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House of the Desperate

Novel By: declan mckimm

In this thrilling horror, ten people have been kidnapped and have woken up in a mysterious, unknown house. They are then told that the person who captured them is known as 'The Leader'. Who is he, and why has he done this?
More devastating news is given to them as they are informed that they have to fight a fierce competition to get out of the house alive, as there will only be two survivors.
In my first horror novel, there are more twists and turns! Expect the unexpected, and be prepared for the ride of your life! View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

To begin with, the house was silent. There was no noise, whatsoever. Even a housefly could be heard in this house. The building itself was shut away from the rest of the world. Nobody bothered to look at it, because nobody cared. It was like it didn't even exist. This unusual building had one floor, and there were four main rooms.

The bedroom was the largest room in the house. There were ten beds in it, all neatly made up. However, there was nobody sleeping in them. Nothing else was in that room, except for a massive mirror - a mirror that had never been looked in for a very long time. The walls of this room were like those from a prison cell - grey and depressing. Nobody would have ever dreamed of sleeping in this room. It was like it was made to create nightmares.

The living room was the next largest room. Contrary to the bedroom, this room had a little bit of colour. Also, there were several more things in this room. There was a colossal square sofa, and it looked perfectly comfortable. The cushions were in all of the corners, and even the back seats of the sofa were perfectly lined up. In the centre of this sofa, there was a glass table. It was small, but made the room look slightly happier. There was also a television in this room. It was plugged in, but it was very, very dusty. The carpet was green, and the walls were orange, making this room a typical living room.

Attatched to the living room was the kitchen, which was also the dining room. The kitchen had all of the usual equipment - a fridge, a freezer, an oven and a microwave. In the kitchen there was an enormous table which sat in the way of almost everything, creating little space to move around in there. The kitchen looked more modern than any of the other rooms.

The final room in the house was the bathroom. It was quite large, but there were few things in there: a toilet, a shower and a basin. Similair to the bedroom, the bathroom looked rather depressing. There was a leak coming from the bottom of the toilet, the taps of the basin were almost broken, there was a large crack down the wall in the shower, and there was a stain on the rug in the bathroom.

To get to the bathroom, you had to travel through the garden. The garden was square, and there was no life in it at all other than grass. Nothing else was there; not even one flower. No insects entered this garden, since it was completely fenced off from the outdoors, like the rest of the house. In fact, it was not even a fence, but a concrete wall, like in a prison. The wall was approximately twenty feet high, so nothing could get in or out. At the top of this wall, there was only sky, where anybody who wanted to look up could only occasionally see a cloud floating by.

Overall, this whole house was completely lifeless, and had seemed to be for a long time. However, one day changed that dramatically.

Ten people were lying in the garden of this seemingly lifeless house. All were breathing fine, and some were beginning to wake up. The first person to wake up was a man named Piers. He was wearing very scruffy clothes that had tears in them. He had a very messy beard and scratches all over his face. He got up slowly, and looked around at the concrete wall, and then he saw the nine other people lying there.

"What the Hell is this?!" he screamed.

His cry woke another two people up. One was Lucy, a young girl of about sixteen. She had bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Compared to Piers, her clothes were fantastic.

"Who...who are you?" she asked, "and what am I doing here?"
"I don't know!" cried Piers.

The second person to be awoken by Piers' cry was Ray, a large, coloured man who looked very threatening. He lay on his front, his eyes scanning his surroundings.

"What?" he asked, "what is this?"
"Is this a joke?" asked Lucy.

"What the Hell is this?"

"I don't know", said Piers, "I woke up here, too".

Gradually, others started to wake up. The next person to wake up was a hairdresser, named Emma. She was in her early twenties. She was as confused as everybody else.

The next person to wake up was a seventy-year old woman, named Margaret. After that, a teacher, named Paul, in his mid-thirties rose, and shortly after him, a young man named Jack.

Margaret looked absoloutely terrified and in shock, similair to the other women.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Where are we?" asked Jack.

"Who are you people?" asked Paul.

The final three people woke up. Ruth, a forty year old solicitor, was the next to get up on her feet. She wore business-like clothes, unlike the others, who were wearing casual clothing.

"Is this a dream?" she asked.

"This is no dream", said Lucy, "this is a nightmare?"
Ruth stood and stared for a second. She then pinched herself. She felt pain, meaning that it must have been real. "This is not a dream or a nightmare", she said, "this is reality!"

"This has to be some kind of joke", said Jack, "I mean, can somebody please tell me this is a joke!"

"You'd have to be pretty sick in the head to do this", said Ray.

Margaret fell to the floor, crying. Lucy approached her to comfort her. "It'll be alright", Lucy reassured her.

Next, another girl woke up. She looked young, and she was chubby.

"Well, where am I now?" laughed the jovial girl.

The others just stood and stared at her.

"Who's all these people then?" she said, showing that she had very bad grammar in her speech.

"You're not even scared?" asked Emma.

"No! I know this is one of me funny dreams. I'll wake up in a minute", replied the girl, who was named Molly.

"This is no dream", said Ruth, proving it to her by giving her a pinch on the shoulder.

Molly quickly reacted.

"Stop it! That tickles!" she laughed.

Finally, a long-haired teenager woke up. He had scars on his wrists, that were seen by many of the others. His hair was so long that the others could not make out his face. His name was Ashton. Clearly, Ashton was depressed, and the others knew it from the moment they saw him.

"Well", said Ruth, "now that we are all awake, does anybody mind telling me what on Earth is going on?"

Everybody just stood and stared at her.

"Nobody remembers where they were before they were kidnapped?"
"Well", said Lucy, "I remember going to bed, and the next thing I know, I'm awake here".

"Anybody else?"
"I remember that too", said Emma.

"And me!" cried Paul.

"And me!" cried Margaret.

"I don't", said Piers, who made everybody else feel uncomfortable, "I remember exactly what happened".

"Well then, tell us!" yelled Ruth.

"I was in a bar, and I went outside for a cigarette, then somebody just jumped on me!"

"I think I remember that, too", replied Ray, "I think I was given some sort of injection to put me to sleep".

Ray then lifted his sleeve up, and he was right; there was a red spot on his arm, revealing that he had had an injection recently.

"There we go", said Ray.

"So, what is this?" asked Emma, "is this one of those prank shows? Because this is not funny!"

"I don't think they would do that", replied Margaret, still shaken and confused about the whole thing.

"Let's go inside", said Paul, opening the door to the house.

Everybody looked around all of the depressing rooms. They saw everything that was there very quickly, and nobody was pleased with it.

Molly shouted at the top of her voice, "well, what's all this then?"

She then laughed, trying to convince herself that it was just a dream or a prank.

"This isn't funny", Lucy said, terrified that she'd been kidnapped.

"Do you think we are hostages?" asked Jack.

"Probably", replied Ruth, "I can see no other explanation for all this".

"Well, why would they choose us?"
"Somebody might come in to talk to us in a while".

"I doubt that".

Lucy interupted. "Whatever this is, we need to stick together to get out of here".

"Everybody should stay calm", said Paul, who was not very calm himself.

"Can we start with names?" said Ruth, who was beginning to feel like a team leader.

Everybody said their names, and after a brief introduction to themselves, a tape suddenly played on the television. The television screen showed nothing but blue, but everybody knew that something was about to happen.

"Here. Everything will be explained", said Ruth, trying to reassure herself.

There was suddenly a loud speaker seeping through the whole house. It shocked many of the people in the room.

"Hello", the voice said. The voice was very deep, and it seemed like it had been somehow edited.

"Right now, you have no idea where you are, or why you are here. Everything will be explained to you shortly, but for now, let me introduce myself. I am 'The Leader', and I have control of what happens in this house". The voice paused, allowing everybody to speak.

"He thinks so?" said Ray.

"Shhhh", replied Piers.

"I cannot put this in any other way, but I want to play a game with you all. A big game. A deadly game".

There were sudden gasps in the room when they heard the word "deadly".

"By the time the game has finished, only two of you will remain alive".

Suddenly, the room seemed to go up in flames.

"Oh my God!" cried Margaret.

Many of the other people were speechless, and they were staring in thin air.

"The only way you can survive is to depend on the rest of the house. Each month, there will be a vote, and whoever gets the most votes dies. Each member of the house will get one vote each month, so decide wisely".

"And what if we choose not to vote?!" yelled Jack, "what are you gonna do?"
"If anybody chooses to break my rules, I will release a deadly gas which will choke you to death within seconds. There will be no way out. Each month, everybody has to climb in the cages, which is in the spare room behind the bedroom. Underneath the cage, there are deadly traps, so there is no way out of this. If you choose to break my rules, you die, so you have to get in the cage. The cage will drop on whoever gets the most votes".

"There's no way out", said Lucy, as the tape paused.

"Now, there is the issue of food. Every week, I will set a task for one random contestant. If they pass the task, they will win food for a week, but if they fail, you will all starve for seven days".

Even more terror struck the ten people listening.

"One last thing", said the tape, "remember that I will include some surprises in this game". The voice laughed, "and that is all you need to know".

When the tape ended, everybody sat down on the sofa, trying to process the thought of what they had just heard.


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