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Disturbations in the Mind

By: Disturbations of the deep

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How could he do this?, I trusted him, he was my only freind in this barren world.He stole all my happy memories,before the murder,and left me with dark ones. I'm not right in the head. Ever since i saw that man in the alley way hacking up a helpless schoolgirl into bloody peices, blood dripping down his face and soaking the pavement a deep red, the smell was still strong in my nose, the girls head hanging of by a thread, her wide eyes helplessly staring at me wondering what she did wrong, from what was left of her body, the image was still fresh in my mind. Ever since then I've been hearing voices, mean ones telling me how disturbed I am, how lonely I am and pushing me into suicide. Ihad been to the doctor many of times, telling him what they said to me, and he comforted me telling me it was going to be allright, telling me he's trying to find a way to get rid of the voices in my head, but then he turned on me and took me to a white building with padded cells and left me here to dwell in the dark memories in my mind and the voices echoing around me.He lied and now I'm trapped. I should never have killed that girl, and now it was my time to die.

Every one has a moment in life they wish they could go back on and change, life doesn't work that way, for me life has been a dark tunnel that seems never ending. For me there is no light at the end. I have been cursed. Cursed with a gift. Cursed with a need to murder. My name is Max, but here I am Patient 666. The hardest caseSinsfulls Mental Asylum has ever handled. Before I was a lecturer at Mans University, it doesn't matter where the university is, and i lectured students about biology, so I know where the most painful places in the body are, and thats what makes me such a good murderer, I give them as much pain as i can and leave them to stare at their own innards, slowly dying. Soon I am to be excecuted, the reason, I have murdered 10 patients in this retched place, and they only found out cos i left a little bit of their blood on my chin. I couldn't help it, blood is my sweety at halloween, everyone has to give me some. Before I go I promised I would leave my mark on this world and here it is in the format of a book, a book about the patients here who were stranger than me but easier to get rid of.

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