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Power Is A Burden

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

Ametrista was a lost girl. She couldn't find herself. he thought herself as a bad person who took others for granted. So she finds friends who accept her, but they make her feel welcome. Others make her feel not welcome and alone. So life for her becomes a living hell.

People begin to die around her like dropping flies. She feels like she's worthless and is just death in a bottle. Will Ametrista be able to get through and pull herself out of this rut and be able to survive? Or will everyone die and she be held responsible for it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 10

I looked at Alex and knew something was on his mind. He looked at Shane again and laughed.

"Bastard," Alex mumbled and walked up to me, "I'm glad you're okay Ame."

"Me-," stopped feeling my stomach do an entire flip and I fell to my knees.

"Ame what's wrong?," Alex asked kneeling beside me.

"I don't feel so well," I muttered and felt my breakfast come back up.

I put my arm around Alex's shoulders and was taken to the closest bathroom. When I got there I vomitted in the toilet. There wasn't blood, but it didn't feel like I was sick or something. I looked at Alex and concern was on his face. I smiled weakly and something hit me. I wasn't feeling well, I was throwing up, and I was human again. Succubi had very little chance of getting pregnant because the fact of the need o use energy by sexually feeding. I looked down at my stomach and was shaking a lot.

"A-Alex I-I think I'm pregnant," I looked up at him.

"What?," he asked in a no emotion tone.

I looked up at him and something must be wrong. I didn't even know this could happen. I felt so ill that I couldn't get up. I groaned in pain and was a little feely on edge. I was so scared of me being pregnant. If I was pregnant and was found by Ryan or anyone else he may know, I could seriously be in danger.

"We should leave," I gripped his arm and he just picked me up.

"I'll tell Kashmina to call the jet," he set me on the couch and put the trash can beside me.

I rested my hand on my stomach and was now petrified. Kashmina walked in and kneeled in front of me. She looked happy, but in her eyes I could see that she was still upset from the death of all her 'family' and friends. She put her hand on top of mine which was still on my stomach. She sighed and looked at my eyes.

"I'm sorry about what I did. I'm the worst vampire in history to deal with their anger issues," she said and rubbed my wrist which still hurt a little bit.

"It's fine," I smiled.

"Did you already move the flight up?,"Alex asked.

"Do you think flying is a good thing?," Kashmina asked biting her lip.

That made me think. Would it even be okay for me to fly to wherever we were going? I looked at Alex and he let out a long breath. I felt something come up and turned to the trash. I vomitted and Kashmina gently patted my back. I vomitted again then felt my stomach settle down a bit. I lied my head on the arm of the couch and looked at Kashmina. She smiled and moved a lock of hair from in front of my eyes.

"You'll be okay," she whispered and kissed my forehead.

"Hopefully," I murmured and saw Alex come back with a glass of water and a pack of saltine crackers.

"I'll call the doctor," Alex kissed my head and walked out.

"Do you really think that a doctor would be able to help?," I asked Kashmina.

"Not a human doctor, but we do have doctors of our species," she said.

"Oh, okay," I said laughing at myself.

I took a sip of water and felt better and it washed the nasty taste back down. When I opened the crackers I felt pain in my stomach. I'm guessing I really needed them. I ate one and when I swallowed it it came right back up. I threw up again and Kashmina looked at me.

"I thought saltines help settle the stomach," she said taking one and eating one.

I sure thought it usually helps even if you're pregnant. I tried to eat another one, but before I could put it in my mouth I felt an agonizing pain in my stomach. Like something had kicked the shit out of me. I gasped and looked at Kashmina.

"What the hell was that?!," she screamed.

"Alex!," I shouted and he ran in.

"What's wrong?," he asked mildly.

"Something just kicked the shit out of her," Kashmina said.

"I'm not allowed to eat," I groaned and leaned my head back down.

"Why?," he asked.

"The baby isn't all human so I'm going to guess it's appetite isn't going to be the same," I breathed feeling like I had nothing in my stomach that would give me sustanance.

"Shit," he whispered to himself.

"What?," Kashmina asked.

"Well, I was hoping that you'd be able to eat," he said and we turned when we heard the sound of a man clearing his throat.

"Sir, it's ready," the man said.

"Thank you, could you wait a moment?," Alex asked.

He nodded and walked back out the house. I sat up and felt emptiness and not a lot of energy. I didn't have a lot of energy and wasn't even able to try to stand up. I just sat leaning against the couch. Alex came up to me and looped an arm around my legs and back and picked me up very carefully. Kashmina grabbed a case of water bottle and followed us outside. Outside was a limo that was already prepped for us. Kashmina put the waters in on the opposite seats and got in sitting down. He handed me to her and then climbed in shutting the door.Kashmina moved to the other side and I was lying in Alex's lap and think I must've fallen asleep for the ride. It was twilight when I woke up and we were still driving.

"Alex," how far is this jet?," I asked looking out the window and it looked like all woods.

"We're not going to take a jet because it's not good for you," he stroked my hair.

"Okay," I said.

When I looked at the tinted window I saw my reflection. I didn't look good at all. I looked like I was dead, but the odd thing was my buldging belly. I lied on my back and looked at Alex's face. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. I looked at Kashmina and she was sound asleep with a pillow and a small blanket. I looked back at Alex and he wsa just looking out the window. I felt something moving in my stomach like something was slapping me from the inside.

"Alex," I said.

"Yeah," he responded.

"If I can't eat food what can I eat?," I asked.

He looked like he didn't want to answer my question. I didn't look away because I wanted to know the answer no matter how bad. He sighed and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

"You actually can't eat anything, and it sucks because you'll starve. But the baby doesn't need food, it needs blood," he finally answered.

I was a bit shocked because I was usually fine around blood, but having to drink it to get it to the baby seems a little gross. I rested my right hand on my stomach feeling the baby move a lot. I had to drink blood to give the baby what it needs. I closed my eyes and just sang a lullaby in my head. When I felt the limo stop I sat up and looked out the window.

"Take it slow," Alex cationed me.

I nodded and the door was open to a gorgeous house with an ocean behind it. I was helped out the limo and was at least a little bit able to walk. I was taken inside and saw other people in the house. They actally didn't mind my presence because they didn't seem like humans. But I'm pretty sure around my eyes were black and looked like I was dead walking around. Alex sat me in a chair in the at the island counter. I waited for him to come back, but Kashmina came back instead. She had a magenta colored mug and had brought it for me. I took the mug and saw a dark red luqiud occupying the mugs space. I gulped and felt that the baby was excited. I quickly began to drink the rich liquid and felt a craving for it. For probably a good reason it tasted really good. I finished off the mug and my stomach finally settled down.

"Do you feel any better?," Kashmina said.

"Yeah, a lot better," I answered giving her the mug back.

"I brought some bottles," Alex walked in with a small bag full of blood bottles.

"Good," Kashmina laughed.

"Cool I get some rest?," I asked feeling very tired.

"Sure," Alex helped me up and we went to a bedroom.

The bedroom was very nice. I sat on the bed an felt Alex removed my shoes. I smiled and kissed his lips gently when he stood back up.

"Just so you know those people are just old friends, but they aren't staying," he whispered.

"Okay," I said.

I was wearing a tanktop so I pulled my shirt off. I slid the skirt off and pulled my jeggings down. I lied on my back and Alex lied beside me. He rested one of his hands on my stomach and the baby gave a slight kick which I think Alex felt. I laughed and looked at his face which was looking so happy.

"Oh, the doctor's going to come check you out tomorrow. And you have to drinka lot more blood," he said.

I nodded. I was going to say I was hungry, but the baby said otherwise. Alex pulled the blanket up over my legs and looked over at him. He came up to me and slipped his arm under my head. He kissed my lips gently then he kissed my forehead.

"Get some sleep, the doctor should get here later tonight though," he said.

"Okay," I felt my eyes get heavy.

"I love you Ame," he whispered.

"I love you too," I replied and soon enough I fell asleep.

I was hoping there was something that the doctor could do to help me because I knew I'd have to eat soon because I felt like I was starving myself. I really hope the baby is okay in the morning. Usually vampires don't sleep and I pondered if my baby would sleep. It made so many things pop in my head to think if I was scared, or if I was just over-reacting.


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