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Chronicles of the dead:The Romero files (book One)

Novel By: DfwDude

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The Chronicles of the Dead
The Romero Files

first printing 1-28-95

This book is for all the horror fans,we all have our own story to tell. This is my story.I am not a writer..have no training in the art,and it is a art...but you gotta start somewhere,right? Writing is damn hard work and for a beginner wordssmith nigh on impossible! At times i would sit and stare at the screen for hours....trying to get past the first half dozen or so words....type a few words.....stare...erase.....stare........stare.
What made it all fall into perspective was the times when the words came faster than i could type....and actually write something i could later read and think Damn this here piece got some promise......jeez i would
give about anything if someone would invent a brain recorder.

Originally started at 04/18/89 as random notes scattered pages of jotting has turned slowly to this...


THANKS to Stephen King........and the STAND the best damn 'too hell and back' survival book I have ever read in one sitting.

THANKS to George Romereo ...and the LIVING DEAD movies.

And MOST of all my love and thanks to Taressa for bringing the dead in me to life......and the rest will take care of itself.
No doubt about it.

Steve Miller ..........best friend of travis since jr high
Sharon Chambers..........tv reporter
Gary Norton
Josh Chandler
Jackson Smith......... 6'4" 275 lbs of solid muscle....black as black can get.
John Thomas Swan
Paul Jenx drug dealer.....dealer extriodanaire...
Cathy Sullivan

Mike "gunny" Tillman
Father Reubin Priest gone insane
sherriff T.J.Tucker...redneck cop
Coop..........death row inmate.....becomes tj's right hand man
Tom Beckler...................morgue attendant........first known victum of dead

dogs save mankind..their keen sense of smell was the perfect safeguard against deaduns was a dogs nose
the moment a deadun revived,they emitted a pheromone that became highly detectable to dogs
and mans best friend...TRULY became mans best friend

Roger Hodgson

roger hodgson


The end of the world began a million years ago somewhere in the distant edges of the universe. A planet with a unstable core....blew.
Not a big deal in the scheme of things for the universe.....but a organism that existed only on that planet was scattered into the dark void..................a organism determined to live...........

It was a exciting discovery for astronomers of all ages, a astroid of unusual size was going to pass very near the earth,on its journey across the universe.unknown ,at least at that time,by any,the astroid had a hitchiker within its tail of debre that stretched behind it for thousands of miles.


Tom Beckler was one pissed-off guy.....Tom,a ametur stargazer,was the night atendant at the new city morgue,work was not the problem.. rain was Toms agravation. .....unending ,pouring rain...
Standing at the main entrance door to the morgue,he watched the rain pour down.
"Shit!" he muttered to himself, "I won't see fuckin shit with this goddamn rain!!!" Turning he walked towards the vacant security booth,still muttering curses to himself. Entering the booth ,he leaned over flipped on the security moniters...armed the security system.....and flopped into the nearest chair.....and waited for the bank of moniters to warm up.
"A MORGUE.....I work in a fucking morgue...a dead end job..babysitting a bunch of fuckin dead stiffs....SHIT !!!"
He was thankfull that he was now working at the new morgue.
When he first started working for the county,they placed him at the old morgue......he continusly got sick..from the reaction of the years of acumulation of formaldehyde and many other noxios chemicals...he was ready to quit when his supervisor transfered him to the new morgue. He no longer got sick from the smells..but he still got the creeps having to work the graveyard shift..alone in the house of dead.
"Only Stephen King could enjoy this fucking place." he muttered. "Damn place still gives me the creeps..just lucky it does'nt smell like dead meat anymore...I could handle this place a lot better if I could just crank up the heat a little.....fuckin city and their fuckin economy drives to save money." He groused.Looking over at the security moniters,he saw they had not come on yet.
"Now what the fuck....goddamn rain must have fucked with the fuckin cables....FUCK,FUCK,FUCK... shit....means i gotta check the cold rooms myself.......shit this just ain't my night!" he complained ..........He slapped the switch controlling the moniters and reached under the desk to remove a small t.v. the day gaurd kept there,plugging it in and turning it on to warm up,he decided to take a quick walk thru the cold rooms and do the first of several security checks required by the city if the moniters went down.Standing he left the booth and walked over to the elevator that would take him down one level to the prep and storage rooms.
"Maybe I'll at least see some of the meteor shower on the boob tube." He muttered as he entered the elavator,punching the down button he leaned against the elevator wall and watched the doors silently,slowly close....feeling the slight downward motion of the elavator,he shuddered and complained "I dont care what anyone says....I can feel it get colder as I go down......Damn I gotta start bringin a jacket to work...."
The elavator reached the lower level and silently opened..Tom stepped thru and crossed the hall to the first storage room.pushing thru the double swinging doors,he entered the long cold storage room.Glancing around,he thought how glad he was that he didnt have to spend much time in these rooms full of the dead,waiting for someone to claim them for burial.
The storage room,one of several was long and narrow..along each wall were dull silver doors,stacked three high and ran the length of the room.behind each door was a corpse...some dead by natural causes...some not. Tom sometimes had nightmares about him walking thru the room and suddenly hearing one of the doors chunking open.........in his dreams he could never make himself turn and face whatever caused the door to open.........Walking the length of the room he was spooked by the hollow sounds of his footsteps,and started talking out loud to himself,just to hear a voice even if it was his own..."Well ladies and gentlemens...your stay here will just be a short one,so ya'll just lay back...and stay cool ,ya hear...."
Snickering at his little joke about staying cool he aproached the swinging doors at the far end of the room,he stopped and turned to count yellow tags hanging from the handles of the ocupied units.counting just three tags in this room he cracked "Not many tenants tonight" snickering again he pushed thru the doors into the next room....jokes and calling the dead tenants was his way of coping with being surounded by death eight hours a night........little did he know how close and personal he would get with death before the night was over.........................

Sharon Chambers

Sharon watched as the camera crew rushed to finish laying all the cables from the transmit van and generator ..to the spot they had decided as the spot for the broadcast Slightly shaking her head she thought to herself This is one hell of a way to build a career in television,..I start at the bottom working my ass off,and here I stand waiting for a bunch of space rocks to appear
Still waiting for the camera techs to finish,she reflected about her short,but rapid rise in the t.v. game. She had left college with a degree in communications clutched in one hand,a stack of resume's in the other and a strong determination to succeed. She was determined to succeed in a field that few women had much luck in,in fact most women never got any further than being the blonde bimbo weather girl,or reporting on some bullshit flower garden party. Her first job,at a small local station in her home town was really nothing more than being a gopher......go for this...go for that....
Because she was smart and a quick learner,she was able to learn all aspects of th t.v. game from top to bottom.She learned how to run every piece of equipment she could get her hands on,and became invaluable to the station manager as a go-between from management and the technicians.
Her first big break came with a little luck and a major flu epidemic running rampant thru the station.Sharon one of the few not struck down with the flu,arrived at work with the feeling that something exciting would happen that day.She spent the morning answering phones and filing reports.She recieved a call that something big was about to bust loose at city hall.Using that tip and calling in some favors from a friend at the da's office,she was first to file a story that created a power structure to crumble within the city government.
With that story she was promoted to reporting and she quickly gained a reputation as one who worked hard for a story,fair in her reports and believed strongly if finding and getting the truth to the public." So what went wrong?" she thought,"I went from an enterprising upward newsperson,at a hole in the road station.....and here i am...chasing space rocks and describing how pretty they are to John Q. Public.....I think I'm due for a change..."
Glancing at her watch and relizing it was almost time for her cue,she walked over to Gary,her producer.As she aproached ,Gary looked up from the schedule he was working on and spoke.".Ah Sharon your right on time as usual.the crew is set up and ready.....we'll go on air in about five minutes.All you need to do on this segment is describe the events leading up to the comet passing the earth and what kind of meteor shower we can expect to see. Thenas the shower begins,just give your best description...I ll have camera two on the shower and we ll do a split screen....sound ok to you ?"
"Sure Gary,sounds great to me....but if we can let s wrap this as soon as possible...maybe we can have time to stop at that cemetary we passed down the road.I bet we can get some really good background shots for the Leaderman story!"
"Great idea babe....let s get this show on the road..grab your mic and hit your spot,that meteor shower should be hitting any minute....and remember,babe,smile real big and let everyone know that the big party is about to begin....."

the morgue

Tom finished checking all the rooms,walked back to the elavator to return to the main floor.Waiting for the elavator doors to open he grumbled something about his luck....waiting weeks to see the meteor shower....and what happens..rain....fucking rain .
Returning to the main floor he left the elavator ,passing the security booth he glanced over at the security moniters and saw that they were still malfunctioning,but noticed that the tv was working. He passed the security booth and moved towards the front entrance. He pushed thru the inner set of doors and out of the next set and was outside under the covered awning,stopped and stared at the fiercly falling rain.
"SHIT, SHIT and double SHIT !" He exclaimed, "It s raining harder now than it was a half hour ago....FUCK it...I ll stay inside,stay dry and just watch it on the goddamn tv!"
Muttering every foul epitath he could think of as he turned to reenter the building,walking across to the security booth,he entered and threw himself down into a chair. Reaching down into his ditty bag,he dug around inside until he found a much used and favorite ciggarette tin. Pulling it out he flipped the lid open and shook out a pre-rolled joint. One of several that he rolled for each night at work.
"One good thing about working nights," he said out loud,"At least I can have a toke when I want one!" Sticking the joint between his lips,he dug into his jean pocket and pulled out a lighter and used it to lite the joint.Taking his first deep toke of the night,he filled his lungs with the pungent smoke and held his breath,fought the urge to cough,and leaned over to switch on the tv and changed the channel to his favorite station.As the channel cleared he saw the new anchorwoman was on and talking.Exhaling with a loud whoosh,he hollered out..."Hey baby,I do like your looks ! GREAT tits and killer legs.... Honey I'd like to tie you to a bed and really give you something to report about...oh yeah baby !"
Taking a really deep hit on the joint,he reached over and turned up the volume and then settled back into the chair to watch the show.......

the Cemetary

Sharon started talking to the camera as soon as she saw the red light on top of the camera blink on.
"Good evening everyone.This is Sharon Chambers reporting live for station KTKS. We are set up several miles away from the city lights so we can try and get a sharper picture of the long awaited meteor shower.Astrologers have been watching the comet for many weeks now.They,the astrologers,have not been able to determine the comets point of origin ...... they do agree that it comes from the other side of the universe... and by plotting it s course,they agree that it will continue thru our galaxy and beyond.The astrologers do agree that it will not collide with the earth... but it will pass very close...close enough to provide us with a excellent meteor shower from the tail of the comet as it passes by the earth.....tonight, possibly within minutes......any person able to view the shower should do so....it promises to be the grandest of all meteor showers...There is no danger of any large meteors striking the earth. All that will enter our atmosphere will be chunks of rock and dust and most all should burn to harmless cinders upon entering the atmosphere."
Pausing a moment as Gary patched some info to her thru her ear mic,she flashed a smile to the audience as to say pardon me just a sec ,Her smile grew even wider and she continued.... "Yes ladies and gentlemen I have just recieved a report that the aproaching Meteor shower is very near...people all over the world are using the coming meteor shower as a reason to have huge outdoor parties to view this thilling once in a lifetime event and some groups are starting betting pools as to what time the first meteor will be seen."
Sharon paused at a signal from Gary and waited as the camera did a slow scan of the sky.Cutting back to Sharon she began again... "Yes...we have just recieved word from our east coast affiliate that meteors are beginning to show over washington D.C. ...yes they are seeing more every second....we should begin to see them within moments.."
Staring into the camera she did not see the first flashes of light. But did hear the first exclamations of suprise,changing to shouts of delight from the people around her. Glancing up, Sharon,for the first time in her career was completly speechless.
Above her the sky was quickly growing lighter as just a few meteors burned across the sky..within seconds a few became hundreds...then thousands.. Millions of flashes of light until it apeared as if a billion candles were streaking across the sky.
Regaining her composure,Sharon looked back at the camera and spoke quickly "I wish you could be here to see this...never has mankind had the oputurnity to see a meteor shower of this magnitude...but for those of you unable to be outside to see this......i ll do my best to describe it to you......it is now almost as bright as day at this moment and should continue for several minutes.............."

the Morgue

The ringing of the telephone shattere the silence. Tom,totally absorbed by the spectacle he was watching on the tv,nearly fell off his chair,but managed to only succeed in dumping his hot coffee in his lap.Cussing loudly he stood up and started to wipe himself off with one hand and snatched up the phone with the other.No longer cussing,but still pissed ..he growled into the phone
"Hello,City Morgue,Tom Beckler speaking."
"Hey Tom,this is Mark...from station 21....."
"Hey Mark,my main man,I havent heard from you in a coons age....are you getting a chance to check out the light show from God?"
"SHIT...I tell you what man....first it has to rain and get the streets slick......then it clears...and those damn meteors start falling..and I kid you not...when the rocks started falling ...the wrecks started right up"
"No shit!!!"
"I'm not shittin you one bit dude! Mark shot back These damn idiot drivers out here dont have the fuckin brains to pull over to watch the meteor shower,HELL NO, they rubberneck like crazy and drive right up the ass of the poor sumbitch in front of him ! Tom,your about to be one busy dude!"
"Fuck me!" Tom cursed "I was afraid of that,any idea how many are coming my way ?"
"Can t say for sure just yet. We just got word of big pileup out on the loop,and dispatch told us to send all our pickups to you. So get ready...we are on the way in and all other mobiles will be right behind us."
"Goddammit,that really chaps my ass,I should nt be surprised tho it just caps off my perfectly fucked up night......at least we got plenty of empty drawers......"
"Tom from what I hear on the 2-way,it just might come to stackin em 3 deep......I wish you luck cus I got more calls than I can shake a stick at ! I ll give you a call when things begin to slow down ok ?"
"Yea,thanks for the warning Mark. I ll get ready for the rush...see ya."
Hanging the phone on the hook,Tom reached over and snatched the last of the joint in the ashtray. "One last toke and then it's hi ho hi ho off to work my sorry ass goes" he snickered as he lit the joint and sucked the harsh smoke deep into his lungs. Leaving the security booth he entered the elavator and punched the down button then slumped against the wall of the elavator....

the Cave

Travis and Steve
Travis stopped moving when he heard a splash followed by total darkness.Travis held his position and chuckled listening to his friend thrash around in the cold water...cussing a streak as he slipped several times before regaining his footing.Travis could'nt resist a perfect oputurnity for a jab......... "Steve....you gonna swim around all day..or do you want to finish and get out of this damn cave?"
"FUCK YOU !!" Steve blasted back....."Motherfuckin,goddamit to hell....you and your friggin coin tosses are really beginning to chap my ass........."
"And get it wet..." Travis snuck in
"ASSHOLE!!" Steve responded "at least turn on your lamp so I can get out of here without breaking my neck! Man-o-man I am one tired sonofabitch and now I gotta slop around here soaking wet....shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt...I need a beer!"
Crouching,Travis reached down to his waist and flipped on his light and began to remove it. "Here he said Take mine and lets keep moving......besides it was a fair toss and you know it budro!"
"Yeah,yeah I lost the toss HELL I always lose the damn toss!" Steve muttered in reply.
"Right,and loser had to lead...and that s you DUDE ! So move your wet ass! I m as tired and hungry as you are.......just not as wet!"
"Yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah quite your bitchin and gimme the lamp and drag my sorry ass out of this sorry ass of a excuse for a cave" Steve grumbled as he attached the lamp to his waist belt
"Right,and watch your step...another slip like the last one and we will sit here in the dark until a lamp dries out....."
A muttered fuck you was all Travis heard. Taking advantage of the short break he leaned against the damp wall of the cave to rest his sore knee. He could hear Steve muttering an ocasional blue word,atesting to the fact that he could nt finish a sentence without the use of a cuss word or two. Travis leaned his head back against the wall and let his thoughts drift,and thought about the first time he met his friend......in fact....cussing a blue streak was the first thing he ever heard from Steve.....

It was early in his senior year of high school. He was headed for the public library,a place where he had spent many a pleasant evning.When he was young he developed a unquenchable thirst for the printed word,anything was fair game for his searching eyes.He loved to read so much.....he could not go to sleep at nite without first reading for a few minutes.
Takeing a short cut thru the alley behind the library,he was about half way thru the alley when he heard a shout from the darkness ahead.Quietly moving closer he could see that three guys were crowded around one guy. Even tho the surounded guy was outnumbered and out sized,the guy was turning the air around him a cobalt blue with his swearing. Travis edged closer to the group and winced as he heard the language the guy was using. He remembered thinking about how many bars of soap his mother would have used washing out his mouth if she heard him use even ONE of those words around her.
Even tho Travis did'nt think of himself as a fighter,he could'nt stand to see someone ending up on the short end of the stick,especially when it was some very large guys ganging up on one smaller person.
Stepping from the shadows,Travis walked towards the group and hollered in the toughest voice he could muster,"Hey you guys...cut it out...three against one just ain t right!!"
"Fuck you punk!" The biggest one said as he shoved the smaller guy into the arms of his two friends, this slimeball punk don't belong round here......and we re gonna teach him a lesson he wont forget so he ll stay out of our territory...."
"Hey,I don t know about any of that......all I know 3 against 1 is sucky odds..."
"Ok tough guy ...you want it fair...then you can join asshole here to even out the odds a bit...so take your pick.....which one of us do you wanna take on first ?"
Right then Travis knew he was in deep shit.He had never been in many fights while growing up.He had found it easier to turn the other cheek rather than get his ass whipped.He knew this was one of the times he could'nt talk his way out.

Trying to stall for time,hoping someone would come into the alley and maybe put a stop to what was about to happen.he looked over at the guy who was the reason for his being in the spot and asked "Hey how you doin?"
With a slight grin mixed with a grimace,the guy straightened up in the arms of the two thugs holding him and replied "Well to tell you the truth,could be better,could be worse............."
"Hey Bruce" the thug holding onto the guys right arm said to the big guy standing in front of Travis "Why don't you let them flip a coin ....shit mouth here can call it and the loser gets his ass kicked first!"
Bruce laughed, "Good idea" he said as he dug in his pocket for a coin.pulling out a quarter he tossed it to Travis and said....."Since your so concerned about fair play and all that shit,you flip the coin,asshole here can call it and the loser gets to take me on first."

Travis looked from Bruce to the guy he was forced to side with and recieved a grin and a slight wink. Travis shook his head,returned the wink and decided it was now or never. Without warning he flipped the coin high above their heads and said..."Call it."
"HEADS!" The guy screamed as the coin arched about six feet above their heads....
while the coin held evryones attention,Travis spun and kicked the guy called Bruse square in the balls,Bruce screamed,cupped his balls and fell.Travis grabbed a board from the rubbish around his feet and moved towards the two thugs holding the other guy.Stunned at seeing their leader on the ground crying and puking,their prisoner stomped on one thugs foot,then spun to trip the the other thug backwards......
Relizing they had one chance,Travis and the guy ran like hell for the street. Bursting from the alley they ran along the side of the library and turned and turned at the corner and ran for the safety of the well lighted entrance. As they pounded up the library steps Travis was amazed at the guys audacity....one minute about to get his ass creamed....and the next running loose and cool and laughing.
Stopping outside the library doors to catch their breath before entering ,Travis had to ask "Okay,whats so funny about both of us nearly getting our asses kicked all over the damn alley ?"
Bending over to catch his breath,the other guy snickered again before ansering.
"I'm sorry man....I really appreciate your help......the coin toss.....i lost it before you took on Bruce....and the quarter....i grabbed it before running...now those assholes will never know who lost..AND I got Bruce's quarter !"
Succumbing to a fit of laughter the guy slid to the floor as Travis stood and watched him while thinking about who would win the next toss of the coin.................

Steves's voice jarred Travis back to the present,
"Hey Travis...Yo dickbreath !"
"You talking to me ? Donkey Dick" Travis answered.
"No shit Man,I just want you to know........I enjoy checking out these caves you find,and fun is fun,BUT we ve been in this wet motherfuckin cave for five days......five days of artificial light,artificial food......and wet...wet all the damn time...every damn second of evry damn day for five damn days..."
Travis interupted "You forgot one thing Steve..."
"You had ME for company the entire time....."
YOU.....You motherfucker.......always happy, ready for any goddamn thing..........JEEZ..
If I'd a known about all the agravation i've suffered over the years.....why...WHY I would've forgot all about saving your ass in that alley !!!!!!
And deprive yourself of all the fun we ve had over the years.

Stopped in his tracks,Steve stared at his at his friend for a moment then turned to continue leading the way.All the time muttering curses and dire threats of a severe beating AFTER they left the cave and AFTER they got back into the civilized world,and most importantly AFTER he had a beer......then maybe a deserved ass-whippin would happen.
A few hours later,they had sloshed their way back to the main entrance chamber. Steve paused for a moment and looked up at the small circle of light which defined the exit to the cave....and started in again......
"Damn, I can feel it all now......soaking in a hot tub of water,sucking down one of MANY ice fucking cold beers. Then I m gonna pretty myself up and go out and find me a WOMAN ! Then i ll sweep her off her feet with my tales of danger and derring-do while down in this deep dark pit of hell........Shit..I m ready !!"
"Yeah right Steve...are you really going to tell them that your feats of derring-do was mostly getting your ass soaked and trying to avoid jock rot ?"
"DAMN Trav......you think any woman with half a brain in her head will jump my bones if I told the TRUTH?...HELL no,and you know it.......just remember.... if any chick asks if your grateful to me for saving your life......just go with ..ok?"
"Your kidding me......right?"
"Shit no man,I m serious as a heart attack!"
"Seriously Steve any woman that sees you aproaching with a tent over your crotch and that wild gleam in your eye,and drool running down your chin....she will NOT hang around to hear your lies ...but she will run..not walk..run for the hills!!!!"
"WELLL you just hang around and observe,my friend,and I will teach you the fine art of meeting women.......and if your real damn lucky,i might just give you one of my rejects."
"That's ok Steve,don't do me any favors......i think i ll just relax and count how many times you get your face slapped during the night...."
By then Steve was squirming thru the exit hole and all Travis could hear was a muttered "Fuck off Doc! "
Once Steve was standing outside the cave entrance,Travis passed all their gear out to him and then sruggled and squirmed thru the tight hole to stand next to his friend. Strecthing to get the kinks out of his back,Travis relized it was nearly dark.
"Well ,at least we got enough light to get all the gear loaded into the bronco."
"Yeah" Steve answered "and I can hear the beers and the babes calling my name already......"
"Yeah right steve........"
Grabbing their gear they quickly descended the slight hill above their camp and started throwing all of the gear into the rear of the bronco,scraped what muck they could off themselves and climbed into the bronco. Travis fired up the engine and let it idle for a minute to warm up.

"Hey Trav..how far is it to that little burg we passed thru on the way out here? I need a piss stop and a brew REALLY bad.."
Glancing down at the fuel gauge Travis answered...."Well, your in luck.... that 'burg' is only about twenty minutes away....and the Bronc does need gas......and since you insist,I'll even let you pay for everything.....!"
"FUUUUUUCK you ,Travis.......It's your damn truck.....you pay for it !"
"Tell you what, Steve,We'll flip ......double or nothing........and you can even call it!"
"AARRGGGHH! I knew it !! I just knew you would say that,.....BUT just to save myself some aggravation......I'll pay for your Damn gas! JUST be sure and stop at the first place you find........asshole !"
"What a guy.... "Travis laughed and said "Thank god for empty gas tanks and desparate dudes needing beer......look out world the gruesome twosome are headed home !"
Travis slipped the Bronco into gear and headed down the dirt road towardws the highway as Steve let loose with a rebel yell and a yippee ki yi mother fuckers drifted in the wind as they vanished into the darkening evening..............

the Morgue

Hunger.....we have all experienced it in one form or another.For some it is that stomache twinge and growl,for others it is the pain of starvation,sometimes followed by death.
The microbes carried by the comet and its debre was a parasite....always hungry,never satisfied,never appeased. was about to make its apearance on planet earth.

Tom had just finished digging out several forms he knew he would need for registring the incoming bodies,when he heard the driveway bell bong as the first ambulance backed to the loading dock.Tom grabbed several of the forms and stepped from the small office just as a man came thru the outer door,pausing to remove his rain slicker and shake water from it. Tom recognized the man as a friend of his and greeted him.......
"A little wet out there,huh?"
"Man you don t know the half of it,rain..wrecks..and all kinds of crap going on out there!"
"It s the moon....".Tom joked
'What??...th moon..."
"The moon is full" Tom explained "all kinds of crazy and weird things happen under a full moon....."
"Shit Tom..your probably right about that........anyway,where do you want us to start placing the stiffs?"
'Shit....I guess you can put them in prep room one....it s the first one on the right ..leave the paperwork for each one on the table beside it and i ll transfer the info onto the toe tags as I get to each one......."
"Whatever you say.....wish we could stay and grab a cup of joe.....but we have to dump this load and head right back out.....calls are coming in faster than we can handle them.....hell you ll probably see us again before the night is over..and maybe more....."
"O.K. guys...as much as I like ya ll.....i hope I don t see ya again tonight!" Tom said over his shoulder as headed back into the file room to grab more forms and tags.

Shortly after the first ambulance left,more began to arrive and each ambulance barely had time to unload before another was waiting in line.It seemed hours went by...but it only took two before the morgue was filled to capacity and Tom had to start diverting traffic to other locations.
Finally tom was alone again,he decided to stop long enough to fire up a doobie before getting started on the part he hated most of all.
"Time to get ready for the shit work.' He muttered as he took a deep hit off the joint,filling his lungs several times with the harsh smoke,he finally felt the first soothing rush he needed to prepare himself for the job at hand. After relaxing for a few more moments,he decided the best way to get the job done was to just go for it and finish as quick as he could. Pinching out the last inch of the joint he figured he better save a bit just in case his stomache started acting up.
Slipping the roach into his pocket,he stood up and grabbed his clipboard and a handfull of tags. Entering the first prep room,he wished he could turn up the heat a little,but then that would'nt help the smell at all......so the hell with it.

Walking over to the first table,he avoided looking at the body on the table...he concentrated on picking up the papers beside the body and transfering the info onto the toe tags. A morbid curiosity got the better of him Looking down at the body his first thought was......."well hell,if this is the worst of the lot,then I got it made.....this one ain't too bad..!"

On the table before him laid a black man. The only thing visibly wrong that Tom could see,was the man s head The forehead,from just below the hairline and down to just above the eyebrows..was caved in.....looked as if someone had hit him across the forehead with a 2 x 4 . The result of the blow made the eyes almost bulge out of their sockets. That and some blood from the nose and ears was all the damage he could see..

A hour passed,in that time Tom was able to tag all the bodies in the first prep room and was halfway thru prep room two. He decided to take a break and finish the rest of the joint he had saved. Pulling up a chair,he sat down and tried to get comfortable..... after a few good hits on the 'doobEit was too short to hold.
Fuck it! He groused as he pinched out the last ember and stood up.
I'm gonna finish the rest in this room and call it a nite...Hell the guys on the fuckin dayshift can finish the rest......methinks I've seen enough gore for any one night !
Standing he walked over to the next table,and looked at the body before him... imediatly his stomache began to flip flop and he had to fight down the urge to gag or even throw up.
MOTHERFUCKER !! This has got to be the worst one yet!!!! Looking at the mutilated body on the table before him,he had a hard time deciding on how or where to start describing the extent of damage done to the body.... His first thought was that somebody had stuffed a man's clothing with a lot of raw hamburger..
DAMN ! Guy,.....you look like you tried to hitch a ride on the bottom side of someone's car ! Tom joked to relieve some of the tension on his already tight nerves as he reluctantly scanned the body to note all visible signs of trauma

On the table behind tom lay the corpse he had just finished,the left hand resting on its stomache fell to its side,knocking the papers laying there to the floor.
Tom nearly jumping out of his skin,spun around,and started cussing when he saw the papers scattered about the floor.
SHIT,SONOFABITCHINMOTHERFUCKER !!!! it's bad enough that I have to look at you ugly mothers......BUT i'll be damned if i'm going to clean up after you also !

Bending down to pick up the scattered papers,he hit his shoulder against the metal table

An hour passed then two,in that time Tom was able to tag all the bodies in the first prep room

Standing he walked over to the next table,and looked at the body before him

the tag on the hamburger dude.Reaching for the tag,he decided that this was his last one for the night.He glanced down at the corpse,then focused on the tag...and frowned...unable to grasp what bothered him........then it hit him.....when he turned to gather the fallen papers......the hamburger dude s head had been facing AWAY from him......now the face was turned toward him,confused he leaned closer towards the corpse..............and the eyes of the corpse opened and focused on him.... shocked unable to believe what he was seeing,HELL, unable to even draw a breathe to scream, he stumbled back a few steps...and bumped into the knees of the corpse behind him that had just sat up and swung its legs over the side of the table......jumping back from that sight Tom turned and saw that the hamburger dude was actually sitting up and was still staring at him ! Instinct finally kicked in and he spun to get the hell out of the room... and stopped in his tracks.....to see aproaching him from all sides were the dead ! The dead were rising from the tables and stumbling towards him.
Tom looked franticly for a path to run,but all avenues of escape were cut off by the aproaching creatures. All Tom could do was stand and watch these things make their way to him....

His very last thought,before his mind was completly gone........as the hamburger dude grabbed his hand and began chewing on the fingers......as one crawling nightmare pulled itself up to Tom s leg and proceeded to bite and rip a huge chunk of flesh from his thigh.........as he felt a finger puncture one eye.......as other fingers were thrust into his mouth grappling for his tongue.......his very last thought was a resigned .....What a really fucked nite !!
His body literally exploded as several pairs of hands dug into his flesh and ripped his body apart in huge obscene chunks of blood and flesh.........and for a single nanosecond before death mercifully claimed him,thru his remaining eye,Tom saw pieces of his own body being consumed by his former Tenants ....
.......then all that was heard was the chewing and slurping sounds of feeding......

the Cemetary

Sharon sighed as she tried to get more comfortable in the front seat of the van. Being a news person on t.v. did have its perks,and people did tend to think it was all fun and glamour.....But for the moment she was experiencing the non-glamorous side involved in remote sets.
The waiting game.......Watching the meteor shower light the nite sky,a pale red ash began to fall from the sky,covering everyone and evrything. When rubbed the ash would smear,as if sort of a oily base,rather than brush off......and then it began to RAIN.....THEN a few people began to complain of a burning
sensation on their skin.....which quickly became a painful rash on the skin.
Gary called a wrap and the technicians scrambled to pack the gear as the others ran for cover

Watching Gary slog thru the mud towards the van,she noticed the rain had stopped,for the moment at least. Gary opened the driver side door and began to scrape the mud off his boots. He broke her train of thought when he spoke, I told the guys that we would meet them at the cematary,you and I will go ahead so we can choose the best location for the shot......and you can repair the damage to your hair and warpaint !
Right Gary, she snapped back while i'm at it i'll get pregnant,have a baby,and fix coffee for evryone at the same time...
She and Gary could always joke with each other to help relieve tension during the worst of times.
Sharon was one of the few lucky women that could look good thru hell or high water.It never took her more than a few minutes to become presentable before the camera.usually she would end up waiting on the techs to get their gear setup and ready.....friendly barbs would fly back and forth.
Sighing to herself,she was glad that she did have such a good career in broadcasting, she damn sure did'nt have a man to spend time with. Lately she had started calling herself a 'celibate old broad'. Her last few relationships had all been disasters. She could not understand why her choice of men was so lousy. Glancing at Gary she thought that his wife was one lucky girl....Gary was casual good looking with a great personality. Sure they had had a few problems,what marriage did'nt... but they had worked them out so far.....
Gary's voice broke into her thoughts... cont.......

" Yeah,I think the best thing to do is try and gain some intrest on the issue right off the bat

No prob dude she replied as soon as we decide on a location,and you finish getting the guys started..i'll go over it with you so we can decide on cue spots....
You got it Babe
It did'nt take long to find a spot they both agreed on. The techs arrived and started unloading gear,Gary told the assitant what he wanted and she and he planned the shoot with a minimum of fuss and a few quick changes of camera angles..a short confab with Sharon..a few walk thrus and they were ready to shoot.
At Gary's cue the camera started rolling......at first it was directed at a view of a solitary tomstone....after a few seconds,Sharon's voice could be heard off camera...
A cematary.....Quiet and serene in it's beauty.....the Final resting spot for our loved ones.......
As the camera panned across the terrain, Sharon came into view standing beside a fresh grave..the canvas awning still standing to protect any mourners from the weather,and a scattering of floral bouquets already starting to wilt.She continued

" Yes ladies and gentlemen,a cematary....a sad but familiar site for many of us" The question we want to present to you tonight is something we should all be aware of.That question is....are your dead loved ones,treated with the respect and dignity they deserve?...in a moment we will continue with a story that may well shock you or sicken you....even make you angry.......but it is nececary to make you all aware of what may be happening at several mortuarys around the country...the Leaderman story.....respect or ripoff.....next !
Sharon continued to smile at the camera until the red light faded,indicating that Sharon was now off camera.
Great Sharon Gary said give us a few minutes to reposition a few lights and we'll cut in with a fade up on you..
Ok...also, Gary...be sure and pull in close when I crouch and get a handfull of dirt...
Yea...he replied and as you finish we'll fade out with a close up of your hand sifting the dirt thru your fingers.........ready?....your on in five......four.....three....two....one
At Gary's cue,Sharon looked into the camera and continued her story......
Tonight I have a very unpleasant story to tell you. It is a sad time when we lose a loved one. Out of respect and love we do what is necassary and bury our dead,you buy a plot,you buy a coffin,arrange for a service,you contact a mortician......now the mortician prepares the body of the deceased for burial.....he cleans the body..repairs any visible damage to the body...dresses the body in it's finest clothing,then places the body in the coffin for viewing by the greiving relatives and friends....for all these services you pay a considerable fee.a fee verging into the thousands the average funeral costs about $6000.00 and it goes up from there.
A few weeks ago,thru a private source,this reporter was informed of a practice of a most vile nature. At this very moment police are waitinfg for court orders.....orders that will allow them to exhume several bodies recently interred at the Leaderman Mortuary and Cemetary. We have reason to believe that employees under the direction of Mr. Leaderman himself are not preparing the bodies correctly..in other words....they are not using embalming fluid.....a chemical used to preserve the body..also prevent the spread of bacteria that is harmful to us ....the living!
Even more of a atrocity......once final viewing is over...before leaving the chapel the body is passed thru a very secluded and guarded room...before closing the casket for the final time...several employees quickly remove any valuables.. Rings,necklaces,momentoes.....and yes even inspecting the teeth quickly removing any gold filled teeth......!!!!
" The police have requested us to ask the public that if you have recently buried a loved one at a Leaderman cemetary....Please contact your local police and give them the information,and permission to make sure you have not been robbed by a Man of no Morals or deceny....

The camera followed Sharon as she turned and crouched down beside the fresh grave as she continued....We urge you to contact the authorities and provide them with any information that will help them to stop this revolting practice!.. If you are in the process of intering a loved one please be sure and check the references of who you use.!
As she was saying her last few lines, Sharon dug her hand into the fresh loam covering the grave. As he raised her hand and began sifting the dirt thru her fingers ......it happened ....A hand thrustout of the dirt and grabbed sharon's wrist !!!!
The startled camraman,more by instinct than skill kept the camera rolling and in focus,allowing a clear picture of the nightmare that was just beginning..

Sharon,thinking she had entangled her hand in a wreath looks down and sees the hand from the grave grasping her wrist and screams......
The dirt covering the grave begins to tremble,dirt rolls back and slowly,steadily, a head begins to emerge from under the dirt

Gary, at first to stunned to react,stands with his mouth hanging open watching the impossible happen.......Sharon,still screaming begans jerking her arm back and forth...trying to free herself......but the body...or thing..was actually using her arm as leverage to pull itself from the grave

The cameraman decides the hell with artistic value......fuck the news.... drops the camera and runs screaming for the van.......
Gary snaps out of his frozen shock,runs to Sharon,grabs her arm and begins kicking the body about the head and shoulders...the combined weight of Sharon and Gary is enough to pull her free and they both stumble and fall to the ground in a tangle of limbs.

One of the sound techs pissed his pants and ran screaming into the depths of the cemetary....the other tech fell to his knees and began crying....to frozen by shock and fear to do anything else.

Sharon and Gary laid in a tangled heap on the ground and watched in horror as the thing pulled itself free from the dirt of the grave and attempted to stand (later when she had time to think about those first few minutes,she would rember that it seemed she was watching evry thing happen in stop frame action ) The both of them stared in wide eyed horror at the creature before them. The creature stood,weaving slightly as if just learning to balance it's self.
Sharon and Gary both scrabbled backwards a few feet .......the corpse becoming aware of their presence and turns toward them.....the camera lights give them a clear view,for the first time,the face of a living dead......a face that had no expression,just a gleam of something unholy,deep in the eyes of the dead-un....and something else.. A look of raw deep hunger.The corpse tried to take a step towards them and stumbled,falling to its knees......Sharon and Gary looked at each other with mutual expressions of disbelieve and horror.......as one they scrambled to their feet and ran for the van.......Gary screaming at the tech on his knees to follow them.

Sharon reached the van,yanked open the passenger side door and threw herself in,banging her knee on the door frame and struggled to slam the door closed. Gary threw himself into the drivers seat and frantialy searched for the keys to start the van. Sharon turned to lock her door and glancedback at the gravesite just in time to see the corpse from the grave rip out the throat of the technician that had frozen in fear.... she screamed at Gary to hurry and start the van as he flooded it on the first try. The motor started at the second attempt....and they were frozen in their seats at the sound of a spine tingling scream that increased in pitch and volume and suddenly quit,cut off abruptly.
"DAMN,DAMN,DAMN.......that must have been Ed !!!" Gary babbled as he stared at Sharon.
Gary! She screamed back..shut the fuck up and get us the hell away from here before we're next on the menu !!!!

Seconds before Gary slammed the van into gear . Sharon felt/heard a thump at the door behind her.Jerking around she looked directly into the face of another corpse.... one that had been dead for more than just a short time.Sharon fainted with the image of what she saw,forever burned into her mind. Looking into her window was a near rotted skull,pieces of flesh and strands of hair clinging to the dull yellow skull,one eye looking at her with a desparate hunger...the other eye socket filled with wigling worms............

the Gas Station

Following the winding dirt road that would connect them to the highway,Travis relized it was getting dark and leaned over to turn on all the lights,including the big bar lamps mounted on the roof of the bronco. Steve settled into his seat andmuttered he was going to cacth a nap and to wake him when it was his turn to drive.

Twenty minutes later they reached the highway and headed home. Another half hour And Travis was getting bored and getting major white line fever . He looked over at his dozing friend,decided the hell with it and spoke....Steve!...You awake?
A muttered curse.....
C'mon Man....you awake?
No man....I always carry on a conversation in my sleep !
Then you'll be happy to know,that it appears we're gonna make good time hardly any traffic at all.
Steve never even opened his eyes as they talked.
My guess is that the meteor shower that went off earlier tonight,after a light show like that......any thing else would be a hard act to follow....so every one went home...
Yeah,your probably right...AND....if you would'nt have kept falling in the stream and killing time......we might have seen one hell of a light show also...
Fuck you.....besides once you seen a falling rock,then you've seen all ya need to see!
Travis started to return with a comment about Steve's relationship with pond scum,instead,he said in a subdued voice......Hmmmmm,i do believe I see a sign up ahead that mentions something 'bout beer........
Steve sat up and shouted Stop....Stop...or i'll do something really mean and despicable.....BY GOD......a beer....THANK YOU Lord!!!
Travis grinned at his friends sudden enthusiasam and jerked his strings a little
Steve,if I was a real asshole,I would wish they did'nt carry beer....just to see the expression on your face.....oh
Should we flip to see who pays for the gas?
SCREW you Steve shot back and just in case nobody has told you lately.. YOUR a asshole!
Travis laughed and shot back Steve,like I've always said......Blame it on me,.. Everyone else does....
Steve gave Travis a dirty look and started to shoot back a responce ...but was interupted as Travis slowed the bronco down to turn into the station. Travis saw the sudden look of anticipation on his friends face and said OK you win .... but it seems like I paid last time....so it's your turn anyway.!
Well SHIT...Steve groused as Travis pulled the bronco to a stop beside a pair of pumps....I don't give a damn..I'll gladly pay..if it'll get me to the beer any faster ! .......ASSHOLE !!!!

Travis killed the engine and they sat a moment ,listening to the ticking of the motor as it began to cool and they both looked around the deserted front area. Steve grumbled Shit..don t tell me the damn place is closed....crap...it would be just my fucking luck for it to be closed !!!

And whose gonna put me up there,huh?
Just me,asshole!
Yeah right! You and what fuckin army BUTTHEAD! Steve shot back over his shoulder as he headed for the door to the gas station office.


Standing by the Bronco,smelling the fumes of the pumping gas,Travis felt a chill run up his spine..."Somebody just walked over my grave.." he muttered to the reflection of himself in the rear glass of the Bronco.He finished pumping the gas,rehung the nozzle on the pump and checked the fluids under the hood.........He was crouched at the rear of the Bronco,checking the tire pressure..leaning against the fender...his mind was a million miles away...Suddenly he was pulled off balance by a hand jerking on his shoulder.Startled he jumped upright,hitting his shoulder against the fender of the Bronco,spun around to face a pale,sweating and obviously scared Steve...
"SHIT,Steveyou trying to give me a fuckin heart attack.....??"
"Sorry man....fuck...you gotta check this out.....shit......."
"What the fuck are you blathering about you dip shit.....you pissed cus they got no bee..."
"GODDAMIT TRAVIS....Shut the fuck up!" Steve screamed
Travis relized that something really had shook his friend and he tried to calm him down..
"It's ok man...i'm sorry.....so whats got you so spooked?"
"Man..I went into the store and got the beer and some ice but no one was inside to take the money...I checked the office and it was empty....but both registers had cash in them..."
"Let me finish Damit"
"ok,ok im sorry.."
"So i thought,well,maybe the guy had the shits and needed the bathroom real sudden...so i go around the side to the bathroom and its empty....i see a small trailer in back and figured maybe maybe the station guy was in the trailer....i walk over to the trailer and as i get closer i see BLOOD around the the entrance and on the door!'

BLOOD ! Come on Steve your seeing things...must be a flashback from lack of beer......he joked
FUCK you Travis.....I know fuckin blood when I see it...and i m telling you..I SAW FUCKING BLOOD back there....and LOT S of it!!

Allright Steve I believe you.....so lets go check it out.Maybe the guy running this place hurt himself and he may need some help
Steve looked at Travis,looked back towards the trailer,muttered something about A fuckin whole lot of fuckin blood visibly shook himself and led Travis around the station towardsthe small trailer at the back of the lot. As Travis neared the trailer he saw that it was just a small travel trailer setting up on blocks.The type you would see some people pulling around the country for short trips,too small to live in but great for overnighters.Travis figured the owner used it as aplace to catch a quick nap or a private spot to have a few beers......As they got closer Travis could see a dark liquid pooled around the steps of the trailer,and dark rusty smears around the door.Stopping by the steps Travis crouched down and put his finger tip into the puddle,hearing a oh yuck
From Steve. Travis rubbed the liquid between finger and thumb and sniffed it
Your right Steve,this IS blood..and its quite a bit for a small cut....I hope that whoever got hurt was able to reach help.
I TOLD you it was blood !
Did you check inside?
SHIT no, Isaw all this and came and got you!
Travis wiped his finger in the dirt,stood and leaned over to rap on the door and waited a moment.
Maybe they ve already gone to see a doctor
ok so...try the door guy
Travis looked around,saw a peice of paper on the ground and used it to grasp the door handle and twist it,heard the latch disengage and pulled the door open to look in.At first gloance it looked like a normal messy interior poor housekeepers he thought,then he relized what he was really seeing......disbeleiving he leaned in closer to get a better look......and he turned and stumbled a few feet away,fell to his knees ...and vomited
Damn Trav you ok?
Still on his knees and gagging,Travis pointed back at the trailer,and was turning to warn his friend only to see him already opening the door and looking inside...Steves's body jerked in reaction to what he saw,he steppedback,slammed shut the trailer door,and fell to his knees gagging and spitting also.
Travis spit a few more times trying in vain to rid his mouth of the taste of bile,and asked his friend if he was ok...

Are we crazy, travis ?......That can't be what we're seeing in there.....
Steve,we've got to see if anyone is alive....maybe hurt,in there !
Travis,i don't really cotton to the idea of goingin there......think we can call someone?......
Steve,there MAY be someone hurt....we have to check...Steve looked up into the dark sky,muttered FUCK.....he looked around,muttered another FUCK ,pulled himself to his feet and walked over to Travis and offered his hand to help his friend stand. Still clasping Steve's hand,he put his other hand on his shoulder and looked his friend in the eye.
Steve....we gotta check....you with me?
Steve shook his head,muttered another fuck and Travis knew his friend was with him all the way.
Moving a few feet away steve searched the ground and picked up a short stick and used it to gently push the trailer door open cont......

"Goddamn right!" was all Travis said and they turned and hauled ass for the Bronco. Their fear grabbed them by the ass and it became a all out scramble for the relative safety of the Bronco.Side by side they ran across the yard and along the side of the station. Unerved by what they had seen the devil himself could have apeared before them and they would have flattened him like a tank rolling over a bush. Pounding across the front of the station towards the Bronco,Travis in the lead,did not run around the Bronco to his door.Instead he yanked open the d


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