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Power Is A Burden

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

Ametrista was a lost girl. She couldn't find herself. he thought herself as a bad person who took others for granted. So she finds friends who accept her, but they make her feel welcome. Others make her feel not welcome and alone. So life for her becomes a living hell.

People begin to die around her like dropping flies. She feels like she's worthless and is just death in a bottle. Will Ametrista be able to get through and pull herself out of this rut and be able to survive? Or will everyone die and she be held responsible for it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 12

Whenever I came to I was in a steel chair bound to it tightly and painfully. I could feel something stabbing into my hands and feet drawing blood and making me bleed. My head bobbed side to side since my neck was still healing and I could actually feel the healing process. I was gagged and the only type of cover-up on my body was some type of sheet material tyed over my breasts and then draped out over my lap. I looked around the room and then looked at my feet. In my feet were perfect stakes that were causing so much pain and was why I wasn't bleeding. I groaned in pain and could hear something. My head was still fuzzy so I couldn't tell if someone was near or far. That's when someone grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back.

"Well goodevening beautiful," it was a man's voice and I knew that voice.

I groaned and bobbed my head to look up at the man. My sight was still clearing and it was hard to make up the figure above my face breathing on my lips. My neck finally healed and my vision cleared and I saw in a room with very little light. That wasn't really an issue because I could see perfectly as if it were perfectly lit in the room. When his face came into view it was Ryan and he had me captive. I flung my head forward so I was looking down at the floor to not see that bastard. He grabbed the back of my neck and whispered in my ear.

"You look so beautiful being my captive," he laughed and kissed my cheek.

I cringed away from him struggling to get out. But the more I moved the worse the pain in my hands and feet got. I groaned in pain and Ryan laughed and pushed the objects that were in my hands in more causing me to scream.

"I love the way you scream Ame," he whispered as I heard a door open and a few people walk in.

When I looked up I couldn't recognise who anyone was. Thats because I didn't know any of them. They were entirely different to me and that made me angry. Why not scared? I don't know. I looked downed so they couldn't see my face and laugh at my pain.

"Well since you're dead now Ames I should let you go, correct?," he teased biting my shoulder hard enough to draw blood.

I groaned and was getting really pissed off. My blood ran down my collar bone thick and very very dark. If I wanted to get out of here I was going to have to deal with this fucking pain. When Ryan walked away to talk to his friends they had there backs to me. I'm guessing this was the only chance I was going to get. I used all my strength to break free of my bonds and ignored the pain as best as I could. When I got free they looked at me in shock and they probably could see my anger radiating off of me. I didn't want to stick around so I was gone in a flash groaning and shouting for about 15 miles before I stopped in some woods. I was exhausted and hungry and bloody. I pulled the stakes out my feet and hands screaming in imense pain.

"Son of a bitch!," I screamed pulling the last one out my foot quickly.

Might as well do it fast like a bandaid and get it over with. I felt them heal and close but I was still covered in blood. I could smell something amazingly delicious so I began to walk towards it. I saw a camp ground and people were all around the fire. I saw no food though.Uh oh. One of those people had a scent that was driving my hunger lust through the roof. When I saw a girl stand up I hid behind a tree and watched her a secretly followed her. Her scent was that scent and I needed her blood.

"Who's there?," she asked looking my way.

I knew she could see my sillouette but couldn't make me out. She walked closer to me and when I came into view we were the same height and she looked me up and down.

"Oh my god are you okay?!," she asked.

"I will be," I replied.

She looked at me curiously, but didn't have any time. I spun her around and sank my fangs deep into her neck. She began to scream loudly for help and used any strength she had to try to get me off. By the time I was done with her the other campers had shown up and were staring at me. I dropped the girl's lifeless body and saw that I had torn her poor neck apart. Some of the other campers were throwing up at the sickening scene before them. They ran away but one girl was ferozen in fear. Her scent didn't smell as good as the now dead woman, but she smelled good. I walked up to her and she kept screaming for me to get away from her and that you killed my best friend.I grabbed her by her throat and lifted her off the ground.

"No, please no!!," she shouted at me.

I pulled her neck down to my mouth and bit hard making her scream in pain. I drained every last drop of hers and threw her on top of the other woman. I looked at the both or their dead corpses and took the clothes off of the first woman. I was pretty sure I was near a river since they were here. I found a stream and washed all of the blood off my body. My fangs receeded and I felt as normal as I can be right now. I can't believe that I'm not even feeling guilty for plain murdering those women. I shook the water off my body and squeezed my hair out. I put the clothes on; the bra felt a little small which kind of made me laugh. I puton thecargo shorts, the camo shirt, the socks, and the timberland boots. I had no idea where the hell I was. Well that's not entirely true. I knew I was in the mountains.

My pocket vibrated and I pulled out a cell phone that had two bars. I answered it.

"Hello?," I said.

"Jamie is that you?," a man said on the other end, "How's your camping trip going?"

Why lie to the man? I smiled and changed my voice to a slightly deeper seductive woman voice.

"This isn't Jamie, but may I ask who this is?," I smiled.

"Oh, where's Jamie?," he asked, "This is her boyfriend."

"Jamie... you mean the gorgeous blonde with beautiful hazel eyes?," I could completely remember her.

I even remembered that she had a tattoo on her hip.

"Yeah can I talk to her?," he asked.

"No... she's been..... completely disconnected," I said.

"What the hell does that mean?!," he shouted getting annoyed.

"She's dead you ass," I said calmly into the phone feeling more anger.

That's when I cut the line and crushed the phone in my hand dropping the pieces into the stream. I could hear something in the distance and it sounded like a voice. I walked towards the voice and as I got closer it was someone calling my name.

"Ame?! Where are you?!," the voice sounded so familiar.

When he came into view I almost knocked him over. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him hard standing on my toes. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard.

"Ame are you okay?," he asked when he pulled away.

"Yes, I'm fine," I said.

"What's that smell?," Alex asked.

I stepped away from him in shame because he would find out sooner or later what I had just done. He looked at me and I looked down at my feet.

"Ame what did you do?," Alex asked

"I was really hungry Alex a-and I found them," I stuttered looking up at him.

"Found who?," he said a bit angered and concerned.

"A group of campers and I was practically starving and I couldn't stop myself," I answered trying to hide my shame.

"Ame.... you didn't!," he gasped.

I began to walk from the direction I assumed he came from.

"I had no choice," I said, "Ryan had fucked me up pretty badly... and god her scent was fucking fantastic, not to mention her taste."

"Ame why didn't you try to search for an animal or something?," he said grabbing my arm.

I growled at him when he pulled me back to him. I thought he would understand, but it seems he's more pissed than anything. He growled back at me angrily his eyes switching to the red color. I pulled my arm, but he just gripped it tighter.

"Let go," I said threw gritted teeth.

"Ame, what happened to you?" he loosened just a bit on my arm.

"Nothing now let go," I pulled my arm away.

Alex seemed to be trying to get more control over me. He was not going to do that. I'm not anyone's little play thing. He just stared at me.

"Ame let's go; don't you want to see our kids?," he asked.

That stabbed me in my heart. I'd forgotten all about them. I nodded and he took my hand and we quickly ran home. Once we reached home I went inside and saw two basinets in my bedroom. I looked at them and saw a baby boy and a baby girl and they were beautiful. The little boy reached up looking at me and I picked him up and held him in my arms.He had my grandfather's nose and Alex's lips. I kissed his forehead and he giggled which made me smile. I put him back down and picked up my baby girl. She looked almost exactly like me; she had her father's lips too. She reached and grabbed my lips with her small hand.

"Baby Kyle and baby Yanelis," I smiled.

"Yanelis?," Alex asked.

"Yes, it's a beautiful name for a beautiful baby," I looked at him.

He kissed my forehead and nodded. His eyes lit up when he saw baby Yanelis looking at him and reaching for him. I set her back down in her basinet. I sighed and walked out and to the bathroom. I took off the clothes I was wearing and through them in the trash. I felt Alex's hands on my waist as I was turning on the shower. He gasped when I stood back up and turned around to face him.

"What wrong?," I asked.

"Your skin is covered in dry blood Ame," he pointed to spots on my skin that had dried blood on it.

I got in the shower and closed it. I began scrubbing my skin hard noticing that my skin was turning raw but it didn't matter because it soon healed and was back to the now normal pale color. I sighed and got out the shower. I really hoped that soon enough I would be able to get things the way I want them to be.


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