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Suffering of the Fallen.

Novel By: Emerald Skye

The story of a family, torn by bouts of insanity, perverted needs, and the desperate need for love and affection.
Nikolai: The Russian born convict, claims to be an explorer, but has more secrets than you can expect.
Lydia: Passive girl, bends to fit what Nikolai wants.
Linda: The Autistic child.
Nicolas: The second oldest, traumatized into almost silence.
Derek: The hell bringer, and the eldest son, a convict, and the burden-bearer. View table of contents...


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Moscow, Russia

March 23, 1983

When two strangers are destined to meet, fate goes out of its way to make it happen just right. Or well, not exactly right, since the way these two met, is unconventional…For the time at least.

Lydia Armstrong moved from Los Angeles, California, destination, Moscow, Russia, miles away from her birth place, following a dream she'd harbored since she was younger, working at her father's apple farm, helping to plant orchids and watching as the campesinos* worked ardently under the hot, ever burning sun.

Her days were filled with hot days, hard work, and little to no time of being a young teenager. That is, until she got the chance, at 18, when she'd finally saved enough money to go to Russia.

It was a cold, cruel place, with barbarian strangers, dirty streets, and winter almost all year long, (At least to her knowledge, living in California and all.)

Her dream was to become a Free Lance Journalist, but she knew hedr father would never let her be one in his prescense, so, she moved to Russia…Where she met the man of her life. Nikolai Sokolov, a brute, frontier Russia with less morals than a hound dog.

He was working as an explorer, (Which was a nice word to call a spy, liar, and a runaway criminal.) The day they met, there befell a horrible, and very thick snowstorm, Lydia, being unaccustomed to the cold, and caught outside her rental room, soon fell victim to the freezing and abrupt drop in temperature.

She fainted, her body starting to go into a hypodermic state, but guess who was there to save her? Yes, Nikolai. He dragged her off the deserted streets, (Makes you wonder what exactly he was doing out there in that kind of weather…Eh?), brought her to his home that was nearby, and warmed her up….From there, its all history.

Moscow, Russia.
February 14, 1990.
At 3am.
Their first child; Derek Sokolov, was born.

March 13, 1992
Their second child; Nicolas Sokolov, was born.

April 22, 1996
Thier last child; Linda Sokolv, was born.

Attn; Pages like this one will be set between chapters, a sort of time line for everything that has occured in the previous chapter(s). Enjoy.

Translated words:

Campesinos; Farm workers, usually Spanish in origin.


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