told that I was a wolf, which was why I was getting all the visions of wolves all these years. It sounded absurd to me. But here I am, with my eyes wide open, with dangerous wolves right in front of me ready to throttle one another.

Don't really know what happened next but, I jumped up into the air and knocked the black wolf near the grey wolf to the floor.

The black wolf got to its feet from lying on its side and turned on me snarling, stepping closer.

The grey wolf raised its muzzle to the night's sky and let out a howl. It stopped and then howled again and again as if it was calling for something or someone. But then a few minutes later, not one, not two, not three, but four howls of wolves returned his cry; sounding extremely close by. The grey wolf raised its muzzle up again howling into the night's sky it was joined by the other wolves' cries.

A group of pedestrians walked past and glanced down the dark alleyway and gasped with shock at seeing wolves down there. One of the black wolves turned its head round and turned towards them making them scurry away. It ran after them their screams of terror as they tried to run for their lives.

Suddenly, a grey wolf jumped over the wired fence and landed on its feet gracefully standing beside Paulo. It snarled viciously at the black wolves. Another grey wolf came running from the other side of the wired fence and jumped over landing safely on its paws. Four more grey wolves ran and jumped over the fence and landed on the other side safely.

The black wolf stepping closer to me and snarled even more as it was a few feet away now.

I raised my upper lip into a snarl at it and it stopped snarling and just stared. The inner wolf inside me was awakening and I shape shifted into a beautiful white wolf with golden eyes. I growled fiercely at the black wolf and it snarled back and soon I was on my hind legs fighting with it. I was snapping at it with my jaws and it was snapping back. I dug my sharp teeth into its neck and it whined in pain as I let go.

The grey wolf pack stood aggressively together snarling viciously at the black wolf pack who snarled back. The black wolf pack snarled a bit more then shape shifted back into men with blood on their mouths breathing heavily. Paulo and his wolf pack returned back to human form too, breathlessly. Blood smeared all over their mouths.

"You tell Andre that he'll never ever have her," Paulo told them, a dark look in his eye.

Andre's wolf pack looked at him then turned around and ran jumping over the wall.

I shape shifted back into human form too with blood dripping on my hands from my mouth. I wiped my mouth as I sat up on the ground, staring horrifyingly.

"Lucy!" Paulo cried, coming to my side.

I got to my feet quickly and realised I was naked and so was everyone there. I gathered up clothes from the ground and put them on. "Don't touch me," I said angrily. "Don't ever come near me again, do you hear me?"

"But Lucy, Andre will not stop at nothing to get to you," he replied, he put his clothes back on while I turned the other way.

"I don't care, I have no idea what's going on right now with my body but all I know is I don't want to see you again. Now, I have to go down to the police station to report my apartment has been trashed," I fumed angrily, I turned on my heel and walked down the alleyway to the high street. When Paulo put his hand on my shoulder I spun around and flashed my golden wolf eyes at him and he backed away. I glanced at his wolf pack that were back in wolf form waiting for him then turned back to him and smirked. "Just go back to your pack." I turned away and stepped onto the high street and put my hand out just as a yellow taxi cab pulled up and I got in. I looked out the window at Paulo as the cab driver pulled away.

"Where to, Miss?" the cab driver asked.

"Police station, please," I said firmly, buckling up the seatbelt around me.

Normally getting to the police station took no longer than five minutes but tonight it took at least half an hour due to an animal attack outside the movie theatre on the side of the road. I paid the cab driver when we arrived outside Nevada City's Police Department. I stepped out of the cab and the driver pulled away and I hesitated for a moment and then walked up the concrete steps and glanced back over my shoulder knowing that I was being watched. I skipped in through the door of the police department without another moment's thought.

When I stepped into Nevada City's police department it was utter chaos. Officers were on the phone, papers everywhere, and prisoners shouting and raving that they shouldn't be locked up like this. I walked up to the desk where a young police officer with dark brown hair and blue green eyes wearing a pale blue shirt and gold badge sat behind the reception desk taking phone calls. He was cute, bit young looking to be in the police force. I guess he was one of those people who will look forever young no matter how old they get.

The young police officer looked up from the desk when he saw me. "Can I help you?" he asked, not rudely but not exactly pleasant.

"Yes, I would like to report a group of men," I said, in a confident tone.

"Sorry, can you hold on for one second," he said, as the phone rang. He picked it up, "hello, Nevada City Police Department, Deputy Baker speaking, how may I help? You've lost your cat?" he looked at me and went red when he saw me smile. "I'm sure you'll find it in no time at all, Mrs Kendal. If you don't, then call back again and I'll send a couple of our top officers over to find your cat for you. Thank you for your call, Mrs Kendal, good bye." Deputy Baker placed down the phone.

"Not a moment's peace in all aspects then, Deputy Baker," I commented with a smile, which he smiled back at.

"No kidding," Deputy Baker agreed. "Sorry, it's been quite a night."

"Tell me about it."

He looked at me and saw that I was rather troubled, "you look as though you need a cup of coffee as much as I do. How about we go and get some coffee up in the little diner down the road and you can tell me all about what's on your mind," he said. Deputy Baker stood up and turned to the black police officer sitting beside him, "hey Bart, you'll be alright for an hour, won't you?"

Bart nodded, "yeah sure, boss," he said.

He slapped his colleague on the back and then walked to me, "Okay, let's go, Bart, can you go over to Mrs Kendal's house her cat is missing again."

I heard the officer Bart groan as Deputy Baker and I walked out of the department and stepped into his four wheel drive police car. He started up the engine and reversed out of the car park and drove away.

We arrived outside a small, twenty four hour diner with a few cars outside with a huge green sign saying, 'MARIE'S DINER', and Deputy Baker stopped the car and pulled the keys out of the ignition key.

I looked back over my shoulder as I had this gut wrenching feeling that we'd been followed and were now being watched. "Quick!" I said. I stepped out of the car and rushed to the door of the diner and the Deputy followed after he'd locked the car.

We walked into the diner and it was quiet. A couple of men sat at counter drinking coffee, some sat in booths, and a couple of young men were playing pool at the end.

"Hey, Tom, on duty tonight?" asked a bleach blonde woman waitress behind the counter wearing a pink dress with a white apron tied round her waist.

Deputy Baker smiled at her and waved and he walked over to the counter and asked for two coffees while I slid into one of the booths staring out the window. He startled me when he slid into the booth table and set down two cups of steaming hot coffee. He smiled. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you there," he said.

"Thank you," I said, staring into the coffee.

"So, what is it you wanted to talk about? As you made it all the way down to the police station."

I looked up, "my apartment got trashed this evening," I told him.

Deputy Baker immediately put his coffee down and pulled out his pen and notepad from his shirt pocket and flicked the notepad open to a blank page. "What time was this?" he asked.

"I finished work at half six, I took a shortcut back to my apartment and nearly got attacked by a group of hooligans but a man named Paulo Vanadic came to my rescue." I paused when I noticed he was scribbling down everything I was telling him.

"So this Paulo Vanadic fellow, he knew marital arts then? Was he the one who trashed your apartment?"

I shook my head, "for his kindness of rescuing me from the hooligans, I invited him for coffee and he accepted and then we heard men coming to my apartment so we hid out on the balcony of my apartment and saw a group of black leather cladded gang of men with dark hair and tattoos. They were really mean- looking."

Deputy Baker looked up when he heard me sniffing and saw tears glistening in my eyes. "I'm sorry, I know how upsetting this must be for you," he said kindly, handing me a napkin from the napkin rack and I thanked him. "So, this gang trashed your apartment?" I nodded. "Do you know what they were looking for? Why would they choose your apartment?"

"You'll laugh if I told you," I responded with a short laugh. "I hardly can believe it myself."

"Try me," he said.

"I heard about that woman who got attacked tonight by a wild animal, pretty brutal I hear."

He nodded. "Witnesses say they saw a black wolf kill the woman," he said sarcastically.

"You don't believe them?"

"Nevada City has known to have spotted a few wolves and bears years ago up in the mountains but not for the last ten years," Deputy Baker told me.

Suddenly, I could hear distant wolf howling, the sharp scraping of food put into the rubbish bin in the kitchen irritated my ears.

"Are you alright?" he asked, placing a hand on my arm.

I could hear the loud clumping noise of the black wolf pack coming towards us. I looked out the window and saw seven pairs of golden eyes glistening brightly in the darkness of the trees in the distance. "We have to go, they're following me," I said, jumping to my feet and practically dragged him out of the booth table and out the diner.

"Hey, what's going on?" yelled Deputy Baker.

"They're here, they're watching our every move!" I yelled back. I screamed out as the black wolf pack came running out of the dark shadows at full speed then shape shifted into men wearing clothes.

The Deputy Baker pulled out his black pistol and aimed it at them. "Stay back," he shouted at them. He pulled out the phone from his back pocket to speak to the other police officers. "This is Deputy Baker reporting for backup immediately outside Marie's Diner."

"Backup is on their way, Tom," reported Bart, through the microphone phone.

Andre turned to me and smiled, "hey, pretty lady, where's your bodyguard, Paulo? I guess you've got a new one right here. Is that true, Deputy? Are you her new bodyguard?" he asked, turning his attention to the young police deputy.

"I told you to stay back," he replied. "Are these the men who trashed your apartment, miss?"

"Yes," I said firmly, glaring at Andre and his pack.

Andre touched his chest and came up behind me, "betraying your kind is uncalled for, Lucy," he said.

A police car came zooming around the corner with the red siren on ringing loudly. Paulo stepped out with a couple of police officers and his wolf pack had come running up beside it.

"Well, well, well, we're all reunited again this evening," said Andre, sarcastically.

One of the police officers shot at Andre and it hit him in the right arm and he leaned back whilst crying out in pain.

"Miss, you better stay back," warned Deputy Baker to me. He aimed the gun at Andre who to his and everyone's amazement seized up his right arm squeezing out the bullet that had gone in deep into it. The bullet fell to the ground.

"That really hurt, deputy, now you're going to pay," Andre said bitterly, his eyes turning golden.

I quickly kicked him in the stomach before he could hurt the deputy making him bawl over in pain.

"Arrest him and his men," commanded Deputy Baker, who grabbed Andre's arms and held them down behind his back and pulled out a set of silver handcuffs and placed them around his wrists. Andre cried out in pain.

Another police car arrived and Andre's pack was arrested as well and was taken into the police car.

Andre glared at me, Deputy Baker, and Paulo as he was forced into the police car then was taken away.

Deputy Baker sighed heavily with relief and turned to me, "well, miss, we've caught your attackers, I don't think you'll be able to have any more trouble. We'll make sure they're locked away for a long time," he said with a smile.

"Thank you," I said.

"Can I give you a ride back to your apartment?" he offered.

I looked at Paulo then looked at the young deputy and nodded my head with a smile. I stepped into the deputy's car and we reversed out of the car park and turned right driving away.

I glanced out the window thinking what a dreadful and eventful night it had been. I glanced over my shoulder out the back window and saw the grey wolf pack staring after us. My inner white wolf was howling inside wanting to come out but then she soon settled and yawned closing her eyes.


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