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Please Don't Let It Be Silent

Novel By: eludingdarling

When all is said and done there will be silence. And when the silence comes you better pray and pray hard, because if the silence last for too long, then that means you have failed.
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Chapter One: Closet Space and Killer Headaches

My head pounds as I start to become aware of my surroundings and as I struggle to sit up I find myself trapped inside a dark space. 'Right', I think to myself with annoyance, 'I was dragged in here after Lelahi's mom came home early yesterday.' I shake my head fondly, but stop when it worsens my headache. Wow, never drinking at her house again. Well, not on a school day. I suppose that I should leave sometime soon, seeing as I don't want to be found in, what I recall to be, a closet. I try to stand, but give up after a wave of nausea takes over me. Alright then, I'll wait a bit longer.

"Daffy, are you awake?" A familiar voice, a familiar too loud voice questions as she, it is defiantly as she, knocks on the closet door softly, well, not softly enough. I suppress a groan and decide to wait it out before I exit my sanctuary of peace and quiet. There is too much headache and its too early in the morning for me to be dealing with their shenanigans.

"I'll wake him Daisy, you just go and wake Lelahi," Another voice, this time male, but equally as too damn loud, says.

"What about Robert?" The female asks again, in that nails on a chalk board pitch that is so unnecessary.

"You can wake him too. Robert tends to be less of a douche when he is woken up," The male replies. So what if I tend to be cranky? I'm just not a morning person, and honestly, I don't trust anyone who smiles before eleven.

"Where is he?" Again with the voice! Hot damn, can't a guy wallow in his own stupidness in peace?!

"He was sleeping in the bathtub last I checked," Ugh, the bathtub might be the pinnacle of drunken passoutment, but frankly, its not as great as a coat closet. Granted its more flashy and whatnot, but its not all that cool when the light floods in from the window and onto your drunken shit face. Now that just sucks. Plus, one does not have enough brains and awareness to lock the door, so your bound to be woken up before your ready to.

"Having fun in there?" I sigh in relief when light doesn't fill the closet as soon as Ash, I think its Ash, if that black shape of a blob, or more stick, is anything to go by. Plus, I can't make out a shape of boobs, and Daisy just left, Leahi is who knows where and Robert is in the bathtub.

"I'm in here because I had too much fun, and so no, but hey, the one man party was bearable, so please see your way out," I grumble as I rub my temple. Ugh, I hate conversations. All this sarcasm takes out on a guy, ya know?

"Actually, the group was planning on having a good ol' get together in the living room, so kiss your solitude hopes goodbye," There is no spite, or mockiness in that sentence and that is the only reason that I don't just ignore him or pretend to be dead.

"What's going on?" I ask in a whisper, mostly because my head hurts and who is going to be kinder to me than me? I'm a very considerate person, thank you very much.

The stick blob of Ash looks over his shoulder before stepping into the closet and shutting the door. Great, secrets that no one else must know. I should have passed out in the bush instead.

"Daffy, your parents didn't get home last night, and so my parents left this morning--"

"Wait, this morning? What time is it?"

"Around six in the afternoon, now listen. My parents left this morning to go check on them and I haven't heard from them since.." Ash trails off after that and silence reigns once more, but this silence gives me a bigger headache than what all the noise gave me because this silence means something bad. I try to recall the reason my parents left last night, but all the reason they ever left blur into one and I just can't remember. Either way, something is not right if they did not come back by now, especially since Ash's parents felt it necessary to go looking for them. Why couldn't I just have normal parents?

"Are they dead?" I ask with reluctance. It was either ask or wait for Ash to deem enough has time has passed for dramatic silence to take its full effect.

"I don't know, hell, I don't even know if my parents are dead. I just know that its not good."

"Care to elaborate, or is that just too anti-climatic for you?"

"Daffy...Daffy, what they went to go check out were reanimated corpses that were terrorizing a city."

"Please tell me there are none left,"

"Daffy, there is no one left, the whole town is empty. As in every house and every grave. Its bloody, but there were no corpses found. Daffy, this doesn't feel right,"

"No shit Sherlock," I snap, " there are fucking grave draggers walking about and it doesn't feel right? The whole damn town is empty, no corpses, nada, and it doesn't feel right?!"

"Daffy, its not that thats been bothering me, its the fact that the city was a few cities over. How much are you willing to bet that it isn't over?"

"I make it against my moral standings to bet against people's lives. Hot damn, and what the fuck where you waiting for? A fucking bat signal?"

"Daffy, the murders were bloody yes, but they were also clean. We cannot take something like--"

"Aw, come off it. Is August still in town?"

"He is for you..," Ash mutters angrily. I roll my eyes and try to stand again. Crudicles, I still feel nauseous. I rest on my knees and take a few calming breaths.

"What's your plan of action?" I ask after awhile and after I don't feel like I am about to literally spill my guts.

"I was planning on taking the girls and a few others on a 'vacation', as were some of the adults. School has even been canceled due to some 'faulty' pipes," I roll my eyes once more at Ash's need to use quotation words even though we are the only two in this closet. I squeeze my eyes shut and curse. His plan of action would be to tail it out of here. Cruds, why can't I have a sociopath's conscious?

I open my eyes and stare hard at Lelih's carpet. Guess its up to me to do the dirty work. I think of food and other nausea inducing thoughts. Puking is unpleasant, but it is a temporary fix for nausea. Heres to saving the day and killing the dead.


"Oh gross!"


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