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Power Is A Burden

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

Ametrista was a lost girl. She couldn't find herself. he thought herself as a bad person who took others for granted. So she finds friends who accept her, but they make her feel welcome. Others make her feel not welcome and alone. So life for her becomes a living hell.

People begin to die around her like dropping flies. She feels like she's worthless and is just death in a bottle. Will Ametrista be able to get through and pull herself out of this rut and be able to survive? Or will everyone die and she be held responsible for it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 11

I was scared when I woke up because I wasn't feeling well and couldn't feel my feet. I looked around the room and Alex was missing, but there was blood dripping down an IVinto my arm. I didn't know why, so I started screaming.

"Alex! Kashmina!," I shouted feeling so much pain in my stomach.

My stomach was a lot larger and buldgy. Alex and Kashmina walked in with another man and woman.

"How are you feeling?," the man asked.

"Not very well," I said.

"Ame, this is Doctor Harold and Doctor Helen," Alex said looking at me.

By the expressions on everyone's faces I wasn't looking so good. I saw to my right there was a glass of water for me. I went to grab it an when I tried to pick it up it slipped out my hand and the water spilled the glass breaking right on the hardwood floor. I was going to get up to clean it, but I was told by Doctor Helen to not worry about it and lie down. I lied back against the headboard and smiled and the doctors nodded then walked out with Alex and Kashmina. I looked around the room and I felt nauseous still and felt like I was going to vomit. I got up as quick as I could and went to the bathroom and vomitted once I reached the toilet. I heard the door open but couldn't let myself take in the fact before Doctor Harold and Doctor Helen ran in behind me because I had taken theIV out my arm and saw me vomitting. Doctor Helen patted my back as Doctor Harold took down some notes on a clipboard and pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like a bottle of pills.He opened the bottle and dropped two pills in his hand. They were pink and purple tablets.

"Try to chew these, they may settle your stomach,' he said.

I wiped my mouth and took the pills. I popped them in my mouth and chewed them very slowly. My stomach was settling, but I still felt like I was going to be sick. I wasn't sick and sat on the floor. Alex sat behind me and I leaned into his shoulder trying to relax. I wasn't allowwed to relax for long when a ripping pain burst in my stomach. I screeched at the top of my lungs and Alex lied me on my back. Doctor Helen and Harold had said something that sounded like 'don't move her because the baby is coming faster than a normal baby' and I could guess that. I wasn't wearing pants cause I was just in some basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Doctor Helen had ripped my shorts down and ripped the t-shirt open. Doctor Harold injected me with some fast acting morphine and then Kashmina came back in and had a leather bag and kneeled beside me smiling. Alex stroked my cheek and kissed my forehead before I let out another scream.

I couldn't feelhis gentle kiss incision someone made in my stomach or it was because this awful pain had distracted me from it.I screamed again and felt someone's hand in mine. I squeezed it hard and knew it wouldn't affect anyone. I felt so cold and then I felt slight relief because I felt a little empty. But it wasn't over because I still felt pain and squeezed the hand I was holding. I cold feel someone's hands go in my stomach and they were very cold making my insides freeze. My eyes closed when I felt relief and the cold hands were gone. I relaxed and looked at the doctors. They were both holding a child in their arms and were wiping the blood off of them. So I had twins?! God I was feeling so numb and cold, but someone was shaking my shoulder. I looked up at Alex's face and there was concern. I hoped that I would be able to get up. When I tried to sit up I couldn't.

"Ame, come on sit up," Alex murmured.

"Don't move her yet," Doctor Harold said.

My breath stopped and I had just been able to keep my eyes open. I could see Alex's face and hear him, but I couldn't speak.

"No, please, no!," Alex shook me.

I wasn't moving, but my eyes were flicking around everywhere. Kashmina had tears flowing down her face and the doctors were real sad-looking. Alex looked seriously at my face and then at everyone else.

"Alex no," but Kashmina was too late because he lifted my neck up and bit into me.

He was going to kill me faster? I-I thought that he really loved me. But he wasn't drinking from me; he was injecting me with venom. It burned, but I couldn't scream at all. My mind was going extremely fast and things were popping in my mind that I'd never seen before. They seemed like memories and some of the memories I knew. There were memories of me and Alex together and other times when we had happy times. I saw old memories of Alex with other women and I could feel every emotion he had and all emotions he has. The memories stopped appearing but I knew them all now, too well. I felt better, but what I couldn't feel was my heart beating. I was dead, but breathing. I was dead, but alive. My eyes shot open and I saw the face of Alex and he seemed happy. I still couldn't move, but I felt slightly... good.

"Ame, how do you feel?," Alex asked.

"I feel different," I answered and saw the doctors were gone along with Kashmina.

He smiled and leaned down to kiss my lips with a lot of passion. I smiled and kissed him back slowly, but something felt different in this kiss. Usually I could feel how gently he wold try to kiss me because I new he didn't want to hurt me. Now I could feel roughness of how hard he wanted to kiss me and that he wanted to hold back. I pulled away slightly and looked at his beaming face. I've noticed that his skin doesn't feel cold at all. His skin felt warm under my fingertips.

"Please don't hold back any more," I whispered to him.

"I can't right now Ame," he replied pushing a strand of my hair out of my face.

"Alex, you were and always will be a gentle person to me, but now.... don't," I told him as he sat me on the bed.

I held my arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss me again, but I began to kiss him harder. I could hear a very slight growl in the back of his throat. I was able to get him on his back and something felt really good inside of me. I didn't know it until Alex had looked at me that I had growled back. I smiled with a few strands of my hair in my face. The next thing I knew was that I was against one of the walls, Alex kissing down my neck, and him holding the back of my right leg holding it up. I held the back of his head my fingers tangled in his hair. I was feeling strong, powerful, and incredibly horny. What I didn't had happened until Alex was against the wall and I was kissing him harder than usual. I was looking up at Alex's face when I stopped. We were breathing heavily and his eyes were a glowing red. I kissed his cheek and was going to walk away.

"Hell no you aren't leavin' me with a hard on," Alex growled and tackled me onto the bed.

We wrestled for maybe 18 seconds before I won pinning him onto the bed. I was wearing half of my clothes from earlier and Alex had lost some clothes too. I laughed and then I was flipped to be under Alex and the rest of my clothes were gone. I was able to tear the rest of Alex's clothes off and we were both glistening. We were moving so fast that I finally was able to be on top and was riding Alex.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned feeling how good he felt in me.

I felt fine but when I leaned down I hadn't noticed that I'd bitten into Alex's neck. When I realized this I quickly pulled away, but I heard a moan escape his mouth.

"Oh god, Alex I'm sorry,"I said, but I still was jumping up and down hard.

"Ame it's fine that felt good," he moaned sitting up along with me.

He bit into my neck and it didn't hurt at all. It felt amazing and I leaned into him pressing my chest against his. I moaned and wrapped my legs around Alex feeling so much intense pleasure. This sex wasn't like the soft gentle sex Alex seemed to always try to have; it was rough, hot, sexy sex. When I blinked we were on the floor and Alex was fucking me real hard. God at that moment I lost it and came so hard. I was out of breath and fell on my back onto the floor. I chuckled and sat up. I quickly got up and ran down the hall to one of the clean bathrooms and turned the shower on. I scrubbed my body clean and washed my hair making sure I was clean of all blood. I finally just noticed my stomach had healed fully closed. I could smell someone and they smelled different than what Alex smelled like. But before anything else happened this person had quickly reached around and had snapped my neck. I wasn't dead again. You could just say that I was asleep.... again without breathing or anything else.


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