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The z0mb1ezg0dd3ss challenge!!!

Novel By: DragonsSong

I did spell ur name right didn't I? I'm really bad with names so sorry if I did....
This is for a challenge so I hope u like it....

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Submitted:Sep 9, 2009    Reads: 84    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

alt Still under construction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serena wasn't quite sure why she'd decided to walk down this road. It was a week till Halloween and she was supposed to be picking out a costume. Instead she was walking down some road in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason. She sighed to herself, resigned to her useless walk. She'd been doing useless walks for as long as she could remember.
The road was a dirt one, with trees lining it for as far as she could see. It was what had drawn her here in the first place. She'd always loved the forests around her ancestral home. Ever since her parents had died she'd lived with her grandmother up here in BFE. It was an old, basically dead, town. But this road was alive in its own little way.
Of course, not in the usual way that most people saw things. She'd learned a long time ago that she always saw things differently than everyone else. The road to anyone else was non-descript, with aging trees and little forest life. But to her it was something else, she could feel the tightness to the air that spoke of older things. She could feel the hidden graves among the trees, the old bones in the ground, the spirits that haunted the place. But most of all, she could feel the living beings that lived, hidden, among the trees. True, she'd never seen them, but she knew they were there, always had.
She heard a rustling in the leaves and stopped to watch as a small cat jumped onto the path. It was a normal black cat, maybe a little larger than most people expected them to be. It had beautiful silver-blue eyes that seemed to see deep into her soul. She carefully knelt to the ground and held out her hand to it, hoping it would come to her. Maybe she could keep it.
It stared at her for what seemed like an eternity before it finally walked up to her. It stopped and sat down two feet from her. Its pose was regal, as if it was a royal cat of Egypt and expected to be treated that way. It almost made her laugh but she didn't, knowing that cats hated to be laughed at. There was something odd about the way it watched her, as if it saw something that cats weren't supposed to. Cats were intelligent beings, but this one somehow seemed smarter, almost human, but somehow deeper. She carefully set her hand on the ground. The cat looked from the hand and back to her, as if it were asking her something.
Then it did something strange. It stood and walked over to her, pausing by her wrist and staring up into her eyes. It watched her carefully for a few seconds and then reached its head down and carefully bit into her wrist. She winced but didn't pull away, knowing from experience with wild animals that if she pulled it would only tear the skin more. The cat carefully let go and darted into the trees.
Serena got up and sighed, thinking that she would never see the cat again. She carefully ripped a piece of cloth from the bottom of her shirt and tied it around her wrist. Then she turned and began walking home, no longer wanting to walk along this path as before.


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