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Isabel's Hell

Novel By: DarkAngel13

Orphan Island is the last place you wanna be right now. Isabel was an eight year old girl who lived in the orphanage on the island. besides the orphan house, there was three other secret buildings that only the mistress of the children ever see's. but when Isabel is murdered on the island. Everyone quickly forgets her. but twenty one years later Isabel rises from her grave and summons all the children who are now adults back to the island for her sweet nightly revenge. killing them off one by one and introducing them to her new army of dead children. View table of contents...


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The day is early. The sun is out and the sky is bright blue. Mistress Heidi looked out the window in disgust. She hated the day. She hated the island. Orphan Island does not recieve many visitors. Parents seeking children for adoption dont dare come to the island for fear of the deadly waves that control the ocean surrounding the island. Orphan Island was seventy years old. It has one large building that is the childrens house. Then there are three other buildings that are kept a secret from all the other children. Heidi scowled as she looked out the window of the sixth floor. The children were noisily in the playground running around.

Down in the playground laughter and joy filled the air. The children played all around. Swinging on the swings, sliding on the slides, climbing on the monkey bars. They were having so much fun. But one child stood out from them all. Isabel was the youngest of the children and very different. She was was very small for her age and had long black, straight hair that stayed braided all the way down her back. She hated to play on the playground. For fear she will ruin her dresses. She had beautiful cotton dresses in assorted colors of plaid. She adored them dearly. She sat by herself at a picnic table coloring in her coloring book until she was utterly disturbed.

What are you doing raven head? Billy, the oldest of the children demanded.

Coloring, replied Isabel.

Cant you ever be normal? He complained ripping the book from her hands and stomping it in the mud. He took her crayons breaking them in half one by one.

Hey! Isabel complained taking a stand from the table.

The other children began to take notice as Isabel and Billy stood face to face. Billy loved attention. He never wasted an oppurtunity to grab it either. He ripped Isabel's red ribbon from her head and twisted it around his fingers. He waved the loose string in her face.

Fly away raven. Nobody wants you here, Billy informed Isabel of what she already knew.

Raven! Raven! Fly Away! Raven! Raven! Fly Away! all the children began to chant.

Isabel covered her ears. She hated the chant. She hated the nickname. She thought ravens were ugly and gross birds. They were the birds of death and that was it. She closed her eyes and covered her ears with her tiny hands as she whimpered in annoyance.

Stop it! She screamed.

At that cry, she let out the loudest and longest scream she could create. Everyone stood there frozen. Staring at her. She turned to face Billy and bashed her fist against his face so hard, it sent him falling towards the ground. Blood trickled down his nostril and covered his lips. Two boys held Isabel back by her arms as Billy punched her in the stomach.

You stupid snot nosed bird! he yelled with each blow to the belly.

It wasnt long before the fight ended. Mistress Heidi came down from her bedroom alarmed and annoyed by the disturbance of the children. Heidi hated kids. She didnt even want to be on this island. But the court ordered her to be here. But they didnt order her to like it.

She inspected each child up and down. Eyeballing each one as she passed them. She stopped when she came to Isabel. She wasnt looking at Heidi. She didnt like to. She hated to look into her evil eyes and long crooked nose.

Look at me child, Heidi ordered. Isabel refused.

I said look at me Isabel! she yelled. Isabel still refused.

Mistress Heidi was done with Isabel's rebellion. She struck her across the face and she finally looked at her. Tears streamed down her face as she lay in the dirt. Heidi curled her long witchlike fingers around Isabel's arm and began dragging her away.

Where are we going? Isabel choked through tears.

To teach you a lesson, Heidi barked without looking back. She left the other children staring as she dragged Isabel away. Little did they know that that was the last time they would ever see Isabel. Not that they really cared.

Later that night at suppertime Heidi fed the children without Isabel. She showered them. Clothed them. Made them do their chores. Then sent them off to bed. Without Isabel. But none of the children dared to ask the mistress about Isabel. They were all to scared.

Later into the night two girls could not catch any sleep. Carrie and Lily sit straight up in bed. Talking while the other children lay asleep. They talked and counted the stars in the sky. There was a moment of silence before Carrie spoke up to break the silence.

What do you think happened to Isabel? she asked Lily.

Who cares, Lily snorted. Indeed. Who did care? No one cared about Isabel. That was for sure.

Still, Dont you wanna know what happened to her? Carrie asked.

Lets go find out, Lily smiled sneakily.

The girls shared a hopeful smile and grabbed their coats. They crept down the staircase silent as mice. The only sound came from the creak of the stairs or the wind blowing the curtains in the library. They took a lantern as they headed outside. The sky was pitchblack and wildlife was everywhere. The girls were getting scared and about to turn back when they saw what looked like a small black sack. The girls stepped closer. Realizing the horrible truth of what it really was.

It was Isabel's dead body. Lying on the ground next to a tree stump. The girls looked down at Isabel. Her throat was cut and she was covered in blood. Her hair was undone and in a tangled mess. The girls became even more frightened when they saw the stump. Written in blood on the tree stump was a short message from Isabel.

"I'll be back", it read clear and full.

The girls dropped the lantern and ran full speed back to the house. Crying as they ran and replaying the event in their little heads. When they returned. They snuck snuggly back into their beds and not a single word of what they saw was ever shared. But the terrible truth was that Heidi buried Isabel's body behind the house and never told the children. Within in two days. Isabel was completely forgotten and the children and Heidi lived as if she had never existed.


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