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Novel By: brontewriter

Despite the heavy rain storm,Marc drives Cynthia to the nearest town train station after a heated arguement with Megumi leaving her alone in the cottage.

To Megumi's terror the nineteenth century boy appears again through a wall leaving her trembling with fright! View table of contents...



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I awoke the following morning to a pounding sound on the window like someone knocking on it. At first throught, I thought oh, god, no, the nineteenth century boy had appeared again. But when I looked properly it was just torrential rain streaming against the window.

I got out of bed slowly and looked out the window and saw gale force winds making the sea crash up againstthe hugerocks where the lighthouse was. The sky was black as night and trees blew back and forth wildly. Some had alread fallen over.

"Marc!" I shouted, when I saw he wasn't in bed. "Marc!" I heard laughter coming from downstairs and then a girly laugh. That made me angry. I slipped on some maternity jeans and a size 14 long blue T shirt and slowly walked down the stairs and saw Marc by the kitchen with his arms across his chest and Cynthia by the stove cooking. They were laughing and smiling at each other.

Cynthia had a smile on her face and then frowned whenshe saw that I had entered. She smiled sweetly quickly again, "hi Megumi, how are you this morning?" she asked in a sickly sweet American accent, which I hated.

"Hey, babe," Marc said, coming to me and wrapped his strong arms around me. "God, you look sexy."

"Babe, I look horrendous!" I disagreed.

Cynthia stifled a laugh under her hand.

I glanced at her giving her an angry glare then turned back to Marc "what is she still doing here?" I demanded.

"Megumi, haven't you seen the weather? I'm not driving anyone anywhere in this," he replied firmly.

"Look I'll go," said Cynthia, much to my relief.

"No stay, you've done nothing wrong," Marc defended her against me I couldn't believe it.

"No, I have to go anyway," she said. I stood in front of her. "Excuse me."

"Get out of this cottage and out of our lives," I said firmly my eyes hardening at her.

Cynthia nodded and walked past me and up the stairs she went.

"Megumi, what the hell has gotten into you?" Marc demanded, hands on his hips.

"Ever since we met her yesterday spooky things have started to happen," I said."I saw a boy last night while we were making love and afterwards I saw him again. He was dressed in nineteenth century clothing. Something weird is happening!" I tried to stay calm but it came out all shrieky.

He grabbed hold of my shoulders and shook me "Megumi, get a hold of yourself and calm down. You're starting to sound a bit hysterical."

"I'll be going now," Cynthia said, breaking the tension between Marc and I as she came down the stairs and walked towards the front door.

"I'll drive you," Marc said looking at her and then turned back to me with a disgusted look on his handsome face. "I need to get some air anyway." He started to walk away towards the door but I grabbed his right arm.

"Please, Marc, don't leave me!" I cried, pleading with my eyes as tears welled up.

He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me hard and passionate. "I love you. I won't be long," he said, pulling his arm away and left the cottage with Cynthia in the rain.

I walked to the window in the living room and watched as they got into the car and reversed back dow the drive. I broke down in tears as I slid down the wall. What was happening to me? I wasn't normally hysterical. It was this cottage I was sure of it. Something evil had happened.

My eyes suddenly grew wide with sheer terror as the boy dressed from the nineteenth century about eighteen years old appeared through the opposite wall by the fireplace. He had the same sad expression on his face.

"What do you want?" I cried.

For a few moments the boy just stared and then eventually he spoke in a clear, English voice. "You shouldn't have let him go," he said. "You and your husband are in great danger."

"Danger? What? Tell me!" I replied. My body shaking uncontrollably with fear.

"The girl, the girl," he said, his voice fading as he disappeared.

The girl? What girl? I didn't understand. What was going to happen?


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