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Mt Wranglers Asylum

Novel By: DarkShadow666

Five curious, happy teenagers, open a portal to the dead that should have been left alone; especially when that portal is in an old, broken down mental institution. This is a very dark place, with over six-thousand demonic spirits and under twenty neutral spirits. These teens don’t know what they've done. They’ve no idea, they'll be adding to numbers of the spirits in this institution. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 10, 2012    Reads: 76    Comments: 18    Likes: 9   

Chapter one - Amanda's Point Of View......

"Get your ass in the car now, Jack!" I cried. "Alright babe, I'm coming" Jack Shouted from Lucy's house, walking towards the car with six or so bags in hand, obviously Lucy's bags as she was walking behind him examining her nails holding nothing but her phone. We're all going out for the summer, as we just finished high school and we starting our gap year with something spesh. We were all going to Mt Wrangler; people have always said not to go near the mental asylum because of the "ghosts" that apparently haunt the place, but while we're camping we might 'dump the rules in the bin' and check the place out. After all, there's no such thing as ghosts. "LIAM, I told you to be here half a fucking hour ago. You're such a fucking dick head!" Lucy screamed, running closer to him, "I'm sorry babe" Liam apologized, "My grandparents arrived as I was leaving, so yeah, I had to stay a bit longer" he said. She was about to slap him, but quickly changed her mind and pulled him in, kissing him.

"Guys we have no time for this, Lucy thanks to your asshole of a boyfriend we are late to pick Mickey up, she's gonna be pissed!" I announced. So we all loaded up in Jacks Jeep and took off too Mickeys house. As we arrived Mickey was running to in the car screeching at all of us, as we simultaneously pointed at Liam, and he started defending himself "b-but Mickey u-uh, I uh, s-sorry Mickey". The ugly-evil look vanished from her face and she pecked him on the cheek and cried, "We can't start this trip with fighting" *laughs*, in that bouncy, creepy happiness she usually displays. Lucy grunted at Mickey, "Did you have to kiss my baby?" she asked rhetorically, practically leaping onto his lap. Mickey jumped in the seat next to Lucy in the back.

We started making our long three-and-a-half hour journey, seeming to get every bloody red light possible, making the journey longer; we had been driving for nearly 20 minutes when Lucy started screeching at Liam "You fucking mentally retarded fucking asshole, fucking dick! I hate your mother fucking ugly fucking cock face, you ugly fugly dick bitch!" We came to find out through Lucy's high pitch screams that Liam had been checking quite a pretty blond teen out who was standing by the bus stop. She continued for about 15 minutes until Liam got his chance to speak; "Baby please, I was looking at the sunset on the horizon, and it made me think of you and your beautiful smile, and how I couldn't live without you, you are my world, my food and my, my air! My little cutie-pie, I love you so much! You're so beautiful; your name should have been Gorgeous. My baby will you find it within your wonderful heart to forgive me?" She instantly melted into his arms and leaned in; giving him a long and meaningful kiss. "I love you my big tough smoochy-poochy!" Lucy exclaimed. "This is going to be a Lo-o-o-ong trip" Said Mickey. And I agreed. Jack laughed at Liam "Smoochy-poochy? Really? Oh wait till we get back to schoo… oh that's right, wait till be get to University!"

Jack was starting to get tired after about two-and-a-half hours of nonstop driving, so I volunteered to drive the rest of the way; we stopped on the side of the road and we swapped places, about to take off again, I leaned in and gave Jack a quick peck on the cheek, as the others were asleep and Mickey was reading, so no one saw us. We all noticed that we were starting to hit the country side and mountains were beginning to pop up here and there, Jack announced "We'll all be there in 15 minutes, but this is the last gas station, peeing and eating granted. Now go, shoo!" This gave me and Jack some time alone, "Baby I love you so much," Jack whispered in my ear, and started smooching his way down my neck, and back up again, I let out a small yet embarrassing sigh, "I love how I can make you do that so easily," he said to me. "Shut up and kiss me" I said in return; so we kissed passionately, both probably thinking about when we were going to tell the other three, that we were engaged. "Aaw, you guys are so damn cute!" said Mickey, I giggled and shouted at everyone to start getting ready to move again.

We were all so excited, Jack and I had been there before but the rest hadn't. "So, you two were having some fun back there, ha-ha!" Mickey scoffed, obviously directed at me and Jack. In return I said "Oh Mickey, what were you doing with Logan last weekend?" Maggie started wailing uncontrollably, then her favourite song started on the radio (Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri) and instantly she picked herself up and started singing along at the top of her lungs, she wasn't a bad singer, just not the best. Mickey sung "And who do you think you are, running round leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts, a-" "Shut the fuck up whore," barked Lucy, slamming her hands over her own ears. I then asked Mickey why she started bawling her eyes out earlier, "Well you know that I lost my virginity to Logan right?" I nodded my head, "and that we had been together for two years right?" I nodded my head again; starting to predict what she was about to say, "He left me for that slut Katie!" I was shocked, I soon realised that my mouth was hanging wide open, so I quickly shut it, hoping no one noticed. "Oh my god Mickey, I am so sorry Hun, you came so that you could take your mind of it I'm guessing?" she nodded ever so slightly. I made everyone promise to her that they won't talk about Logan during the camp.

We arrived at the clearing, soon realising that no-one was there, we chose our spot and thought nothing of it. We were losing light quickly, so we set up camp; three tents, me and Jack, Lucy and Liam and poor Mickey was by her-self. We were melting marshmallows over our camp fire, when it started to rain, and when I say rain I mean it was pouring down. Jack and I snuggled up in the tent; nice and warm as we were practically naked, producing shared body warmth. "So babe, when are we going to tell them, you know, about us?" Jack pondered; I shrugged my shoulders in reply and shouted, "Hey guys get in here quick I need to tell you something." They all came running in, like one of us had died or something, "What happened? Are you okay? What's wrong?" Lucy yelled. "Everything's fine! In fact, better than fine, it's fantastic!" I squealed, then realised how much of a girl I sounded like, "are you pregnant, please don't tell me you're pregnant" "She is not PREGNANT" Jack yelled. "We're engaged!" Jack and I said in unison. The girls were bouncing around, squealing and screaming. Liam 'knuckled' Jack and everyone gave us a 'congrats'. We were all so happy; this trip was turning out exactly the way we wanted it to. Things were about to change, dramatically…..


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