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Power Is A Burden

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

Ametrista was a lost girl. She couldn't find herself. he thought herself as a bad person who took others for granted. So she finds friends who accept her, but they make her feel welcome. Others make her feel not welcome and alone. So life for her becomes a living hell.

People begin to die around her like dropping flies. She feels like she's worthless and is just death in a bottle. Will Ametrista be able to get through and pull herself out of this rut and be able to survive? Or will everyone die and she be held responsible for it? View table of contents...


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My mind was racing faster than anything in the entire world. A knife being held in a black leather gloved hand, and me tied to a table. I knew I was going to die right then and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Tears were streaming down my face into the cuts on my cheeks. My clothes were torn and tattered, and I had cuts and bruises on my torso. I looked back up at the knife hovering above my heart, still.

"Are you ready to die my lovely witch?," the man holding the knife chuckled.

"No," I whimpered, "please let me go."

Before I knew it, whoever this man was, the mysterious person was thrusting the knife towards my heart and...

Chapter 1

{About 1 month before)

I was dreaming that my father and baby brother weren't dead. My dad loved me, but he died from cancer. I was holding my baby brother when I blinked and was left holding an empty baby blue baby blanket. Tears were streaming down my tan face. My brother had died at birth. I was holding him that dreadful day.

I sat up in bed sweating and my eyes were burning. I must've been crying in my sleep again. Damn nightmares; I've beenn having them more frequently.

"Ametrista! Breakfast!," my mom sreamed.

I sighed deep and long. My morning was already fucked up because of that dream. My first day at a new school wasn't going to be help one bit. I looked at my room and saw my black walls and red curtains, and looked at my black and red bedset. A strand of my black hair fell in my face so I blew it away. I loved my hair; it was naturally black with red and magenta streaks. I thought about what I was going to wear on first day. I got up and went to my wardrobe. I grabbed a pair of black converses, black skinnies, and a black band t-shirt of Flyleaf. I put on my make-up, grabbed my bag and ran downstairs.

When I reached the kitchen my mom had made grits and bacon. I loved grits, but I'm a vegitarian.

"Hey you're just in time," my mother said turning off the stove, "breakfast's ready."

As soon as my mom said that my little sister, Ariya, and my grandmother, Sylvia, walked in.

"Ametrista, how are you feeling?," my grandmother asked.

"Fine," I said giving her a hug.

"come here Ariya," I said croutching in my tight skinnies.

Ariya ran over to me and embraced me in a hug. Her hair smelled like my vintage purfume called Nightmare.

"Were you in my room?," I asked as I pulled away enough to look into her large brown eyes.

Her beautiful smile turned blank in guilt. I sighed and kissed her forehead. I stood back up and sat at the table. I ate my breakfast and grabbed my black and white Black Veil Brides bag.

"Bye mom," I said giving her a kiss.

I walked out the house, with my keys around my neck on my Blood On The Dance Floor landyard, to my bus stop. A few people were already at the bus stop. There was a blonde girl with blue eyes holding hands with a black haired boy. He had gray eyes like me. I put on a small smile and directed my eyes to my shoes.

"Hi," the blonde said letting go of boy's hand and holding it out to me, "I'm Clara."

I took her hand and shook it firmly. Another girl appeared with milky brown hair.

"This is Namiria," Clara pointed to the brunette.

"Hi," Namiria said.

"And this is my boyfriend Shane," Clara stressed my.

"Hi," he held out his hand.

I grabbed his hand and I could tell he was trying to be gentle.

"What's your name?," Shane asked.

"Oh, sorry, my name is Ametrista," I answered letting go of Shane's hand.

I saw out the corner of my eye Clara was trying to decide if I was a threat or not.

"That's a.... different name," Namiria said.

"Yeah, my mom combined Amethyst and some of Katrina," I replied.

Just when Clara was about to say something the bus came. I let out a large breath in releif. Clara and Namiria sat in very front with other girls. When I walked onto the bus it quieted down.I walked to the back of the bus, but before I could Shane grabbed my wrist.

"Sit with me," he said as the bus took off.

"Ok," was all I could make myself say.

I sat by the window in a two-seater and Shane sat beside me. Clara turned around and I saw an evil look in her eyes.

"What about Clara?," I whispered to Shane.

"It'll be fine," he said going back to talking to guy friends.

I took out my phone and texted my mom that I think I've already made friends. I set it on vibrate because later in the day she said Aunt Mary was coming. The bus came to a stop and I looked outside. There was a major car crash. We took a detour and when I saw one of the cars it looked like my Aunt Mary's. But I eased my nerves cause she wasn't coming until later.

When I got to school I went to the office to get my scheldule. My first class was History with Mrs. Uniglish. I saw a few kids hanging out. Okay you probably know I'm goth, but I saw five other goth kids. They all turned to me and stopped talking. I stopped in my steps.

"Hi," a girl with greens eyes and purple hair said, "I'm Star, and yes it's my real name."

"Oh, hi, I'm Ametrita," I waved.

"This is Kashmina, Joey, Carl, and Alex," she pointed to everyone.

"Nice name, you new?," Alex asked.

"Yes, and thanks," I smiled.

"What's your first class," he asked.

"History," I smiled.

"Cool, me too," he said.

"Hey I like your t-shirt and bag," Kashmina complimented.

"Thanks," I said.

Just then the bell rang. I watched as everyone left except Alex, who was standing very close. I began to walk then suddenly stopped.

"Just follow me," Alex said innerlocking our arms.

"Okay I giggled as he dragged me.

Alex showed me my homeroom and locker then we made it to History. The class was ten minutes in session.

"Ah, Mr Night," Mrs. Uniglish stopped her lesson, "you seemed to have helped our new student find her way safe and sound."

"Yup," Alex replied making his way in the back.

Mrs. Uniglish had her eyes locked on me. I watched Alex and saw him stick his middle finger up at some guy who mummbled something. I giggled a sexy giggle and saw Alex smile back at me.

"Well, please tell the class your name Ms.," Mrs Uniglish interrupted my staring and giggling.

"Oh, uh, Ametrista Johnson," I said.

"Please take your seat Ms. Johnson," Mrs. Uniglish beamed.

I walked to the back and sat by Alex, but not first hearing some guy fake a cough and say "freak". And another doing the same, but saying "hot".I ignored both comments and sat down. Uhggg! Middle of the school newbie sucks. Class was a little more than half way over when Alex tossed a note on mty lap. I unfolded it and it read:

"Study" date at my place 2 nite

You gonna come?

I wrote sure and tossed it back to him. He smiled and winked at me. He tore the note half, wrote something down. He tossed it back and I read it. On it was his address and cell. I chuckled and stuffed it in my Black Veil Brides bag.

"Ms. Johnson do you know what Mesopotamia means?," Mrs. Uniglish asked.

"Uh, the land between two rivers?," I blurted out without evenn thinking.

"Correct," she smiled and went back to her lesson.

Alex mouthed smooth. I mouthed thanks back. When History was over I was enlightened to leave. I walked to my locker and tossed my new textbook in. When I shut it Shane was standing right there. I jumped in surprise and dropped my bag.

"Oh, Shane, what's up?," I tried to ask steadying myself.

"Apparently you," he said in a deep aluring sexy voice, "eveyone's talking about the new sexy asfreak chick."

I didn't say anything; I was only wondering what's wrong with being a 16-year-old gothic newbie? It kind of fightened me a little bit. My other school had totally ignored me.

"I better get to my next class," I said backing away.

After my other two morning classes I was finally glad it was time for lunch. All they way across the cafeteria I saw Alex already munching away. I hastily made my way to the table. And seat open was between Star and Alex. I sat down with my Sick Puppies lunch box, autographed!

"Hey loveley," Kashmina joked.

"Hey," I responded.

"Nice lunch bag," Carl said.

"Thanks," I said.

"Why did you pack first day?," Joey asked.

"I'm a vegetarian," I answered.

"Really?," everyone asked.

"Yup," I said.

"We thought Alex was the only vegetarian in our group," Joey said sarcastically.

"You're a vegetarian?," I asked Alex.

"Yeah," he said eating a vegi-burger.

"Whatcha got for lunch?," Star asked.

"Miso soup, low salt crackers, and lemon tea," I smiled pulling everything out.

Before I could take a sip of my soup, Namiria came to the table.

"Hey Ametrista," she said.

"Hi," I responded.

"What the fuck do you want?," Star snapped.

"None of your goddamn business," she retorted.

"Than why the hell are you here then?," Alex asked.

"Clara wants to see you," Namiria tells me.

"Why didn't the hoe come over here?," I wittily said.

"I'll ignore that comment and let's go," she growled.

"No," I simply said.

"Fine, bitch, have fun with your gay and lesbian friends," she said hastily walking away..

"Wow, the whore and hoe are becoming desperate," Kashmina laughed.

"What did she mean?," I asked.

"Oh, Alex is the only straight person here," Star said.

I just stared at everyone. It kind of gotten me questioning my judegement. But hell no was I going to take this and listen to her fucking words.


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