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Surrounded by the darkness

By: coolkatz0

Chapter 1, Imagine this, You are 16 years old. your dad is WANTED by the police. Your mum was ********. You have a younger brother and a baby sister you have to look after. You left school at 13 because you got kicked out of every school for misbehaving. You can\'t get a job because no one will hire you. You\'ve got a \'cursed\' house, and HE is looking for revenge. And to top it all off, you\'ve been keeping a dark, deadly secret for the last 3 years but SOMEONE finds out about it and is threatening to tell the police. What would you do? Would you go straight to the police and risk your secret being found out by the entire world and then facing immediate death? Or would you let your life be controlled by someone you hate? Find out what Macey\'s big secret is and what she will do. And prepare yourself, it\'s going to be a bumpy road ahead.

I groan inwardly as i feel the pressure pressing down on me. As my eyes roll towards the back of my head, my body begins shuddering voilently. Straight away, i can tell this one's going to be a bad one, and if i could, i would scream out. But i cant. I cant do anything anymore. My body is no longer in my control. All i can do is let the darkness surround me and pull me under the surface. So that is what i do.
"AHHHHHH!!!" A high pitched blood-curdling scream bursts my ear drums. My sight goes towards the source of the sound, and i see a woman who looks to be in her early to mid-twenties. Her face is screwed up into a look of total horror. A green and purple creature steps towards her, i catch a silver gleam coming from an object it's clutching in it's right hand.
"STOP!" I try to shout, but no noise comes from my mouth. The creature goes up to the woman, with a devilish grin on it's face. The woman cowers back as she stares terrified at the razor the THING was gripping. The hideous creature leans in and softly kisses along her jaw line, the creature goes to her neck and leaves a soft trail of kisses along the front of her neck. The woman's eyes are shut tight while tears drip down her pale face. She sobs loudly,  clearly knowing what was coming next. The animal raises it's right arm and lightly meets the razor with the side of the womans neck. Softly, it whispers into her ear, "Look at me." She didn't. She flinched, but she didn't open her eyes. The creature began pressing the razor against her neck, causing the womans eyes to open and a yelp to tumble out of her frightened mouth. She stares at the creature, waiting for her fate. The animal chuckles icily and run the razor along her neck from side to side. Small droplets of blood begin falling silently from the line. It goes over the line again. The woman screams at the pain. The creature goes over the scar again, harder this time. The woman opens her mouth but instead of a scream leaving her mouth, scarlet blood pours out instead. The creature laughs gut-whrenchingly. The beast goes over her neck one more time, deeper, far, far, deeper. The woman makes a strangled gasp and her head tilts back. The squelch of her skin and blood ripping echoes through the room. Her neck tares through the middle and the creature lets go of her, letting her tumble to the floor in a bloody mess.
My eyes flick open and i feel sweat all over me. Tears are streaming from my eyes and someone is banging on my bedroom door.
"MACEY!" A voice yells from outside my door. I wipe away the tears, take a large gulp, and walk over to my door. I open the door to see the woman standing there, who looks to be in her early to mid-twenties. That woman is my mother. The woman is my 34 year old mother who's death will come soon, but i won't be able to stop it. How, you ask, do i know i cannot prevent this horrid scene becoming reality? Simple. Because i've never been able to stop it before. And this one is probably the most painful, heartbreaking death which i have ever seen in my life. As my eyes take her in, i run into her arms and tell her i love her.
"I love you too darling?" My mother replies with a confused tone, clearly puzzled by my sudden outburst. I pull her tighter against me, scared that if i let go, she'll disappear from my life, just like i know she soon will.
Heeeeey guys so yeah im back, with a new story! yay! :D so yeah, i know that you're probably really donfused and don't have a clue as to what's going on, but all in good time my friends, all in  good time. Okay now that i've got my weirdness out of the way, i just wanna say, this isn't the actual start to the story, This is more like an insight, if you wish. The next chapter will be the proper beginning of the story, so yeah hopefully you'll like this story :')

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