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Power Is A Burden

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

Ametrista was a lost girl. She couldn't find herself. he thought herself as a bad person who took others for granted. So she finds friends who accept her, but they make her feel welcome. Others make her feel not welcome and alone. So life for her becomes a living hell.

People begin to die around her like dropping flies. She feels like she's worthless and is just death in a bottle. Will Ametrista be able to get through and pull herself out of this rut and be able to survive? Or will everyone die and she be held responsible for it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

I was stil asleep and was dreaming. I was standing in a dark alley alone, I thought. I didn't know how in hell I got here. A street light was flickering on and off. I loooked around and my eyes found Shane. I began to back away. When the street light went out I couldn't see; when it came back on Shane was standing in front of me.

His eyes were glowing yellow and he was growling at me. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it. I feel to my knees and screamed in pain knowing that my wrist was just broken.Shane let go of my wrist and kicked me in the ribs. I flew back and hit the brick wall. I my back hit the wall I coughed up blood. The light went out again, and when it came back on Shane was gone. A black-haired wolf standing on top of the clothes Shane was wearing. The wolf snapped its muzzle at me. I screamed and it pounced on me and......

I sat up in bed and it was the middle of the night. A full moon was trying to shine its beauty threw the clouds and threw my curtains. I wiped the sweat off my brow and looked around my room.I said the spell aloud and my hands glowed black. My hair was billowing around me even though my windows were locked shut. The wind stopped and my glow faded. My first real spell, even if it's lame, is a success. Just then a knock came on my window. I walked over to the window and was Star and Kashmina. I opened the window and a cold chill blew in. I looked out and saw nothing, but when I blinked Alex's face was in front of mine. He made me jump and fall back on my butt. My head spun a little and I thought I might've still been dreaming. When I looked Alex was sitting on the window sill.

"Could I come in?," he asked.

"Uh... sure," I answered closing the window as he came in.

He looked around my room and plopped on my bed. I turned on the side table lap and the room was illuminated. i looked at his face and I'm guessing he didn't notice the small amount of left-over blood on the right corner of his mouth. I laughed and used my thumb and wiped it away.

"Sorry I had to eat before I came to apologize," he wiped his mouth.

"You didn't-," he interviened.

"NO! We have people working at blood banks and they give us the blood that's close to thirty days until expiration," he said before I could finish.

"Oh," I said stupidly.

"Ame I'm real sor-," i stopped him short.

I'd practically thrown myself on his lap and kissed him hard. I could no longer deny the feelings I had toward him. It was difficult to even try. I slithered my arms around his neck and his hands were at my waist. I pulled away and looked into his eyes. I'd just realized that tears had escaped my eyes. I put my forehead against his shoulder and breathed in his scent.

"You smell good," I muttered.

"I smell good?," he chuckled.

"I-I'm sorry about me being a total bitch," I breathed.

"You were not being a bitch. You had every right to be mad at me.," he said reassuringly.

"Did you hear something?," I thought I heard my name being called.

We stayed quiet for a couple of minutes, but they seemed like an eternity because I knew who was screaming my name. I got off Alex and put on some fliip-flops and grabbed a jacket. I ran downstairs and unlocked my door.I yanked the door open and Shane popped out of no where. I took a step back and heard a growling behind me. Alex ran at him and they flew off my porch. I made sure that my door was unlocked and closed the door.

"Don't you ever put you're fucking hands on her ever again!," he screamed.

Ialways felt depressed around Shane. Like energy was being drained from me. Thoughts popped back in my head of when Shane... you know. The words he called me. I walked around them and felt no control over my body. I saw a car coming down the road and stopped dea center of the street.

"Ame!," Alex screamed and I was knocked out the way and into the grass across the road.

"Ame, what the hell were you doing?," Alex asked.

I turned my head and Shane was gone. I looked up at Alex and he looked concerned. I just felt like a porcelain doll with only the emotion of shame. He helped me up and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and took me back inside. I took off my jacket and flip-flops.

"Are you alright?," he asked.

"Yeah just tired is all. Could you leave and I'll see you tomorrow?," I asked.

"Sure," he tapped a kiss on my lips and was gone in the blink of an eye.

I felt so weird. I looked around and saw a wolf step out of my bathroom. I backed against the nearest wall and watched it change. Shane was now standing in my room. Are you fucking kidding me? Vampires and damn werewolves? What's next? Witches? I looked at him up and down and he reched his hand out and touched my shoulder. I looked up at him and frownedglaring. My lips were pouted and he laughed. All I did was squint my eyes and he flew backwards iinto one of my walls. Surprisingly my mother hadn't woken up yet.

"Leave me the fuck alone!," I shouted.

"You little whore! You're just worthless and you don't deserve anything," he walked up to me and punched me.

I fell on my floor knocked out with my bleeding lip. I think he left. Unless he watched me all damn night.


When I woke up I was lying with different types of pills all around me. My mom was sobbing and just looking down at me.

"Mom," i said straining to say that one word.

"Honey I'm so sorry," she apologized.

"Sorry for what?," I asked sitting up.

I remember what happened last night and I know I didn't try to kill myself. I sat up and she sat down in front of me.

"I should tell you now before things get worse," she sighed, "honey you might not believe in fairy-tales, but you and I are succubi."

"What?," I asked hysterically.

"You're part succubus," she smiled at me, "and I believe that Grandma Sylvia said that you were also part which."

Me and my fucking karma. Just loves to prove me wrong. She told me about everything that we were part of. She even told me about this one thing that caught my ear. An incubus. It was the opposite sex of a succubus, but they were a lot worse than us. I kind of blacked out after that. She left my room and I just thought for a moment before I got up and pulled on jome denim shorts, a gold colored tank top and a waist length gray top. It hung off one shoulder. I just put some cover-up on and my flip-flops. I ran downstairs and out the door grabbing my mom's car keys. I drove to Alex's house and saw Namira out front. I turned the car off and walked up to them. They all turned around looked at me.

"What's going on?," I asked.

"Clara's d-dead," Namira sobbed.

"What?!," I asked shocked, "Did you tell anyone else?"

"No we were out doing some things and we lost track of time so we stayed at a hotel about three hours from here," she sobbed.

"How?," I asked.

"Suicide of overdosage and then drowning," Star said.

"Can I see to just check a therory out?," I asked.

"Sure, here's the key to the hotel room," she handed me the key.

"Alex. I need your help," I grabbed his hand taking him back to my mom's car.

We drove to the hotel and Alex kept asking me questions, but I wouldn't answerI just had to think. We got to the hotel, but I couldn't get out because Alex reached over and kept me from opening the door.

"What?," I asked.

"Tell me what the hell you're doing," he demanded.

"Okay," I sighed, "You probably know that I've been acting weird, but my mom said i was hungry."

"Did you eat?," he asked curious.

"No, I was told I'm half witch and half succubus," I answered.

"I kind of new you were a witch, but a succubus?," he stared at his shoes.

"Is something the matter?," I touched his shoulder.

"No," he reached in his pocket and pulled out a red box, "Happy birthday."

"Who told you?," I asked.

"Kashmina kind of peeped in your mother's thoughts," he laughed

I opened it and there was a charm bracelet inside. On it was a pair of white fangs and an A then a witch hat and another A. One A had a ruby in it and the other A had an onyx stone in it.

"Alex it's beautiful," I gasped.

"After you went home I decided to look for something," I through my arms around him and hugged him.

He cupped my face and brought his lips down to mine. I kissed him aggresively and remembered wht my told me about feeding. I wouldn't always feed from Alex I could just feel that I was hungry. I parted away from him.

"Alex there's onemore thing," I looked into his eyes, "I have to feed."

I climbed on top of him and sat in his lap. He moaned in my mouth as his finger nails scraatched my thighs. I moaned and took very little of his sexual essense. He leaned back against the seat and looked at me.

"I guess that was fair, I fed off you," he smiled.

I took the bracelet and Alex put it on myright wrist.I got out the car and Alex followed. He looped his hand in mine and we took the elevator up. I found the room and went in. It was a bit hard to find the bathroom, but I did and saw Clara sitting on the floor and rocking back and forth.

"Clara?!," I ran to her letting go of Alex's hand.

"I'm a dirty whore of a slut," she mumbled and she had encarved whore on her arm using a razor blade.

"Ame look," he pointed to the walls.

All the walls were covered in words. Not sentences. Just three simple words written in blood. Whore, bitch, slut. I remember that my mom had said that incubi made women feel bad about feeling good in sexual ways. They feed off of their sexual depression energy. As if they get a kick out of it. I'm guessing my instinct took over and Alex was gone for the moment. I leaned into her and gave her energy to fade away the negative energy. i quickly moved away as she shook her head and Alex came back in with bandages.

"I don't think that'll do it," I looked at all the supplies he had.

Clara had almost drowned, had overdosed, and lost a lot of blood. Alex dropped the supplies and puled his sleeve up. He bit his wrist and held Clara's head to his wrist. She drank the rich liquid of Alex's blood, but she quickly backed away as if she snapped back to reality.

"What are you doing in here?," she held her robe tight.

"We were just helping," I answered.

"Where's Namira?," she asked.

"Nothing, you just blacked out and almost drowned in the bath," he lied.

"Oh, I guess those soothing bath beeds really did work," I nodded nonchalontly and we dashed out of the bathroom and sdown to the lobby.

When the elevator doors opened Namira was standing there.

"Why are you two here?," she asked.

"No reason," I just wanted to leave because something was wrong.

We climbed into the car and drove fast back to town.I didn't want to stick around and knew that something bad was happening to Namira and Clara. I drove to Alex's house and parked the car. I leaned my head against the steering wheel when I felt Alex rub my back.

"I wish that you could do that all the time," I breathed as he rubbed my shoulders.

Who knew that I'd be pulled into this. All of this fantasy crazy crap. We walked inside and Joey ran up to us and Namira right behind him. Wait. Namira?!

"I thought you went back to the hotel," I said.

"No," she sniffled.

"Oh god!," I covered my face and fell to my knees.

I could feel her being killed. I'd given her something to heal and so I was partially feel some things she felt. It felt as if someone was cutted her heart out. All I could feel was a blade enter and exit her chest multiple times. When it stopped I was out of breath and all the pain was gone. I felt my lip and I'd spit up some blood. I had no injuries, but it hurt so much.

"Oh my god! She's dead! Someone killed her!," Alex kneeled beside me and hugged me to his chest.

"I thought she was dead," Namira said.

"No, she wasn't when we got there," Alex answered.

"How does she know?," Namira asked, "you know what, you're lying!"

Namira raan out and her car was driven away. I looked up and Kashmina was looking shocked.

"I've never known a succubus before now," she said.

"A what?," Carl asked.

"A succubus," I answered and stood up with the help of Alex.

"You need to rest," Star patted my cheek and I went upstairs.

Alex took me to his bedroom and I lied on my stomach kicking my shoes off. I yawned and felt Alex sit on the bed. He took off his shirt and I sat up and pulled off my top shirt. He pulled me onto his lap facing away and gave my shoulders a good rubdown. The coldness of his hands made it even better. It was really hot and I was feeling sticky.

"Alex, you mind if I take a cold bath?," I asked.

"No go right ahead," I walked down the hall and turned the water on cold, but not icey.

I stripped of my clothes and slowly sat down. My muscles relaxed and I leaned in more. I hadn't heard anything opened, but it felt like someone was hovering over me. I could feel a wave of negative energy. But I didn't have time to realize who was there because my head was shoved under the water. I fought with all my might and when I got a hold of a wrist I dug my nails into the persons skin begining to draw blood. I could just hear the sound of a shrill, possibly a girl. I could tell someone was trying to pull this peron off of my shoulders and for some reason they couldn't. I drew more blood and it began to ran down my arms and into the water of the tub. My lungs began to burn and I wasn't getting any air. I kicked and fought to get air and felt the hands that were pushing me down being torn away and leaving small lacerations in my shoulders. I was yanked up gently and I was gasping for air.

"Ame are you okay?," he pulled a towel from a shelf and closed the door.

He held the towel open as I stood up wrapping the towel around me. I stepped out the bath and looked at Alex. He pulled me to him and walked me down to his bedroom. Star walked in and had some clothes in her arms. She handed them to me and hugged me.

"Get some rest," she whispered in my ear.

Alex walked out and closed the door behind himself. I pulled the clothes on and wiped off any water that was still on me. I heard the door open and saw Kashmina. She ran up to me and hugged me tight.

"I leave for one moment and you almost die," she laughed.

"I'm fine," I laughed.

"Well you're like a sister of mine," she sounded like she was bout to sob, "I would never want harm to come to you."

"Awe you're gonna make me cry," I laughed and opened the door and stepped out.

We went downstairs and Namira was duck taped to a chair. Her arms were drenched in blood and she was twitching like crazy. She looked at me and smiled.

"Lucky you," she muttered, "Turns out you were telling the truth about Clara."

"I wouldn't lie about her dying," I told her.

"But I don't know how you knew when the police said that she was dead the exact same time you got back," Namira struggled against the tape.

"I don't know either, just a feeling," I tried to make her believe.

"No you were certain and you said you could feel her dying. I saw you!," she shouted and her eyes flashed yellow.

Carl came in with a sedative and walked up to Namira. She ripped out of the restraints and knocked the sedative out his hand. Her eyes were a steady yellow and she came at me. She was fast and was growling at me her kanine teeth grew slightly more. I knew for certain she's not a vampire. She sniffed me once and dug her teeth into my neck. I screamed and Namira moved off and Alex came in and pinned her to the floor. She kicked him off and before I knew it she had changed into a wolf. She was trying to come at me, but almost everyone grabbed her. Kashmina ran over to me and looked at my wound and bit her wrist.

"Here," she told me.

"No I can't heal that way. Succubi don't heal besides there way of feeding like vampires," I cried.

It hurt a lot to talk. Alex ran over and looked at Kashmina whose wrist was already healed. I felt my head spin and it felt as if I was on a rollercoaster. Alex and Kashmina had to both lift me to keep me from feeling any pain. Since I doubt they'd try to carry me upstairs they had guest room. They set me on the bed gently and closed the door locking it. I groaned in pain and Alex kissed my lips gently. I onnly took a little because I knew, dead or alive, you'd be weakened.

"Take what you need," Kashmina looked on the verge of tears behind Alex.

Did it matter which sex the energy came from. I locked gazes with Kashmina.

"Alex. Do you remember that succubi have no specfic sex to feed from," Kashmina walked up and kissed me.

I was surprised, of course, but the one thing was is that Kashmina was like my loved sister. i couldn't control myself and I think I might've taken too much. She was breathing heavier than me. Kashmina looked in my eyes and smiled showing her fangs. She tore off my clothes and kissed up and down my body leaving me very sensitive. I felt Alex rubbed my exposed inner thighs and I was distracted by Kashmina covering me in kisses. I felt Alex ram himself into me causing me to screeam. I could slowly feel my wound healing. Kashmina was stripping off her clothes and before she attacked me agin I rolled over and was on top of Alex. I turned my head to Kashmina and pulled her to me and kissed her aggressively.Alex sat up and lost his breath. Kashmina tugged on my peaked breasts. I screamed loud enough to crack a window. Alex fell on the bed and I fell back wards. Kashmina collapsed on me. I kissed the top of her head and had to apologize when she woke up for taking to much.


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